Pokemon Radient Ruby, Sparkling Sapphire, and Amazing Emerald Versions are games by Bomb Productions Games & DestinyBond (tbc). Please do not make any edits except for spelling errors. It is considered the spiritual sequel to Pokemon Ruby and the other Gen III games. They are for the Nintendo DS/Wii. We now know that they feature new types of Pokemon similiar to Shadow Pokemon. They are known as Alpha Pokemon. (<--Don't make a userpage of it.) Not too much is known about them yet.


Same original storyline, but with added twists. In Pokemon RR, Team Magma defeats Team Aqua, and seas everywhere becomes land. There are lots of rocks to smash though. In Pokemon SS, Team Aqua defeats Team Magma, and land everywhere becomes land. There are tons of seas to surf though. Nothing is yet known about AE but check back soon! TBA


Features the Hoenn Pokedex. Different descriptions.

Gym Leaders/Badges:

There are new gym leaders, the only one that remains from the original games is Norman.