Effect Offensive Defensive
½× RadSha-Poison
--- RadSha-Dragon

RadSha-Bug resists RadSha-Poison

New Type

This game introduced a new type, RadSha-Sonic

Effect Offensive Defensive
½× RadSha-Ice

The following moves are RadSha-Sonic

Gen Move Category Contest Power Accuracy PP Description
I Comet Punch Physical Tough 18 85% 15 The user hits the opponent with a flurry of punches that which strikes two to five times in a row
I Double Team Status Cute --- ---% 10 The user moves rapidly, creating illusionary copies of itself to increase its Evasion by two stages
I Explosion Special Beautiful 250 100% 5 The user detonates its body in order to inflict damage on all adjacent Pokémon, but KOing itself
I Growl Status Cute --- 100% 40 The user growls endearingly, causing all adjacent opponents to have their Attack lowered one stage
I Hypnosis Status Clever --- 60% 20 The user employs hypnotic suggestions in order to make the opponent fall into a deep slumber
I Quick Attack Physical Cool 40 100% 30 The user lunges at a single adjacent target with speeds which make it almost invisible; it strikes first.
I Roar Status Cool --- ---% 20 The user scares off the target, forcing it to switch out with another Pokémon or ending a wild encounter
I Screech Status Clever --- 85% 40 The user screeches with an earsplitting frequency, reducing the target's Defense by two stages
I Self-Destruct Physical Beautiful 200 100% 5 The user attacks all adjacent Pokémon by detonating its own body, fainting in the process
I Sing Status Cute --- 55% 15 The user sings a soothing lullaby, calming the target and putting them into a deep slumber
I Sonic Boom Special Cool --- 90% 20 The user hits the target with a destructive shockwave which deals 20 HP of damage, every time
I Supersonic Status Clever --- 55% 20 The user generates an odd soundwave from its body, causing the target to become confused
II Extreme Speed Physical Cool 80 100% 5 The user charges at any adjacent target with blinding speed, moving before most other moves
II Heal Bell Status Beautiful --- ---% 5 The user makes a soothing bell chime to heal the status problem of all active party allies
II Perish Song Status Beautiful --- ---% 5 The user sings a lethal song, which causes all Pokémon present in battle to faint in 3 turns
II Snore Special Cute 50 100% 15 The user attacks with a harshly loud snore, which can only be used while asleep and may cause flinch
III Howl Status Cool --- ---% 40 The user howls loudly, which causes them to increase their Attack by two stages
III Hyper Voice Special Cool 90 100% 10 The user lets out a horribly loud echoing shout, which inflicts damage to all adjacent opponents
III Uproar Special Cute 90 100% 10 The user attacks in an uproar for three consecutive turns during which no one can fall asleep
III Yawn Status Cute --- ---% 10 The user lets loose a huge yawn which lulls the target into falling asleep on the next turn
IV Chatter Special Clever 65 100% 20 The user attacks with soundwaves based on words it has learned, possibly confusing all in battle
V Echoed Voice Special Beautiful 40 100% 15 The user attacks the target with an echoing voice, which deals increased damage if used consecutively
V Heal Pulse Status Beautiful --- ---% 10 The user emits a healing pulse, which restores the target's HP by half of its maximum HP
V Relic Song Special Beautiful 75 100% 10 The user sings an ancient song, possibly putting all adjacent opponents to sleep and transforming Meloetta
V Round Special Beautiful 60 100% 15 The user attacks with a song, which others can join in for to deal even greater damage
VI Boomburst Special Tough 140 100% 10 The user attacks all adjacent Pokémon with the destructive force of an explosive sound
VI Confide Status Cute --- ---% 20 The user tells the target a secret, causing them to lose their concentration and lowers Special Attack
VI Noble Roar Status Tough --- ---% 30 The user lets out a long and noble roar, intimidating the target into losing Attack and Special Attack
VII Sonic Crash Physical Cool 80 100% 15 The user strikes the target with an immensley powerful disruption, which travels through the air
VII Wave Burst Special Clever 120 85% 5 The user attacks with an intensely powerful shriek, which may also cause confusion

Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolution is a feature first seen in Pokémon X and Y, and it returns in Pokémon Radiant and Shadow versions. Only select fully evolved Pokémon are capable of mega evolution, and what it does is change their form and ability, as well as type for some, and boosts their stats by what is most often a total of 100.

Pokémon Before Mega Evolution After Mega Evolution Mega Stone
Type Ability Type Ability


RadSha-BugRadSha-Flying Compound Eyes
Tinted Lens
RadSha-BugRadSha-Flying Shield Dust ButterfriteR
Each wing spikes outward in 3 spots, at the top and bottom, as well as where the two parts connect; the white of its wings becomes lavender, though the inner segments fade from white to lavender. There are white tufts underneath its head, and its legs darken.
HP 60
Attack 45
Defense 50 (70)
Sp. Atk 90 (130)
Sp. Def 80 (100)
Speed 70 (90)


RadSha-Fire Flash Fire
RadSha-FireRadSha-Ghost Rattled Nintalesite
Nintales' body becomes much leaner, and its fur colored silver; the fur around its paws is now black in color, and each paw has blue flames trailing behind it. Its tails and the fur atop its head are tipped in blueish fur, and its tails also leave a phantom trail as they move.
HP 73
Attack 76 (96)
Defense 75
Sp. Atk 81 (141)
Sp. Def 100
Speed 100 (120)


RadSha-Fairy Cute Charm
Magic Guard
Magic Guard
Clefable's wing-like appendages expand and become crystalline, taking on a hot pink coloration. Its tail is slightly thicker, and fades to a stone-like appearance towards the end, much like that of a Moon Stone; it alternatively hops from foot to foot.
HP 95
Attack 70
Defense 73 (124)
Sp. Atk 85 (100)
Sp. Def 90 (124)
Speed 60


RadSha-WaterRadSha-Poison Clear Body
Liquid Ooze
Rain Dish
RadSha-WaterRadSha-Poison Poison Touch Tentacruelite
Mega Tentacruel has a much longer body, which more closely resembles that of a large squid; Its crystals now appear on the front of its body, and it gains flaps over its primary head. Its tentacles turn purple, while its beak-like appendages become spikier.
HP 80
Attack 65
Defense 75 (120)
Sp. Atk 80 (115)
Sp. Def 120
Speed 100 (120)


RadSha-NormalRadSha-Flying Keen Eye
Inner Focus
RadSha-NormalRadSha-Flying Contrary Farfetchite
Its body grows slightly more humanoid in shape, but it continues to use its wings in a manner like hands; its eyebrows are elongated and its body is patterned much like a gi. Its leak is expanded to be more like an actual blade, and it dual-wields.
HP 52
Attack 65 (112)
Defense 55 (80)
Sp. Atk 58
Sp. Def 62 (80)
Speed 60 (80)


RadSha-Fire Run Away
Flash Fire
Flame Body
RadSha-FireRadSha-Sonic Blaze Rapidashite
Rapidash turns into a full-on Pegasus, sporting much larger hooves on each of its legs and leaving a fiery trail behind each one. It sports a pair of red-tipped wings, and its horn and mane have been expanded. It also has red fur at the base of its hind legs and on the underside of its wings.
HP 65
Attack 100 (135)
Defense 70
Sp. Atk 80 (100)
Sp. Def 80
Speed 105 (150)


RadSha-WaterRadSha-Ice Shell Armor
Skill Link
RadSha-WaterRadSha-Ice Snow Warning Cloysterite
Cloyster's shell hardens, becoming much smoother in appearance but with sharper corners. Grooves run along to the backside, where two icicles protrude out and spiral around part of its body. Its horns become icy spikes.
HP 50
Attack 95 (100)
Defense 180 (200)
Sp. Atk 85 (100)
Sp. Def 45 (105)
Speed 70


RadSha-ElectricRadSha-Sonic Soundproof
RadSha-ElectricRadSha-Sonic Strong Magnet Electrodite
Mega Electrode turns sideways, and its two halves split apart, connected only by a beam of electricity between them; there is a large spark at the center, which has the same face as its normal counterpart. It periodically rotates or pulses its two halves.
HP 60
Attack 50 (90)
Defense 70
Sp. Atk 80 (120)
Sp. Def 80 (160)
Speed 140


RadSha-WaterRadSha-Psychic Illuminate
Natural Cure
RadSha-WaterRadSha-Psychic No Guard Starmite
Its gem becomes blue and star-shaped, though the crest remains gold, and the primary star gains a blueish ting. The secondary star becomes a pinkish-red color, and gem-like in appearance; it is capable of detaching from the body and spinning around.
HP 60
Attack 75 (100)
Defense 85
Sp. Atk 100 (140)
Sp. Def 85
Speed 115 (150)


RadSha-WaterRadSha-Ice Water Absorb
Shell Armor
RadSha-WaterRadSha-Ice Insulation Laprasite
Becomes slightly larger and uses a darker shade of blue, while its shell becomes much pointier and made of ice; it also gains an elaborately-designed helmet and the tips of its fins also become icy.
HP 130
Attack 85
Defense 80 (135)
Sp. Atk 85
Sp. Def 95 (140)
Speed 60


RadSha-DragonRadSha-Flying Inner Focus
RadSha-Dragon Levitate DragonititeR
Dragonite's belly scales become blueish-white, and it gains a golden crest over its chest which spikes back over its shoulders, from underneath its glorious Dragonair-style wings now protrude; its face is elongated, and its horn extended. It now has faded blue markings on its arms and legs.
HP 91
Attack 134 (140)
Defense 95 (110)
Sp. Atk 100 (140)
Sp. Def 100 (110)
Speed 80 (99)


RadSha-NormalRadSha-Flying Insomnia
Keen Eye
Tinted Lens
RadSha-PsychicRadSha-Flying Magic Bounce Noctowlinite
Gains a pink-ish tint on most of its feathers, and its eyebrows turn into black clock-hands; it will rotate its head in the pattern of a ticking second hand. It now sports a secondary pair of wings, and all four have clock-like ticks along the remiges.
HP 100
Attack 50
Defense 50
Sp. Atk 76 (100)
Sp. Def 96 (122)
Speed 70 (120)


RadSha-Psychic Shadow Tag
RadSha-PsychicRadSha-Fighting Magic Bounce Wobbuffetite
The back side of Wobbuffet's head flips over its face, covering its left eye, while its tail expands to cover the entire underside of its body in a manner like pants; the tail then wraps around its body, just under the mouth, like a scarf and ends in two eyes. It can lift its body using only its arms against the ground.
HP 190
Attack 33
Defense 58 (103)
Sp. Atk 33
Sp. Def 58 (103)
Speed 33


RadSha-Fairy Serene Grace
Run Away
RadSha-FairyRadSha-Dragon Draconate Dunsparcite
Dunsparce grows much longer, sporting a larger tail which is patterned like a drill and its wings expand, meeting on its chest and curving towards its head. It gains a pair of horns that start between its eyes and then spikes near the back of the head.
HP 100
Attack 70 (110)
Defense 70 (80)
Sp. Atk 65 (50)
Sp. Def 65 (80)
Speed 45 (105)


RadSha-WaterRadSha-Flying Swift Swim
Water Absorb
Water Veil
RadSha-WaterRadSha-Sonic Rain Dish Mantinite
The blue of its skin becomes a much darker shade, and it gains black patterns across its back and wings which outlines one of a few bio-luminescent patches of yellow. Its antenna expand and spike backwards, ending in a glowing patch of yellow.
HP 65
Attack 40
Defense 70 (100)
Sp. Atk 80 (100)
Sp. Def 140 (150)
Speed 70 (100)


RadSha-SteelRadSha-Flying Keen Eye
Weak Armor
RadSha-SteelRadSha-Sonic Sturdy Skarmorite
Mega Skarmory stands more upright, as compared to its normal counterpart, and is composed primarily of black metal; its wings have been expanded to a more complex and realistic structure, while it also gains a large, multi-layered, red fin running down its back. Its feet are almost reptilian in structure.
HP 65
Attack 80 (100)
Defense 140 (150)
Sp. Atk 40
Sp. Def 70 (100)
Speed 70 (100)


RadSha-Ground Sturdy
Sand Veil
RadSha-Ground Earth Raiser Donphanite
The rubber-like band is now colored black, while the studs running along it are blue; it has two secondary bands along its sides. Its leg bracers connect, and its feet become much larger and stone-like with jagged claws, while its horns expand and curl.
HP 90
Attack 120 (130)
Defense 120
Sp. Atk 60
Sp. Def 60 (120)
Speed 50 (80)


RadSha-Normal Own Tempo
RadSha-Normal Undaunted Smearglenite
There are now blue paint splatters across its body, and it has also become much taller; it now has two intertwined tails, now tipped in blue paint. The bands on its arms and legs are much longer, wrapping all the way around until its main body.
HP 55
Attack 20
Defense 35 (90)
Sp. Atk 20
Sp. Def 45 (90)
Speed 75 (85)


RadSha-Normal Immunity
Toxic Boost
RadSha-Normal Normalize ZangoositeS
Mega Zangoose is slightly hunched forward, while its ears, shoulders, and tail have since flared out. Its arms how sport larger red tufts around its claws, which are also slightly longer and sharper. It has a red X on its forehead.
HP 73
Attack 115 (155)
Defense 60
Sp. Atk 60 (80)
Sp. Def 60
Speed 90 (130)


RadSha-Poison Shed Skin
RadSha-Poison Strong Jaw SeviperiteR
Seviper gains a fin-like appendage on the back side of its head, as well as more detailed patterns across its body; it gains an actual crest on its head which raises beyond its scale, and its tail becomes two separate blades in a shape like a spearhead.
HP 73
Attack 100 (150)
Defense 60
Sp. Atk 100 (110)
Sp. Def 60
Speed 65 (105)


RadSha-GrassRadSha-Flying Chlorophyll
Solar Power
RadSha-GrassRadSha-Dragon Thick Fat Tropisite
Gains a second pair of leafy wings and the green on its head expands into a helmet-like shape that travels halfway down its neck. The leaves around the base of its neck become like a fern and it gains a green band on each leg with a yellow strip.
HP 99
Attack 68 (58)
Defense 83 (143)
Sp. Atk 72 (62)
Sp. Def 87 (147)
Speed 51


RadSha-GrassRadSha-Poison Natural Cure
Poison Point
RadSha-GrassRadSha-Poison Essence Leach Roseradite
Mega Roserade stands back on one leg, with its right arm forward, and now has a long thorn protruding from each rose. The roses are more elaborate, and it gets a ponytail on its head. It also gains a flowery cape, skirt-like petals, yellow legs, and a pointed mask.
HP 60
Attack 70 (130)
Defense 65
Sp. Atk 125 (130)
Sp. Def 105
Speed 90 (125)


RadSha-FairyRadSha-Flying Hustle
Serene Grace
Super Luck
RadSha-FairyRadSha-Flying Steadfast Togekisite
With an elongated head and a crescent on its head, Togekiss now sports six large wings, tipped in alternating red and blue feathers. Its tail expands and curls around and becomes quite fluffy, while its belly's triangles now intersect and connect.
HP 85
Attack 50
Defense 95 (110)
Sp. Atk 120 (160)
Sp. Def 115
Speed 80 (125)


RadSha-GhostRadSha-Dark Pressure
RadSha-GhostRadSha-Dark Overcoat Spiritomite
Spiritomb's primary body grows and expands, into a shape much like that of a flame, with a tail wrapping around then into the keystone. Green orbs now rotate around its body, and it now has two shades of purple within itself.
HP 50
Attack 92 (125)
Defense 108 (125)
Sp. Atk 92 (125)
Sp. Def 108 (125)
Speed 35


RadSha-IceRadSha-Ghost Snow Cloak
Cursed Body
RadSha-IceRadSha-Ghost Ice Body Froslassite
Its body elongates and extends, taking on the shape of a dress which flares out near the bottom. Its arms become larger, and the ice is much more like dangling sleeves on each. Its orange ribbon becomes much larger, and the ice on its head expands into longer spikes and also gains a hairy-like expansion.
HP 70
Attack 80 (100)
Defense 70
Sp. Atk 80 (100)
Sp. Def 70
Speed 110 (150)


RadSha-Ghost Pressure
RadSha-Ghost Iron Fist Dusknoirite
Mega Dusknoir's arms detach from its body, taking on a black flame-like shape and gaining a silvery gauntlet over the wrist. The mouth across its belly opens up, and gains a crest, in the shape much like a large upper jaw; its headpiece also gains a more elaborate crown-like crest.
HP 45
Attack 100 (140)
Defense 135
Sp. Atk 65 (165)
Sp. Def 135 (165)
Speed 45


RadSha-Water Swift Swim
Water Veil
RadSha-WaterRadSha-Sonic Drizzle Floatzelite
The tube along its sides and back turns a light blue color, whilte the faded yellow spots over its body turn to a silvery color. Its orange coloration darkens, and it gains black details bordering each silver section as well. Its hands are more fin-like, and its tails now rotate like a propeller periodically.
HP 85
Attack 105 (135)
Defense 55
Sp. Atk 85 (115)
Sp. Def 50 (55)
Speed 115 (150)


RadSha-ElectricRadSha-Ghost Levitate RadSha-ElectricRadSha-Ghost Electromagnetism Rotomite
Mega Rotom has a jagged smile which reaches around half of its slightly larger main body, which also has a second spike (both of which are angled backwards) and has been duplicated. There are sparks which travel between the two halves, each of which has just one eye.
HP 50
Attack 50 (30)
Defense 77 (87)
Sp. Atk 95 (145)
Sp. Def 77 (87)
Speed 91 (141)
Rotom RadSha-Fire
Levitate RadSha-Fire
Electromagnetism Rotomite
Each form now has various parts of its host body detached and hovering, occasionally rotating a full 360-degrees; a vibrating power core can be seen within each form, which is colored based on the current form and pulses periodically.
HP 50
Attack 65 (45)
Defense 107 (117)
Sp. Atk 105 (155)
Sp. Def 107 (117)
Speed 86 (136)


RadSha-Rock Sturdy
Sand Force
RadSha-RockRadSha-Ice Analytic Gigalithite
The three crystals atop its head fuse together and spike backwards, while those over its body become more jagged and penetrate is body, creating some fissures. Its crystals are now a light blue color and its main body is now black.
HP 85
Attack 135
Defense 130 (155)
Sp. Atk 60
Sp. Def 80 (155)
Speed 25


RadSha-GrassRadSha-Fairy Prankster
RadSha-GrassRadSha-Fairy Essence Leach WhimsicottiteR
Whimsicott's ears become elongated spirals, green in color, while its hair now takes on a shape like ears in the back and then flows out in curls off to the sides; its fur is now pink. It gains a necklace of leaves around its neck.
HP 60
Attack 67
Defense 85 (100)
Sp. Atk 77 (117)
Sp. Def 75 (100)
Speed 116 (126)


RadSha-Grass Chlorophyll
Own Tempo
Leaf Guard
RadSha-Grass Prankster LilligantiteS
Gaining a dress constructed of flower petals, Mega Lilligant also has an orange, petal-like ribbon running behind its back and connecting its arms. Its belly is exposed, and it dances gracefully around.
HP 70
Attack 60
Defense 75 (105)
Sp. Atk 110 (150)
Sp. Def 75 (105)
Speed 90


RadSha-Grass Illusion RadSha-Grass Prankster Zoroarkite
Zoroark's skin becomes more of a brownish color, rather than black, but its fur becomes a more intense red with black fur mixed in as well. Fur has formed on its legs, black on the hips and red near the calves, while it also has tufts of fur around its wrists that is red.
HP 60
Attack 105 (130)
Defense 60 (85)
Sp. Atk 120 (130)
Sp. Def 60 (120)
Speed 105


RadSha-BugRadSha-Steel Swarm
RadSha-BugRadSha-Steel Analytic Durantite
Durant gains a secondary pair of jaws, and its plating becomes more metallic and less organic, appearing in segments bolted together; some areas are black, while others are silver. It has a pair of red wings protruding from its mid-section.
HP 58
Attack 109 (150)
Defense 112 (140)
Sp. Atk 48
Sp. Def 48
Speed 109 (140)


RadSha-DarkRadSha-Dragon Levitate RadSha-DarkRadSha-Dragon Pest Begone Hydreigonite
Its heads are much longer, and its black fur smooths out, forming angled spikes atop each head. The wings on its back fuse together into two fin-like appendages which angle towards the head. Its tail elongates, and the purple segments of its body become scales.
HP 92
Attack 105 (120)
Defense 90
Sp. Atk 125 (165)
Sp. Def 90
Speed 98 (133)


RadSha-BugRadSha-Fire Flame Body
RadSha-BugRadSha-Fire Drought Volcaronite
Its wings take on a more tattered, burned appearance and curl outward, while its white fur expands and its head crest becomes exaggerated. A symbol representing the sun hovers in pieces around its head.
HP 85
Attack 60 (100)
Defense 65
Sp. Atk 135 (175)
Sp. Def 105 (125)
Speed 100


RadSha-FireRadSha-Flying Flame Body
Gale Wings
RadSha-FireRadSha-Flying Gale Wings Talonflamite
Much larger in size, Talonflame's gray feathers become a much darker shade, and it also gains yellow flames on the tips of its tail-feathers as well as around its ankles and neck.
HP 78
Attack 81 (111)
Defense 71
Sp. Atk 74 (104)
Sp. Def 69
Speed 126 (156)


RadSha-DragonRadSha-Sonic Frisk
RadSha-DragonRadSha-Sonic High Frequency Noivernite
The underside of Noviern's wings, as well as its speaker-like ears, now take on a patterned red-and-blue color scheme, while the wings themselves have also grown; there is now a second pair of wings, just as large as the first.
HP 85
Attack 70 (90)
Defense 80 (90)
Sp. Atk 97 (140)
Sp. Def 80 (90)
Speed 123 (140)


RadSha-Normal Fur Coat RadSha-Normal Fur Coat Furfrounite
Mega Furfrou is much larger than its normal counterpart, with its hand standing almost as high as that of an average human male. Its fur is exaggerated and has black tips (in its standard form).
HP 75
Attack 80 (100)
Defense 60 (115)
Sp. Atk 65
Sp. Def 90 (115)
Speed 102


RadSha-PsychicRadSha-Dark Suction Cups
RadSha-PsychicRadSha-Dark Contrary Malamite
The tentacles atop its head increase in number and flare outward, while its eyes converge into a single, larger eye. The white spots on its bodies open as vertical eyes, and its two side tentacles become spear-like in shape, while its base splits into four different spikes.
HP 86
Attack 92 (132)
Defense 88
Sp. Atk 68 (108)
Sp. Def 75
Speed 73 (93)


RadSha-Water Mega Launcher RadSha-WaterRadSha-Dark Drizzle Clawitzerite
Both claws are now exceptionally large in size, and have an almost head-like appearnce. Its main body becomes silver, though its claws continue to hold a dark blue color with a yellow underside; its tail now ends in black spikes.
HP 71
Attack 73
Defense 88 (100)
Sp. Atk 120 (160)
Sp. Def 89 (100)
Speed 59 (96)


RadSha-GhostRadSha-Grass Natural Cure
RadSha-GhostRadSha-Grass <Rattled TreveniteS
A second, lighter color of wood appears across its body; some wraps around its head and splits its eye in two, while some more forms its lower jaw and leg-roots, and the final amount forms its hands. Some black wood also tips its legs and fingers, and its leaves have become darker.
HP 85
Attack 110 (130)
Defense 76 (90)
Sp. Atk 65 (90)
Sp. Def 82
Speed 56 (92)


RadSha-GhostRadSha-Grass Pickup
RadSha-GhostRadSha-Grass Rattled GourgesiteR
The pumpkin forming its lower body becomes black in color, as well as a series of leather-like material trimming its legs and base of its neck. Its hair and the back of its neck become a dark gray, with red on the inside, and form the shape of bat wings with a single hook in front of its face.
HP 55
Attack 85 (125)
Defense 122 (132)
Sp. Atk 58
Sp. Def 75 (125)
Speed 99
HP 65
Attack 90 (130)
Defense 122 (132)
Sp. Atk 58
Sp. Def 75 (125)
Speed 84
HP 75
Attack 95 (135)
Defense 122 (132)
Sp. Atk 58
Sp. Def 75 (125)
Speed 69
HP 85
Attack 100 (140)
Defense 122 (132)
Sp. Atk 58
Sp. Def 75 (125)
Speed 54


RadSha-Dragon Sap Sipper
RadSha-Dragon Rattled Goodranite
Goodra gains a series of slimy green spikes which run along its tail, and it also gains a single pair of gooey whiskers. A slimy pair of wings sprout from its back and drip goo, but have no functional use.
HP 90
Attack 100 (120)
Defense 70 (110)
Sp. Atk 110 (120)
Sp. Def 150 (180)
Speed 80

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