Pokémon Radiant and Shadow versions
Developer UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher Logo
Series Pokémon
Part of Generation VII
Genre Role-Playing Game
Turn-Based Battle
Release Date Early 2015
Platform Nintendo Wii U
Media Nintendo Optical Disc
Pokémon Radiant version and Pokémon Shadow version, known in Japan as ポケットモンスター レイディアント and ポケットモンスター シャッドー, are the primary paired versions of Generation VII Pokémon games, available for the first time on a home console: Nintendo Wii U.

Both games are set to be released worldwide sometime in the Fall of 2015. The game features a mere 29 new Pokémon (for a total of 750), but also introduces yet another new type, in the form of RadSha-Sonic. Most of the mechanics are unchanged since Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, though it now takes on the style of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and also provides the player with three different starting points across the Korabo (Japanese: コラボー) region.



Upon starting the game for the first time, players will notice that they are granted three slots in which to create characters. Each one has their own progress, party, items, and Pokédollars; however, all three share a PC. There is some basic character customization in this game, but new outfits, accessories, and hairstyles are added every so often.


All battles can be set to use Sky and/or Inverse rules; the former allows only RadSha-Flying Pokémon, and any other Pokémon who can hover or glide, to participate, while the latter switches all type match-ups (RadSha-Normal and RadSha-Ghost are normally effective against each other). It is also possible to set modifications to the level: Beginner (level 10), Normal (level 50), Veteran (level 100), or Unchanged (all Pokémon will retain their respective levels). Substitutions can be turned on or off. Double and Triple battles also allow the setting of either Multi or Rotation battle types, but only one can be used at a time.

Variant Description
Single A battle in which Pokémon battle one at a time; this is the most common type, and is used in most instances. Wild battles in tall grass take on this variant.
Double In this variant, two Pokémon are out on each side at any given moment, and therefore each side gets to make two moves each turn; wild battles in dark grass are like this.
Triple Triple Battles allow the use of three Pokémon all at once, though most moves cannot hit the opponent on the opposite side, save for the middle who can target all three.


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The RadSha-Fairy type has been modified:

Effect Offensive Defensive
½× RadSha-Poison
--- RadSha-Dragon

Brand new to the series, the RadSha-Sonic type was introduced:

Effect Offensive Defensive
½× RadSha-Ice
  • Noble Roar}}



See main article: Pokémon Radiant and Shadow versions/Pokédex

The Pokédex is a special device granted to the player by the new Professor Kapok, Professor Yew, or Professor Hawthorn; each Professor belongs to a different area of the Korabo region. Each one has its own set of 100 Pokémon to discover, while the Central Pokédex is obtained after beating the first six gyms (containing another 100 Pokémon) and the National Pokédex is obtained after beating the Elite Four.

New Pokémon

Name Title Evolves Type Ability
Ability 1 Ability 2 Hidden Ability
KablikS Keelback Pokémon from Arbok RadSha-PoisonRadSha-Dark Intimidate Shed Skin Unnerve
Zephyreon Lightweight Pokémon from Eevee RadSha-Sonic Keen Eye Reverberate
VashniR Ferret Pokémon from Furret RadSha-NormalRadSha-Sonic Run Away Keen Eye Speed Boost
Reefoloa Coral Reef Pokémon from Corsola RadSha-WaterRadSha-Rock Iron Barbs Natural Cure Regenerator
Wolvyena Chomp Pokémon from Mightyena RadSha-Dark Intimidate Quick Feet Moxie
Luvami Lover Pokémon from Luvdisc RadSha-WaterRadSha-Fairy Swift Swim Hydration
Toxinger Stinger Pokémon from Combee RadSha-BugRadSha-Poison Intimidate Huge Power
MachawtR Musical Call Pokémon from Chatot RadSha-SonicRadSha-Flying Keen Eye Tangled Feet Vital Spirit
Furccino Scarf Pokémon from Cinccino RadSha-Fairy Cute Charm Technician Pixilate
VolmolgaS Sky Squirrel Pokémon from Emolga RadSha-ElectricRadSha-Flying Static Motor Drive
Velociram Mount Pokémon from Gogoat RadSha-Grass Sap Sipper Chlorophyll
Luchature Wrestling Pokémon from Hawlucha RadSha-FightingRadSha-Flying Unburden Limber Mold Breaker
DinruneR Fire Pixie Pokémon ----- RadSha-FireRadSha-Fairy Flash Fire Incinerate
LavruneR Fire Pixie Pokémon from Dinrune RadSha-FireRadSha-Fairy Flash Fire Incinerate
CryruneS Ice Pixie Pokémon ----- RadSha-IceRadSha-Fairy Snow Collect Refrigerate
HairuneS Ice Pixie Pokémon from Cryrune RadSha-IceRadSha-Fairy Snow Collect Refrigerate
Katadan Silent Striker Pokémon ----- RadSha-Steel Weak Armor Unaware Huge Power
Noizan Loud Speaker Pokémon ------ RadSha-DarkRadSha-Sonic Soundproof Pressure
Slithorn Tropical Snake Pokémon ----- RadSha-DragonRadSha-Grass Shed Skin Chlorophyll Wonder Guard
AntoldierS Shadow Ant Pokémon ----- RadSha-BugRadSha-Ghost Nullify Swarm
VanikrawlR Levitating Spider Pokémon ----- RadSha-BugRadSha-Psychic Levitate Swarm
Kalkanthign Malign Stone Pokémon Ooze Fossil RadSha-RockRadSha-Poison Liquid Ooze Adaptability
Gragma Hot Saliva Pokémon ----- RadSha-FireRadSha-Water Rough Skin Inner Focus Release Steam
Gascoria Flaming Saliva Pokémon from Gragma RadSha-FireRadSha-Water Rough Skin Inner Focus Release Steam
Gastralva Molten Saliva Pokémon from Gascoria RadSha-FireRadSha-Water Rough Skin Inner Focus Release Steam
Zhorgon Canister Pokémon ----- RadSha-SteelRadSha-Poison Liquid Ooze Toxic Tap
EndromiaR Energy Pokémon ----- RadSha-FairyRadSha-Bug Restoration
SpivoralS Void Pokémon ----- RadSha-DarkRadSha-Poison Destruction
Novablist Reality Pokémon ----- RadSha-Sonic Reality Check

Zhorgon and Novablist are legendary Pokémon available across both regions, while Endromia and Spivoral are mascot legendaries exclusive to Radiant and Shadow versions respectively.

Retyped Pokémon

The following Pokémon have received type changes.

  • RadSha-Fairy Dunsparce
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Fairy Jigglypuff
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Fairy Wigglytuff
  • RadSha-PoisonRadSha-Sonic Zubat
  • RadSha-PoisonRadSha-Sonic Golbat
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Psychic Drowzee
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Psychic Hypno
  • RadSha-ElectricRadSha-Sonic Voltorb
  • RadSha-ElectricRadSha-Sonic Electrode
  • RadSha-PoisonRadSha-Sonic Crobat
  • RadSha-FairyRadSha-Sonic Igglybuff
  • RadSha-BugRadSha-Sonic Yanma
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Flying Lugia
  • RadSha-BugRadSha-Sonic Masquerain
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Bug Ninjask
  • RadSha-Sonic Whismur
  • RadSha-Sonic Loudred
  • RadSha-Sonic Exploud
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Bug Volbeat
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Bug Illumise
  • RadSha-NormalRadSha-Sonic Spinda
  • RadSha-PsychicRadSha-Sonic Chimeco
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Flying Staravia
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Flying Staraptor
  • RadSha-BugRadSha-Sonic Kricketune
  • RadSha-Sonic Chingling
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Flying Chatot
  • RadSha-BugRadSha-Sonic Yanmega
  • RadSha-GrassRadSha-Sonic Shaymin (Sky Form)
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Normal Audino
  • RadSha-SteelRadSha-Sonic Klink
  • RadSha-SteelRadSha-Sonic Klang
  • RadSha-SteelRadSha-Sonic Klinklang
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Psychic Meloetta (Aria Form)
  • RadSha-SonicRadSha-Fighting Meloetta (Pirouette Form)
  • RadSha-FireRadSha-Sonic Pyroar
  • RadSha-PsychicRadSha-Sonic Espurr
  • RadSha-PsychicRadSha-Sonic Meowstic
  • RadSha-DragonRadSha-Sonic Noibat
  • RadSha-DragonRadSha-Sonic Noivern

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