Pokémon Racing is a, well, racing game for the Wii U, and it is the spiritual successor to CtM's old Pikachu Racing series.


The racing segments play like any other racing game, however at the start there is only one playable character, which is either Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie, depending on which one the player picks at the start of the game. To unlock Pokémon, the player must travel to 18 different locations (they are all themed around individual types) and battle Pokémon. The battles are simply a one-lap race around a random track, and if the player wins, they unlock that Pokémon. Pokémon can evolve, too, by completing certain tasks. Evolutions can be reset if the player wants to, but they can still re-evolve the chosen Pokémon. The races work somewhat similarly to the Mario Kart games, however there is one major difference. There are no items. Instead of Items, each Pokémon has moves which they can use whenever the player feels like it. Each Pokémon also has different stats, making each Pokémon different. Also, when the player picks a vehicle, the Pokémon's stats are combined with the vehicle's stats, making the overall totals.




Pokémon Capture Areas

Flat Plains

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
052MS Meowth Common
133MS Eevee Rare
235MS Smeargle Rare
440MS Happiny Uncommon
572MSa Minccino Common
659MS Bunnelby Common

Burning Volcano

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
037MS122 Vulpix Uncommon
240MSa Magby Common
554MS Darumaka Rare
322MS Numel Common
667MSzz Litleo Common
228MSgg Houndour Rare

Fighting Arena

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
066MS Machop Common
236MS Tyrogue Rare
447MSa Riolu Rare
674MS Pancham Common
307MSdw Meditite Uncommon
453MS Croagunk Uncommon

Serene Sea

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
098MSerf Krabby Uncommon
341MSgag Corphish Rare
418MS Buizel Common
194MS Wooper Common
270MS Lotad Rare
688MS Binacle Rare

Floating Islands

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
198MS Murkrow Uncommon
333MSa Swablu Uncommon
357MS Tropius Rare
415MS Combee Common
627MSf Rufflet Common
661MS Fletchling Common

Mossy Woods

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
273MS Seedot Rare
285MS Shroomish Uncommon
406MS Budew Common
540MS Sewaddle Common
708MS Phantump Rare
043MS Oddish Uncommon

Oil Ocean

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
023MS Ekans Uncommon
451MS Skorupi Rare
029MS Nidoran♀ Common
032MS Nidoran♂ Common
167MS Spinarak Uncommon
543MS Venipede Uncommon

Power Plant

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
172MS Pichu Common
179MSergg Mareep Rare
239MSa Elekid Common
403MSi Shinx Rare
694MS Helioptile Rare
595MS Joltik Common

Vast Valley

Icon Pokémon Name Rarity
231MS Phanpy Common
328MS Trapinch Rare
529MS Drilbur Uncommon
207MS Gligar Uncommon
551MS Sandile Common
443MS Gible Rare

Mirror Room

Rocky Mountain

Freezing Snowland

Micro World

Valley of Dragons

Haunted House

Darkness Lair

Fog Factory

Fairydust Fields

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