Pokémon RPG
Developer(s) Depressed Walrus Productions
Publisher(s) Depressed Walrus Productions
Genre(s) RPG
First Game Pokémon Galaxy:Amiibo Stars
Most Recent Game Pokémon Galaxy:Amiibo Stars

Pokémon RPG is a Pokémon spinoff series created by Depressed Walrus Productions.

List of games

Story and Creation

After given the rights to the Pokémon franchise, Depressed Walrus Productions started work on a Untitled 1st Person Pokémon Game. Eventually, it is rumored that the Game is converted to Pokémon Galaxy:Amiibo Stars in a rushed attempt to release the game.

Depressed Walrus Productions
Narwalrus (Game) / Narwalrus Shake (iOS)
Pokémon RPG
Pokémon Galaxy:Amiibo Stars

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