Pokemon Purple virsion takes place in a new region after Unova and is complicated it has all pokemon including new ones. To beat your rival (who becomes evil and joins Team Techno) you have to catch Genosect. This game will be coming out for the 3DS and the DS or DSI in 2018. You can also play demos of pokemon yellow,red,green,blue,silver,gold,black,white,gray,black2,and white2. The three starter pokemon are sploch(water),Flambia(fire), and Loax(grass).

The P2 Lab Morph Machine And Ledgendairys

  • If you have Mew and Mewtwo and bring them to the P2 lab you can morph them into Mewthree. Level 100
  • You can bring the three ledgendairy birds to the P2 lab and morph them in to Molticunados. Level 95
  • You can morph any pokemon!
  • If you have the three ledgendairy dogs and you Morph them Riotecun. Level 100
  • A lot of Unown inhabited the Unown Ruins. They all are at level 55
  • A Giratina inhabits Guarantee Cave. Level 100. Also Palkia and Dialda in Sandbar Cave
  • If you morph Giratina,Palkia, and Dialga you get Darkri (Electirc Attack and Sp.Attack)


  • This is the one of the 11 generation games that is used to feature 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Generation Pokémon.
  • It is the second game to access websites like Pokécommunity. The first one is Pokémon Quartz.
  • The Pokédex entry makes a reference from the comic, SoulSilver, by saying things such as Pulseman and Metreon City. However, this comic is also referenced when a sign (right next to Metreon Cave) says that Mario went to Hoenn to meet Shadow Lugia.
    • Mew's Pokédex entry states that it puts inflation spells on everyone, also makes a reference of this comic.
  • The video game characters made a couple of sonic cameo appearances, such as the statues of Mega Man in Lilycove City.
  • In the Lilycove City art museum, there was a woman who recently have a talking, telepathic Azurill who plays magic tricks.
    • Star Bomber's lines from Bomberman Land Touch! 2 was shown when the player talks to Azurill.

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