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Returning from Pokémon Sun and Moon, Regional Forms had "re-introduced" Pokémon from older generations, including those of Generation EX, in a new concept and possibly new playstyle. Alolan Pokémon from Sun and Moon can be "copied" and transfered by Gear Games' Pokémon Transfer application into these games.

Unlike the regular Pokemon from their origin region, Pokemon in the Futumia Region and Ironeo Region not debuting in this region have different design, stats, type, abilities and moveset, similar to Alolan Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They also have their own set of order instead of following the original National Dex.

There are Alolan Meowth and Persain as well as Alolan Raichu are available as before in Sun and Moon, although Meowth and Persain also get Futumian Forms while Raichu get an Ironeon Form, making them the only evolutionary line to possess two Regional Forms so far.

Unlike the previous games, there are two new Regional kind of forms like the two mentioned above; Futumian, which is available at the start in Futumia, and Ironeon, which is only available in Ironeo. Ironeo Pokemon do not have their Regional Form in Ironeo to stay faith with their origin. Some Pokemon even have two regional forms introduced in this game.

A new varient of this is called the Mutation Form. Unlike the Regional Forms, the Mutated Pokémon tend to have different stat distribution or even a very different one, as well as Type that usually does not fit in the region they were found. They also have their own Egg Group called Mutated, in which they can only breed with each others.

The explaination behind the Mutation Form of the Pokémon is the result of nuclear waste found in the Futumia and Ironeo region, as well as the result of the constant clash of the progression and regression done by Prodignity and Regreddon.

Futumia Region

Futumian Regional Form

Futumian Pokémon Abilities Base Stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe/Total) Pokedex Entries (One Version)
Aeriasp (Bug/Dark)
  • Moxie
  • Pressure
  • Infiltrator (HA)
  • 70/138/75/40/75/102 (500)
Milliopede (Bug/Ground)
  • Water Absorb
  • Earth Hijacker
  • Technician (HA)
  • 90/40/85/112/78/95 (500)

Futumia Mutation Form

Very large table! Use the Monobook skin or scroll the table itself to see more. Pokemon with name in Italic are Ironeo Pokemon.

Futumian Pokémon Abilities Base Stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe/Total) Pokedex Entries (One Version)
Venusaur (Grass/Ice)
  • Cursed Body
  • Refrigerate (HA)
  • Filter (Mega)
  • Base: 80/82/83/110/90/100 (545)
  • Mega: 80/100/123/132/110/100 (645)

The Mutated Form of Venusaur

Charizard (Fire/Psychic) (Mega X: Fire/Light)

  • Magic Guard
  • Storm Drain (HA)
  • Solar Avenger (Either Mega)
  • Base: 78/74/78/114/90/111 (545)
  • Mega X: 78/156/91/114/90/111 (645)
  • Mega Y: 78/74/78/155/130/120 (645)

The Mutated Form of Charizard

Blastoise (Water/Fighting)
  • Technician
  • Magic Bounce (HA)
  • Pressure (Mega)
  • Base: 84/73/100/105/115/68 (545)
  • Mega: 84/93/120/155/125/68 (645)

The Mutated Form of Blastoise

Meganium (Grass/Fire)
  • Huge Power
  • Sharp Shooter (HA)
  • 90/72/110/73/110/90 (545)

The Mutated Form of Meganium

Typhlosion (Fire/Bug)
  • Light Absorber
  • Air-Stopper (HA)
  • 78/64/78/120/85/120 (545)

The Mutated Form of Typhlosion

Feraligatr (Water/Cyber)
  • Defiant
  • Stamina (HA)
  • 90/115/110/59/83/88 (545)

The Mutated Form of Feraligatr

Sceptile (Grass/Rock) (Mega: Grass/Flying)
  • Gale Wings
  • Competitive (HA)
  • Ice-Proof (Mega)
  • Base: 70/110/65/85/85/130 (545)
  • Mega: 70/150/110/65/95/155 (645)

The Mutated Form of Sceptile

Blaziken (Fire/Fairy)
  • Misty Beginning
  • Dazzling (HA)
  • Natural Cure (Mega)
  • Base: 90/100/75/120/75/85 (545)
  • Mega: 90/130/85/150/85/105 (645)

The Mutated Form of Blaziken

Swampert (Water/Poison)
  • Giant Size
  • Clear Body (HA)
  • Composite (Mega)
  • Base: 100/140/100/55/100/50 (545)
  • Mega: 100/180/120/65/120/60 (645)

The Mutated Form of Swampert

Torterra (Grass/Dragon)
  • Tinted Lens
  • Filter (HA)
  • Draco Resistance (Neon)
  • Base: 105/119/95/65/95/66 (545)
  • Terratle: 105/130/105/65/105/60 (570)

The Mutated Form of Torterra

Infernape (Fire/Ice)
  • Speed Boost
  • Adaptability (HA)
  • Sheer Force (Neon)
  • Base: 76/115/71/104/71/108 (545)
  • Bureiyan: 70/135/70/105/70/120 (570)

The Mutated Form of Infernape

Empoleon (Water/Dark)
  • Infiltrator
  • Drizzle (HA)
  • Scare Start (Neon)
  • Base: 84/116/88/86/101/70 (545)
  • Neon: 90/120/80/80/110/90 (570)

The Mutated Form of Empoleon

Serperior (Grass/Water)
  • No Guard
  • Hard Striker (HA)
  • Dazzling (Mega)
  • 75/70/85/115/85/115 (545)
  • Mega: 75/70/95/155/95/155 (645)

The Mutated Form of Serperior

Emboar (Fire/Sound)
  • Loud Fighter
  • Soundproof (HA)
  • Defiant (Mega)
  • 80/125/65/65/65/145 (545)
  • Mega: 80/155/85/55/85/185 (645)

The Mutated Form of Emboar

Samurott (Water/Dragon)
  • Ice-Proof
  • Honor (HA)
  • Intimidate (Mega)
  • 95/110/85/115/70/70 (545)
  • Mega: 95/110/95/165/110/70 (645)

The Mutated Form of Samurott

Chesnaught (Grass/Sound)
  • Mega Launcher
  • Racket Starter (HA)
  • 88/74/107/122/90/64 (545)

The Mutated Form of Chesnaught

Delphox (Fire/Rock)
  • Levitate
  • Solid Rock (HA)
  • 75/69/72/134/90/105 (545)

The Mutated Form of Delphox

Greninja (Water/Electric)
  • Volt Absorb
  • Lightingrod (HA)
  • 72/95/67/118/71/122 (545)

The Mutated Form of Greninja



  • Misty Beginning
  • Regenerator (HA)
  • 88/87/70/113/80/107 (545)

The Mutated Form of Decidueye



  • Reckless
  • No Guard (HA)
  • 85/130/80/60/80/110 (545)

The Mutated Form of Inceniroar



  • Iron Surge
  • Lightningrod (HA)
  • 90/64/94/116/126/55 (545)

The Mutated Form of Primarina

Foxature (Grass/Dark)
  • Moxie
  • Contrary (HA)
  • Technician (Mega)
  • Base: 90/135/80/50/80/110 (545)
  • Mega: 90/175/100/70/100/110 (645)
Fujignite (Fire/Gas)
  • Dry Skin
  • Drought (HA)
  • Strong Body (Mega)
  • Base: 85/65/75/135/85/100 (545)
  • Mega: 85/65/95/175/115/110 (645)
Patroleap (Water/Light)
  • Poison Touch
  • Serene Grace (HA)
  • Storm Drain (Mega)
  • Base: 105/70/85/105/85/95 (545)
  • Mega: 105/80/105/145/105/105 (645)
Heliolisk (Electric/Psychic)
  • Mold Breaker
  • Magic Guard (HA)
  • Dry Skin (NA)
  • 62/55/50/110/84/120 (481)

The Mutated Form of Helioisk.

The Helioisk of Futumia have adapted to the mountains by camoflauging themselves in sand storms and by preying on dehydrated Pokemon. They have a special chemical in their tails that they can use to create quicksand around them.

Cloyster (Water/Light)
  • Forcefield
  • Bright Start (HA)
  • 70/95/140/85/85/50 (525)
Persian (Fairy/Ghost)
  • Contrary
  • Tough Claws (HA)
  • 70/95/80/45/80/105 (475)
Gardevoir (Fire/Steel)
  • Flash Fire
  • Burning Passion (HA)
  • Regenerate (Mega)
  • Base: 70/60/60/130/120/80 (520)
  • Mega: 70/60/100/170/140/80 (620)
Gallade (Fire/Ice)
  • Ice Body
  • Burning Passion (HA)
  • Moxie (Mega)
  • Base: 70/130/60/60/120/80 (520)
  • Mega: 70/170/85/60/120/120 (620)

Crawdaunt (Water/Steel) (Mega: Water/Light) 

  • Solid Rock
  • Iron Surge
  • Sand Stream (HA)
  • Composite (Mega)
  • Base: 83/100/83/90/75/55
  • Mega: 83/130/93/120/95/67
Avalaugg (Ice/Poison)
  • Corrosion
  • Sharp Shooter (HA)
  • Weak Armor (NA)

The Mutated Form of Avalugg.

Qwilfish (Water/Dark)
  • Toxic Boost
  • Swift Swim (HA)
Wobbusage (Psychic/Grass), Evo of Wobbuffet
  • Sap Sipper
  • Soundproof (HA)
Haxorus (Dragon/Flying)
  • Cloud Nine
  • Ice-Proof (HA)
Probopass (Rock/Ice)
  • Weak Armor
  • Snow Warning (HA)

The Mutated Form of Probopass.

The Probopass of North Futumia have adapted to their new seaside environments negatively at first, but over time their bodies slowly turned to ice-like crystals, and they learned to freeze the water to survive their new environments.

Aromatisse (Water/Psychic)
  • Sand Stream
  • Regenerator (HA)

The Mutated Form of Aromatisse

The Aromatisse of South Futumia have evolved to coexist with humans, and have even learned how to talk English. They can use their telekinetic abilities to pull rare gemstones out of the ground, which they sell at cities for a high price.

Corsola (Water/Fire)
  • Star Shield
  • Solar Power (HA)
Bisharp (Cyber/Dark)
  • Aggressive
  • Untrustworthy (HA)
Aegislash (Steel/Water)
  • Stance Change (Only Ability)
Whismicott (Fairy/Rock)
  • Sand Stream
  • Racket Starter (HA)
Sawsbuck (Gas/Grass)
  • Haze-Up
  • Horn Guard (HA)

The Mutation Form of Sawsbuck

Due to a gas leakage in North Futumia hundreds of years ago, the leaves on Futumian Sawsbuck's antlers have turned into a gaseous state. They can use their antlers to create various smokescreens to stay camouflaged, and they can also solidify their gas to create very durable walls. 

Trevenant (Poison/Grass)
  • Burning Passion
  • Earth Hijacker (HA)
Whiscash (Fighting/Water)
  • Simple
  • Justified (HA)

The Mutated Form of Whiscash

The Whiscash of Futumia have developed arms through mutations, and can use those arms to throw extremely powerful punches. A single Futumian Whiscash can use their arms to swim fast enough to create whirlpools the size of houses.

Topapex (Poison/Dark)
  • Maniac
  • Intimidate
  • Merciless (HA)

Palossand (Ghost/Rock)

  • Water Compaction
  • Sand Rush (HA)
Prehistegg (Electric/Fighting)
  • Competitive
  • Intimidate (HA)
Fiestus (Grass/Light), Evo of Maractus
  • Solid Rock
  • Sturdy (HA)
Mindimor (Dark/Bug)
  • Brutal Force
  • Air-Stopper (HA)
Stenchxic (Poison/Gas)
  • Pixilate
  • Adaptability (HA)
Rebelark (Dark/Cyber)
  • Maniac
  • Cyber Presence (HA)
Busrtone (Rock/Cyber)
  • Flame Boost
  • Own Tempo (HA)
Dakuliztan (Electric/Fairy), Evo of Darmanitan
  • Iron Fist
  • Guts
  • Zen Mode 2 (HA)

Ironeo Region

As it obviously take place in Ironeo, no Gen EX Pokémon will have a Regional Form nor Mutation Form in this region, like the Gen EX 2 Pokémon do not have any of these in the Futumia Region.

Ironean Regional Form

Ironean Pokémon Abilities Base Stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe/Total) Pokedex Entries (One Version)
Tsareena (Grass/Dark)
  • Vampire
  • Queenly Majesty
  • Chlorophyll (HA)
  • Maniac (Mega)
  • Base: 72/40/83/120/83/112 (510)
  • Mega: 72/40/98/160/98/152 (610)
Cofagrigus (Ghost/Psychic)
  • Mummy
  • Ghost Repellant (HA)
  • 58/30/125/115/115/40 (483)

Ironeo Mutation Form

Mutated Pokémon Abilities Base Stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe/Total) Pokedex Entries (One Version)
Furfrou (Sound/Light)
  • Thick Fur (Only Ability)
Beedrill (Bug/Dark)
  • Pressure
  • Levitate (HA)
  • Defiant (Mega)
Claydol (Rock/Ground)
  • Solid Rock
  • Sand Stream
  • Dry Skin (HA)
Metagross (Steel/Fairy)
  • Competitive
  • Magic Bounce (HA)
  • Natural Cure (Mega)
Spinda (Sound/Psychic)
  • Soundproof
  • Infiltrator (HA)
  • Magic Bounce (Neon)
Diggersby (Ground/Psychic)
  • Huge Power
  • Telepathy (HA)
Raichu (Electric/Dragon)
  • Draco Resistance
  • Battery (HA)
  • Speed Boost (NA)
  • Regular: 60/120/70/55/70/110 (485)
  • Neon: 70/145/80/55/80/140
Dewgong (Water/Cyber)
  • Cyber Presence
  • Serene Grace (HA)
Gogoat (Steel/Grass)
  • Grass Pelt
  • Overgrow
  • Durable (HA)
Arcanine (Dragon/Fire)
  • Intimidate
  • Speed Boost (HA)
Alomomola (Water/Dark)
  • Contrary
  • Technician (HA)
Ursaring (Electric)
  • Strong Jaw
  • Honey Gather
  • Moxie (HA)
Drapion (Rock/Poison)
  • Stamina
  • Dazzling (HA)
Walrein (Water/Fairy)
  • Fairy Aura
  • Drizzle
  • Misty Beginning (HA)
Absol (Dark/Gas)
  • Dark Aura
  • Hazy Body (HA)
Barbaracle (Water/Ghost)
  • Giant Size
  • Battle Armor
  • Acid Poison (HA)
Forretress (Bug/Ice)
  • Sturdy
  • Filter (HA)
Ambipom (Normal/Ice)
  • Skill Link
  • Slush Rush (HA)



  • Aftermath
  • Shadow Tag (HA)
  • 120/60/80/90/75/125 (Total 550)

The Mutated Form of Galeoon.



  • Guard Coil
  • Toxic Voice
  • Multiscale (HA)

The Mutated Form of Constricaudi.

Dusknoir (Ghost/Cyber)
  • Anti-Virus
  • Trick Realm (HA)
  • Sharp Shooter (Neon)
Volcarona (Bug/Psychic)
  • Hard Striker
  • Mold Breaker (HA)

Ampharos (Ice)

(Mega: Ice/Dragon)

  • Contrary
  • Hazy-Body (HA)
  • Draco Resistance (Mega)
Pyukumuku (Water/Poison)
  • Inhards Out (only Ability)
Dhelmise (Ghost/Water)
  • Steelworker
  • Levitate
  • Filter (HA)
  • Spirit Anchoring (NA)
Crabominable (Ice/Steel)
  • Guts
  • Filter
  • Strong Body (HA)
97/132/104/32/94/63 (536)
Komala (Fighting/Grass)
  • Comatose (only Ability)


Shiny Variation


  • Unlike their original counterpart, the Futumian Fully Evolved Starters all and each have a Base Stat Total of 545. Futumian Swampert was originally the only one who have this BST while the rest will have 535, but the latter group will later gain this BST in the final product to avoid bias on Swampert.
  • The leaks that reveals different looking Dialga and Palkia had made speculations that they are regional forms of them, but there are disputes that there are supposed to be only one of the same species. It got jossed and become confirmed that the different looking Dialga and Palkia are actually Aether Clones.

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