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Returning from Pokémon Sun and Moon, Regional Forms had "re-introduced" Pokémon from older generations, including those of Generation EX, in a new concept and possibly new playstyle. Alolan Pokémon from Sun and Moon can be "copied" and transfered by Gear Games' Pokémon Transfer application into these games.

Unlike the regular Pokemon from their origin region, Pokemon in the Futumia Region and Ironeo Region not debuting in this region have different design, stats, type, abilities and moveset, similar to Alolan Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They also have their own set of order instead of following the original National Dex.

The explanation behind their almost random Types are does to constant slash of Progression and Regression, causing time and space to be unstable at times combining with the current environment that surround them. This is also does to the events happened to them according to the Pokedex.

There are Alolan Meowth and Persain as well as Alolan Raichu are available as before in Sun and Moon, although Meowth and Persain also get Futumian Forms while Raichu get an Ironeon Form, making them the only evolutionary line to possess two Regional Forms so far.

Unlike the previous games, there are two new Regional kind of forms like the two mentioned above; Futumian, which is available at the start in Futumia, and Ironeon, which is only available in Ironeo. Ironeo Pokemon do not have their Regional Form in Ironeo to stay faith with their origin. Some Pokemon even have two regional forms introduced in this game.

Futumia Regional Form

Very large table! Use the Monobook skin or scroll the table itself to see more. Pokemon with name in Italic are Ironeo Pokemon.

Futumian Pokémon Abilities Base Stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe/Total) Pokedex Entries (One Version)
Venusaur (Ghost/Ice)
  • Cursed Body
  • Refrigerate (HA)
  • Filter (Mega)
  • Base: 80/82/93/110/110/70 (545)
  • Mega: 80/100/133/132/130/70 (645)

The Futumian Form of Venusaur

It is said that a Venusaur had been abandoned in an icicle cave and become a supported by a Trainer with a Ghost Pokemon but their power had transformed it into Ghost and Ice, which allow Venusaur to pass through walls and freeze anything with its breath.

Charizard (Psychic/Water) (Mega X: Psychic/Light)

  • Magic Guard
  • Storm Drain (HA)
  • Solar Avenger (Either Mega)
  • Base: 78/74/78/114/90/111 (545)
  • Mega X: 78/156/91/114/90/111 (645)
  • Mega Y: 78/74/78/155/130/120 (645)

The Futumian Form of Charizard

After a rough fight with a Gyarados, a Charizard from a Kanto Region had suffered damage from water attack, which then be healed by a Slowking. That healing process, however, is what caused Charizard to switch from fire to psychic power and is now able to breath in water.

Blastoise (Psychic/Fairy)
  • Technician
  • Magic Bounce (HA)
  • Pressure (Mega)
  • Base: 84/73/100/105/115/68 (545)
  • Mega: 84/93/120/155/125/68 (645)

The Futumian Form of Blastoise

A Blastoise emerged from Kanto had been hit by multiple Psychic and Fairy attacks constantly that it even modified its shell and cannons, which is caused by a certain pixie powder. The Futumian Blastoise remain resistant and can launch a beam of Psychic.

Meganium (Fire/Bug)
  • Huge Power
  • Sharp Shooter (HA)
  • 90/72/110/73/110/90 (545)

The Futumian Form of Meganium

The lack of forest area in the Northen Futumia caused the loss of Meganium's Grass-type but living with allied Bug-type Pokemon had given her insect-like abilities. The high combustible pollution also caused Meganium to develop combustible particles that only Meganium themselves are immune of it.

Typhlosion (Light/Bug)
  • Light Absorber
  • Air-Stopper (HA)
  • 78/64/78/120/85/120 (545)

The Futumian Form of Typhlosion

Typhlosion are used to be in volcanic areas but the amount of Camerupt and Magcargo force them to go on sunlight field where they gain Light-type in exchange of Fire-type, and gained Bug-type after spending time taking damage from Bug enemies.

Feraligatr (Cyber/Fighting)
  • Defiant
  • Stamina (HA)
  • 90/115/110/59/83/88 (545)

The Futumian Form of Feraligatr

Feraligatr, owned by the Police Force, spent years of combat in a virtual arena in preperation for preventing multiple Futumian Pawniard and Bisharp from causing destruction against both nature and places. However, such years of virtual combat caused them to gain Cyber-type.

Sceptile (Flying/Ghost) (Mega: Flying/Ground)
  • Gale Wings
  • Competitive (HA)
  • Ice-Proof (Mega)
  • Base: 70/110/65/85/85/130 (545)
  • Mega: 70/150/110/65/95/155 (645)

The Futumian Form of Sceptile

Thought to be extinced along with Treeko and Grovile does to invading flying Pokemon, notably Talonflame, they actually got revived into aerial Pokemon and can turn invisible in order to strike the foes by surprise. Now even a Gengar will have hard time to catch it.

Blaziken (Fairy/Psychic)
  • Misty Beginning
  • Dazzling (HA)
  • Natural Cure (Mega)
  • Base: 90/100/75/120/75/85 (545)
  • Mega: 90/130/85/150/85/105 (645)

The Futumian Form of Blaziken

After years of protecting Psychic Pokemon from predactory Dark-type Pokemon, Blaziken had started to develop Psychic power earned from Psychic-type fellow. Taking years of multiple Play Rough from Flandito also caused to learn and use Fairy-type moves.

Swampert (Water/Cyber)
  • Giant Size
  • Clear Body (HA)
  • Composite (Mega)
  • Base: 100/140/100/55/100/50 (545)
  • Mega: 100/180/120/65/120/60 (645)

The Futumian Form of Swampert

Does to living with the more-modern city with people in order to predict a storm for many years, a Swampert had developed to use Cyber moves, and somehow turn a lot of bigger than before does to health-enhancing foods. It caused it strength and resistance to enhance even further.

Torterra (Cyber/Dragon)
  • Tinted Lens
  • Filter (HA)
  • Draco Resistance (Neon)
  • Base: 105/119/95/65/95/66 (545)
  • Terratle: 105/120/105/65/105/60 (560)

The Futumian Form of Torterra

An horde of Torterra live in the middle and center of the Futumia region, causing their appearence and physic to change does to being in the middle of the progression and regression clash. It caused them to train their own ability in order to survive the two side of Futumia.

Infernape (Bug/Fighting)
  • Speed Boost
  • Adaptability (HA)
  • Sheer Force (Neon)
  • Base: 76/115/71/104/71/108 (545)
  • Bureiyan: 70/125/70/105/70/120 (560)

The Futumian Form of Infernape

The Futumian Infernape, at the older time, had been attacked by Bug-Pokemon for many months. This instead cause them to lose their Fire-type and make them into Bug-type themselves. However, they are still skilled in close combats.

Empoleon (Water/Dark)
  • Infiltrator
  • Drizzle (HA)
  • Scare Start (Neon)
  • Base: 84/116/88/86/101/70 (545)
  • Neon: 90/120/90/90/110/60 (560)

The Futumian Form of Empoleon

Prefering to be more active at night, the Empoleon prepare for night assault on the territory of the enemies. However, they are often mistaken for theives by humans and are thought to be rogues, while they are actually only brave warriors.

Serperior (Fighting/Water)
  • No Guard
  • Hard Striker (HA)
  • 75/70/85/115/85/115 (545)

The Futumia Form of Serperior

Many Serperior had been from Unova, but they came near a fountain, and they are so used to it that it started to use Water moves. It also gain power of Figthing-type moves such as Focus Blast by training to appease its spirit and aura.

Emboar (Sound/Flying)
  • Loud Fighter
  • Soundproof (HA)
  • 80/125/65/65/65/145 (545)

The Futumia Form of Emboar

Several Emboar brought from the Unova region had danced by the music of the modern city and start being loud when signing with the music. It caused them to use Sound moves after several month of this happening, and their dancing caused them to be very agile.

Samurott (Grass/Dragon)
  • Ice-Proof
  • Honor (HA)
  • 95/110/85/115/70/70 (545)

The Futumia Form of Samurott

Their years of training on the forest and dealing with Dragon-type Pokemon caused them to get used with Grass-type and Dragon-type moves, and also get covered by leaves as well as forging their own dragon helmets to identify their own type.

Chesnaught (Sound/Dark)
  • Mega Launcher
  • Racket Starter (HA)
  • 88/74/107/122/90/64 (545)

The Futumia Form of Chesnaught

A Chespin from the older time was ambushed by a Sableye, before being rescued by a Gooenax. It cry of grievance and pain, combined with affected by a Dark Pulse, actually change it power when fully-evolved into a Chesnaught, and now even Sableye fear it.

Delphox (Electric/Rock)
  • Levitate
  • Solid Rock (HA)
  • 75/69/72/134/90/105 (545)

The Futumia Form of Delphox

After being struck by a thunder but survives, a Delphox had managed to control Electric moves but also ended up to control Rock moves. It and its descedent need to levitate in order to deal with earthquakes and Ground-type Pokemon.

Greninja (Dragon/Electric)
  • Volt Absorb
  • Lightingrod (HA)
  • 72/95/67/118/71/122 (545)

The Futumia Form of Greninja

A Greninja with Protean had learned Thunderbolt and Dragon Pulse via professional scientific means, but ended up to mutate from those experimentations. As a result, they become more swift and stronger, but unable to use Protean as an Ability because of their new scales.



  • Misty Beginning
  • Regenerator (HA)



  • Reckless
  • No Guard (HA)



  • Iron Surge
  • Lightningrod (HA)
Foxature (Fighting/Dark)
  • Moxie
  • Contrary (HA)
  • Technician (Mega)
  • Base: 90/135/80/50/80/110 (545)
  • Mega: 90/175/100/70/100/110 (645)
Fujignite (Psychic/Ice)
  • Psy Absorb
  • Ice Body (HA)
  • Snow Warning (Mega)
  • Base: 85/65/75/135/85/100 (545)
  • Mega: 85/65/95/175/115/110 (645)
Patroleap (Poison/Ground)
  • Poison Touch
  • Serene Grace (HA)
  • Storm Drain (Mega)
  • Base: 105/70/85/105/85/95 (545)
  • Mega: 105/80/105/145/105/105 (645)
Altaria (Water/Flying)
  • Volt Absorb
  • Trick Realm (Mega)
  • Water Absorb (HA)
  • Base: 80/70/80/100/90/80 (500)
  • Mega: 80/100/120/130/100/70 (600)
Vivillion (Grass/Fire)
  • Chlorophyll
  • Drought (HA)
  • 70/42/50/110/50/99 (421)
Heliolisk (Ground/Psychic)
  • Mold Breaker
  • Magic Guard (HA)
  • Dry Skin (NA)
  • 62/55/50/110/84/120 (481)

The Futumian Form of Helioisk.

The Helioisk of Futumia have adapted to the mountains by camoflauging themselves in sand storms and by preying on dehydrated Pokemon. They have a special chemical in their tails that they can use to create quicksand around them.

Pelipper (Fighting/Psychic)
  • Contrary
  • Unaware (HA)
  • Psy Absorb (NA)
  • Base: 70/110/85/65/70/50 (450)
  • Neon: 80/125/110/70/100/60 (545)
Cloyster (Water/Light)
  • Forcefield
  • Bright Start (HA)
  • 70/95/140/85/85/50 (525)
Milotic (Normal/Ground)
  • Storm Drain
  • Multiscale
  • Pure Power (HA)
  • 95/60/81/125/100/79 (540)
Stantler (Poison/Rock)
  • Solid Rock
  • Rock Head (HA)
  • 73/105/62/65/65/105 (475)
Persian (Fairy/Ghost)
  • Contrary
  • Tough Claws (HA)
  • 70/95/80/45/80/105 (475)
Gardevoir (Fire/Steel)
  • Flash Fire
  • Burning Passion (HA)
  • Regenerate (Mega)
  • Base: 70/60/60/130/120/80 (520)
  • Mega: 70/60/100/170/140/80 (620)
Gallade (Fire/Ice)
  • Ice Body
  • Burning Passion (HA)
  • Moxie (Mega)
  • Base: 70/130/60/60/120/80 (520)
  • Mega: 70/170/85/60/120/120 (620)
Plusle (Fairy/Gas)
  • Hazy Body
  • Sharp Shooter (HA)
  • 60/50/85/75/95/40 (405)
Minun (Fairy/Ground)
  • Prankster
  • Huge Power (HA)
  • 60/75/95/50/85/40 (405)
Equatom (Fairy/Cyber)
  • Fluffy
  • Forcefield (HA)
  • 75/40/95/85/95/40 (405)
Mandibuzz (Dark/Ground)
  • Overcoat
  • Sand Force
  • Power Beak (HA)
  • 110/105/95/50/95/55 (510)
Seismitoad (Ground/Fighting)
  • Iron Fist
  • Stamina (HA)
  • 105/105/85/64/85/65 (509)

The Futumian Form of Seismitoad.

The Seismitoads of South Futumia were brought in in a attempt to lower Larvitar populations, which backfired horribly and caused the Seismitoads to flee into caves, where they lost their ability to use water in favor for thriving in the ground. Their rugged arms and legs allows them to move faster then their Water-Type counterparts, and are very useful for making tunnels.

Fearow (Water/Bug)
  • Power Beak
  • Drizzle (HA)
  • 65/61/65/90/61/100 (442)
Arcanine (Fairy/Steel)
  • Durable
  • Moxie
  • Pixilate (HA)
  • 90/95/100/80/110/80 (555)

Crawdaunt (Rock/Steel)(Mega: Rock/Light) 

  • Solid Rock
  • Iron Surge
  • Sand Stream (HA)
  • Composite (Mega)
Avalaugg (Poison/Psychic)
  • Corrosion
  • Sharp Shooter (HA)
  • Weak Armor (NA)

The Futumian Form of Avalugg.

Due to the eating of polluted kelp in various rivers, the Futumian Avalugg has developed a immunity of poison, and it's blood is often used in Antidotes in North Futumia. It can use certain toxins to make the opponent dizzy in order to escape if it is cornered.

Sigilyph (Light/Sound)
  • Bright Start
  • Loud Fighter (HA)
Qwilfish (Normal/Water)
  • Toxic Boost
  • Swift Swim (HA)
Wobbuffet (Sound/Grass)
  • Sap Sipper
  • Soundproof (HA)
Wobbusage (Sound/Grass), Evo of Wobbuffet
  • Sap Sipper
  • Soundproof (HA)
Haxorus (Flying/Cyber)
  • Cloud Nine
  • Anti-Virus (HA)
Probopass (Light/Ice)
  • Weak Armor
  • Snow Warning (HA)

The Futumian Form of Probopass.

The Probopass of North Futumia have adapted to their new seaside environments negatively at first, but over time their bodies slowly turned to ice-like crystals, and they learned to freeze the water to survive their new environments.

Aromatisse (Rock/Psychic)
  • Sand Stream
  • Regenerator (HA)
Corsola (Light/Fire)
  • Star Shield
  • Solar Power (HA)
Tauros (Electric/Fire)
  • Intimidate
  • Reckless (HA)
Miltank (Electric/Water)
  • Pre-Charged
  • Vital Spirit (HA)
Walrein (Normal/Fighting)
  • Defiant
  • Sturdy (HA)
Bisharp (Fighting/Dark)
  • Aggressive
  • Untrustworthy (HA)
Aegislash (Gas/Water)
  • Stance Change (Only Ability)
Spiritomb (Ice/Normal)
  • Snow Warning
  • Levitate (HA)
Whismicott (Sound/Rock)
  • Sand Stream
  • Racket Starter (HA)
Maractus (Rock/Ice)
  • Solid Rock
  • Sturdy (HA)
Tyrantrum (Flying/Ground)
  • Strong Jaw
  • Guts (HA)
Aurorus (Ground/Fighting)
  • Sand Stream
  • Mold Breaker (HA)
Sawsbuck (Gas/Normal)
  • Haze-Up
  • Horn Guard (HA)
Trevenant (Fire/Poison)
  • Burning Passion
  • Earth Hijacker (HA)
Whiscash (Fighting/Water)
  • Simple
  • Justified (HA)
Florges (Poison/Cyber)
  • Corrosion
  • Anti-Virus (HA)
Prehistegg (Electric/Bug)
  • Competitive
  • Intimidate (HA)
Fiestus (Rock/Ice), Evo of Maractus
  • Solid Rock
  • Sturdy (HA)
Mindimor (Fighting/Bug)
  • Brutal Force
  • Air-Stopper (HA)
Stenchxic (Fighting/Fairy)
  • Pixilate
  • Adaptability (HA)
Magnetula (Dark/Ghost), Evo of Galvantula
  • Night Invoker
  • Pressure (HA)
Oveplus (Fairy/Gas), Evo of Plusle
  • Hazy Body
  • Sharp Shooter (HA)
Undeminus (Fairy/Ground), Evo of Minun
  • Prankster
  • Huge Power (HA)
Equalance (Fairy/Cyber), Evo of Equatom
  • Fluffy
  • Forcefield (HA)
Rebelark (Cyber/Gas)
  • Maniac
  • Cyber Presence (HA)
Busrtone (Dragon/Poison)
  • Flame Boost
  • Own Tempo (HA)
Dakuliztan (Electric/Dark), Evo of Darmanitan
  • Iron Fist
  • Guts
  • Zen Mode 2 (HA)

Ironeo Regional Form

As it obviously take place in Ironeo, any Pokémon introduced in Generation EX will not have their own Regional Form in this one.

Ironeon Pokémon Abilities Base Stats (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe/Total) Pokedex Entries (One Version)
Furfrou (Sound/Light)
  • Thick Fur (Only Ability)
Vivillion (Fighting/Normal)
  • Inner Focus
  • Quick Feet (HA)
Beedrill (Grass/Dark)
  • Pressure
  • Levitate (HA)
  • Defiant (Mega)
Claydol (Rock/Ground)
  • Solid Rock
  • Sand Stream
  • Dry Skin (HA)
Talonflame (Fighting/Water)
  • Shift Swim
  • Speed Boost (HA)
Stoutland (Water/Normal)
  • Unnerve
  • Tough Claws (HA)
Aurorus (Gas/Fire)
  • Drought
  • White Smoke (HA)
Metagross (Light/Fairy)
  • Competitive
  • Magic Bounce (HA)
  • Natural Cure (Mega)
Gengar (Rock/Ice)
  • Cursed Body
  • Snow Warning (Mega)
Spinda (Sound/Psychic)
  • Soundproof
  • Infiltrator (HA)
  • Magic Bounce (Neon)
Clefable (Gas/Poison)
  • Stench
  • Super Luck (HA)
Diggersby (Dragon/Psychic)
  • Huge Power
  • Telepathy (HA)
Crawdaunt (Fairy/Fire)
  • Flame Body
  • Tinted Lens (HA)
Raichu (Electric/Dragon)
  • Draco Resistance
  • Battery (HA)
  • Giant Size (NA)
Liepard (Ground/Normal)
  • Scrappy
  • Intimidate (HA)
Dewgong (Cyber/Poison)
  • Cyber Presence
  • Serene Grace (HA)
Gogoat (Steel/Grass)
  • Grass Pelt
  • Durable (HA)
Crobat (Flying/Sound)
  • Could Nine
  • Aerilate (HA)
Arcanine (Dragon/Fire)
  • Intimidate
  • Speed Boost (HA)
Exploud (Ghost/Dragon)
  • Scare Start
  • Intimidate (HA)
Alomomola (Bug/Dark)
  • Contrary
  • Technician (HA)
Linoone (Ghost/Rock)
  • Stakeout
  • Tough Claws (HA)
Ursaring (Electric/Dragon)
  • Strong Jaw
  • Moxie (HA)
Scolipede (Flying/Dragon)
  • Aerilate
  • Technician (HA)
Drapion (Rock/Cyber)
  • Stamina
  • Dazzling (HA)
Walrein (Fairy/Dark)
  • Fairy Aura
  • Dark Aura
  • Misty Beginning (HA)
Absol (Bug/Gas)
  • Hard Striker
  • Hazy Body (HA)
Barbaracle (Poison/Ghost)
  • Giant Size
  • Acid Poison (HA)
Muk (Light/Fire)
  • Drought
  • Bright Start (HA)
Gastrodon (Rock/Light)
  • Solid Rock
  • Star Shield (HA)
Forretress (Dark/Steel)
  • Sturdy
  • Filter (HA)
Ambipom (Cyber/Psychic)
  • Skill Link
  • Magic Guard (HA)
Ferrothorn (Fighting/Gas)
  • Brutal Force
  • Anticipation (HA)
Florges (Water/Ghost)
  • Water Compaction
  • Friend Guard (HA)
Haxorus (Rock/Fire)
  • Rock Head
  • Reckless (HA)
Dusknoir (Gas/Cyber)
  • Anti-Virus
  • Trick Realm (HA)
  • Sharp Shooter (Neon)
Dodrio (Dark/Ground)
  • Intimidate
  • Maniac
  • Scare Start (HA)
Volcarona (Ghost/Psychic)
  • Hard Striker
  • Mold Breaker (HA)

Ampharos (Dark/Gas)

(Mega: Dark/Dragon)

  • Contrary
  • Hazy-Body (HA)
  • Draco Resistance (Mega)



  • Unlike their original counterpart, the Futumian Fully Evolved Starters all and each have a Base Stat Total of 545. Futumian Swampert was originally the only one who have this BST while the rest will have 535, but the latter group will later gain this BST in the final product to avoid bias on Swampert.
  • So far, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are the first and only Legendary Pokémon (and eventually Legendary group) to have their own Regional form so far.
    • In a similar vain, Meloetta and Hoopa are the only Mythical Pokémon to have their own Regional form so far.

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