This page displays all the regions have to offer in terms of Towns, Dungeons and Landmarks.


Name Borders: Landmark(s) Story
Sulfur Town
  • Granite Pass
  • Player's House
  • Rival's House
  • Pokémon Research Lab
Sulfur Town is where the Pokémon League formerly stood; after the League moved toward the more central locale of Tohjo Falls, this town was founded within a very brief span of time. This is where the adventure in Prism all starts, and is where you get two starters: one from Professor Elm (Johto Starters) and one from Professor Oak (Kanto Starters).
Pewter City
  • Granite Pass
  • Route 2
  • Pewter Science Museum
  • Pewter Gym
This time, Pewter is the first town with a Gym in it, having a Rock-type Gym with former youngster Joey leading it. If you're not ready for a bout with battling rocks, you can always take a tour of the Pewter Science Museum, where many rare fossils are on display (out back are a group of researchers studying newly resurrected fossil Pokémon, but that's a different story).
Cerulean City
  • Route 4
  • Route 5
  • Route 9
  • Route 24
  • Cerulean Gym
  • Cerulean Bike Shop
  • Cerulean Cave (After getting the Kanto Badges)

Cerulean City is actually much more of a water city in this game, seeing as how the river now flows right through the heart of town. Not up for a swim at the moment? You could always challenge Cerulean Leader Lily and her Water-type team. Or maybe buy a Bike to ride around on?

That cave to the north of the city seems to have a strange feeling emanating from it, though... oh well, it's probably nothing.

Lavender Town
  • Route 8
  • Route 10
  • Route 12
  • Kanto Radio Tower
  • House of Memories

Lavender Town was such a peaceful town in the Kanto region, with the House of Memories serving as a place to honor the lost souls of the departed Pokemon, as well as the Kanto Radio Tower allowing various radio shows to broadcast from Johto to Kanto and vice versa.

Sadly, this massive monument has attracted the attention of the newly resurrected Team Rocket, who have sieged the tower in hopes of profit. You'll have to drive them away to proceed throughout the region.

Vermilion City
  • Route 6
  • Route 11
Celadon City
  • Route 7
  • Route 16
Fuchsia City
  • Route 15
  • Route 18
  • Route 19
Saffron City
  • Route 5
  • Route 8
  • Route 6
  • Route 7
Cinnabar Island
  • Route 20
  • Route 21
  • Route 49
Pallet Town
  • Route 21
  • Route 1
Viridian City
  • Route 1
  • Route 2
  • Route 22
Cerise Island
  • Route 49
  • Route 50
Name Borders Wild Pokémon Summary
Granite Path
  • Sulfur Town
  • Pewter City
  • Tall Grass
    • Oddish (Common)
    • Geodude (Common)
    • Rhyhorn (Uncommon)
    • Heracross (Rare)
    • Graveler (Rare)
While not necessarily a dungeon per se, this particularly long pass is the only thing connecting Sulfur Town to Pewter City. If you look hard enough, you might just find a Heracross.
Viridian Forest
  • Route 2
  • Tall Grass
    • Caterpie (Common)
    • Weedle (Common)
    • Metapod (Common)
    • Kakuna (Common)
    • Pidgeotto (Uncommon)
    • Pikachu (Uncommon)
  • Really Tall Grass (Accessible via Cut)
    • Heracross (Rare)
    • Pinsir (Rare)
Viridian Forest is actually much less complicated to walk through in Prism; Bug Catchers seek some battles in this mazelike forest, so you can get some free Exp.; look hard enough within the very tall grass and Pinsir might jump you.
Mt. Moon
  • Route 3
  • Route 4
  • Floor 1
    • Zubat (Common)
    • Geodude (Common)
    • Clefairy (Rare)
  • Floor 2
    • Zubat (Common)
    • Geodude (Common)
    • Paras (Uncommon)
    • Clefairy (Rare)
  • Basement 1
    • Zubat (Common)
    • Geodude (Common)
    • Paras (Uncommon)
    • Clefairy (Rare)
Rock Tunnel
Seafoam Islands
Cerulean Cave
Tohjo Falls
Victory Road


Name Borders: Landmark(s) Story
New Bark Town
Violet City
Azalea Town
Goldenrod City
Ecruteak City
Olivine City
Cianwood City
Mahogany Town
Blackthorn City

The Sevii Islands

Island Dungeons Landmarks Summary
Knot Island
One Island
  • Mt. Ember
  • Kindle Road
  • Treasure Beach
  • Light Castle
The first of the Sevii Islands, Knot Island is known for the massive Volcano to the north, Mt. Ember, as well as the hot springs to the south of it; here is also the first of the Sevii League challenges, the Light Castle. The leader here is none other than N, the king of the new Light type.
Boon Island
Two Island
  • Cape Brink
  • Monster Zoo
The second island is the refuge for Ultima, the first of the many move tutors throughout the islands, who will more than happily teach you the ultimate move for your starter Pokemon (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon; all the Grass/Fire/Water-type version of Hyper Beam) as much as you wish; the second Sevii League challenge awaits you here as well: this time, you must confront the slight-Pokemaniac Steve, who wields primarily the new Monster-type.
Kin Island
Three Island
  • Berry Forest
  • Bond Bridge
  • Cyber Lab
The third island is remembered as the place to get the exotic berries you could use for special battle techniques, since nearly all the different berry types can be found in Berry Forest; aside from the more natural side, the third Sevii League challenge is found here: the Cyber Lab, run by the fossil and tech geek Miguel, who specializes in the Cyber type.
Floe Island
Four Island
  • Icefall Cave
  • Cosmic Observatory
The fourth island is where former Elite Four member and current Mahogany Gym Leader Lorelei used to live, but now is primarily known for the Icefall Cave, one of the only places to find a wild Lapras; the fourth Sevii League challenge, the Cosmic Observatory, stands here as well; Starla, the master of the Cosmic type, awaits any challengers.
Chrono Island
Five Island
  • Lost Cave
  • Memorial Pillar
  • Shadow Den
  • Resort Gorgeous
Chrono Island is the fifth island in the Sevii Islands and one of the more expansive in the chain; home to the confusing Lost Cave, the amazing Resort Gorgeous and the Memorial Pillar for Tectonix the Onix (he actually plays a part much, much earlier in the game), this island was the only place in the chain to feel the terror of Team Rocket. Where the old warehouse stood is now home to the Shadow Den, where the Dark type Elite Four user Karen once trained, and where the Darkness Master Mark raises his own Dark-types.
Fortune Island
Six Island
  • Dotted Hole
  • Pattern Bush
  • Artisan Cavern
  • Echo Chamber
While Fortune Island doesn't have the bountiful rewards that Knot Island's Treasure Beach holds, it is home to the Pattern Bush (where Heracross have their nests), the Artisan Cavern (where a unique Smeargle paints and waits for a challenger) and the Dotted Hole, where tons of valuable treasures are rumored to be hidden (even Pokemon are looking for it, considering a Sableye is investigating the walls on the lowest leve). The Echo Chamber, where Sound-type user Boomer trains, is open to all challengers.
Quest Island
Seven Island
  • Tanoby Ruins (Tanoby Chambers)
  • Breezy Tower
Drift Island
Eight Island
  • Navel Rock
  • Fairy Daycare
Name Borders Wild Pokémon Summary
Mt. Ember
Berry Forest
Icefall Cavern
Lost Cave
Pattern Bush
Artisan Cavern
Dotted Hole
Tanoby Ruins


Number What It Borders Wild Pokémon Summary
Route 1
  • Pallet Town (South)
  • Viridian City (North)
  • Tall Grass
    • Raticate (Common)
    • Houndour (Common)
Everyone remembers this quaint little road. This short little route is the classic road from Pallet Town to Viridian City. In older games, you would only find Pidgey and Rattata; nowadays, Raticates and Houndours roam this country road.
Route 2
  • Viridian City (South)
  • Diglett's Cave (East, Cave Entrance)
  • Pewter City (North)
  • Tall Grass
    • Nidoran♂ (Common)
    • Nidoran♀ (Common)
    • Pidgeotto (Uncommon)
This Route seems pretty long, huh? Not true; this route would be relatively short, had Viridian Forest not sliced it in half; you will find the entrance to Diglett's Cave, but with the gigantic Snorlax in the way, you're probably not going to get in there too soon in the game.
Route 3
Route 4
Route 5
Route 6
Route 7
Route 8
Route 9
Route 10
Route 11
Route 12
Route 13
Route 14
Route 15
Route 16
Route 17
Route 18
Route 19
Route 20
Route 21
Route 22
Route 23
Route 24
Route 25
Route 26
Route 27
Route 28
Route 29
Route 30
Route 31
Route 32
Route 33
Route 34
Route 35
Route 36
Route 37
Route 38
Route 39
Route 40
Route 41
Route 42
Route 43
Route 44
Route 45
Route 46
Route 47
Route 48
Route 49
Route 50

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