Pokemon Prime and Nadir are a pair of Pokemon games in the 7th generation. The games are being developed for the 4DS (tentative title) by TE Studios and GameFreak. It is the first time a main series Pokemon game will be developed with another company apart from GameFreak. They take place in a currently unnamed region that is inspired by both Australia and New Zealand.


The game opens with an animation of a Steelix feeding her baby Pebblix, then a mysterious Fire-type Pokemon burns there den down and the cinematic animation ends.

The player wakes up and goes downstairs to get ready, after doing so she goes outside and is meeted by his/her friends, Henry who is a boy who likes to take risks but always has deep thoughts and thinks about others! And Arianne a girl who can be selfish at times but is super kind deep down however she does get bored very easily. Henry tells you that Professor Spruce wants them to complete the pokedex and bond with Pokemon by battling! You then get to choose a starter Pokemon, Cokiwi, Charala and Newtubble are the 3 options. Once you've chosen one Henry goes next but is pushed away by Arianne and picks the Pokemon super-effective against your type, Henry then says "its ok, I wanted <starter Pokemon> anyway!". 

On your journey you will meet a girl called Minette who is studying Steel-type Pokemon and there trainers. She believes that since some Steel-type Pokemon are extremely kind and loyal unlike most which are hardy and aggressive there is something mysterious going on with the metals inside their bodies and it has something to do with Mega Evolution! Even though she is confident to explore more of the world's caves she had a bad accident when she was younger resulting in her left leg being permanently paralyzed, however she is making the most of what she can do.

After winning your 4th Gym Badge an earthquake starts as depending on what version your playing the legendary Pokemon, Primaltop or Nadileast appear because depending on what version your playing an evil team called Team Nova (Prime) want to make Primaltop less powerful or Team Stellar (Nadir) want to make Nadileast more powerful. Once you defeat them and catch the legendary Pokemon they tell you there going to win next time.

When you reach the 6th gym it's closed. But then an old man comes up to you and tells you that they are away and that there daughter has probably just opened the doors. You then find out that the gym leader is none other than Minette. Once you beat her shes tells you that she will continue looking for evidence for her theories when her parents return home.

More TBA

Pokemon League

Gym Leaders

Picture Name Type and Badge Info Pokemon
TBA Sage Grass-Gourd Badge TBA TBA
TBA Shanae Dark-Nightmare Badge TBA TBA
TBA Deacon Ghost-Coffin Badge TBA TBA
TBA Sonia Poison-Sting Badge TBA TBA
TBA Brad Fighting-Melee Badge TBA TBA
TBA Minette Steel-Magnet Badge TBA TBA
TBA Chloe Fire/Ice-Melt Badge TBA TBA
TBA Hector Bug-Web Badge TBA TBA

Elite 4

Picture Name Type Info Pokemon
TBA Heather Flying TBA TBA
TBA Aston Rock TBA TBA
TBA Electra Electric TBA TBA
TBA Sebastian Normal TBA TBA

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