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Pokémon Predator & Prey
Developer(s) Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) PC, Wii U, 3DS, 2Ds
Genre(s) 2D Top-Down, Action, RPG
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Media Included Direct download

Pokémon Predator and Prey is a fan game set in the Pokémon universe created in conjuncture between Nintendo, Game Freak Inc and Lunatic Entertainment. Unlike most other Pokémon games, these games follows a darker, though not necessarily gritty, storyline. Several new and unique features are introduced in these two games.

Unique features

New to the game is that the games follow 2 non-conflicting related storylines, with each game following a similar path of two individuals attempting to accomplish the same overall goals. This allows a player who plays one game to more readily be willing to access the other to fully tell the complete storyline.

The game also introduces a new nation, which currently remains unnamed. In this region the usage of Pokémon is more controversial than in other locations, and protesters can be seen picketing here and there, primarily in major cities. The region also allows Pokémon to follow their natural dietary instincts, and having one's Pokémon eat wild Pokémon is neither illegal nor uncommon. If the player's Pokémon is battling against the correct type of Pokémon (not necessarily battle types but more specific such as types of insects or plants) than they have an option once the opponent has been weakened to eat the opponent (for predator Pokémon) or kill their predator (for prey Pokémon). Doing so will give the Pokémon stat increases, or in the case of predators will recover health. Instead, prey killing their foe won't increase health but they can instead graze in grass and tall grass. Canonical Pokémon who have had descriptions indicating their meal preferences will remain true to these revelations.

The two games also feature different starters, with Predator featuring three predator Pokémon starters, and Prey featuring three prey starters.

List of Pokémon

Pokédex No. Sprite / Pokémon Diet Type(s)
000 Missingno. N/A FlyingNormal
001 Ermatch Predator Fire
002 Weselerant Predator Fire
003 Warvosene Predator FireIce
004 Ignetel Prey Fire
005 Flareweed Prey Fire
006 Putchking Prey FireGrass
007 Pankit Predator Water
008 Platterkat Predator Water
009 Pummelion Predator WaterFire
010 Prey Water
011 Prey Water
012 Prey WaterBug
013 Predator Grass
014 Predator Grass
015 Predator GrassWater
016 Prey Grass
017 Prey Grass
018 Prey GrassElectric
019 Kokana Prey Bug
020 Kasanagi Prey Bug
021 Kasanight Prey BugFighting

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