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Name Description Type Evolution Number
Needoh Needoh usually come in pairs, and are said to be one of the most loyal pokemon you could ever find. Grass/Normal Evolves into Bladeer (Lvl. 18) #001
Bladeer Bladeers where said long ago to carry warriors across any terrain. They are described as trusty and sturdy, as well as loyal to their pack. Grass/Normal Evolves into Budbuck (Lvl. 32) #002
Budbuck Budbucks have large and strong antlers. With enough force, a Budbuck's antlers can peirce an iron truck, and launch an indian elephant 1,000 feet in the air. Grass/Fighting N/A #003
Ferafire Ferafire, known as the tykes of all tykes, these creatures are described as natural born leaders. Fire/Normal Evolves into Flairce (Lvl. 16) #004
Flairce Flairce have large fire radiating form them at all is said if you touch it for too long, you will be instantly enveloped in flames. Fire/Normal Evolves in Inferocious (Lvl. 26) #005
Inferocious Inferocious have flames so hot, bites are said to envelop flames around the person bitten. They can burn down an entire praire with just a sneeze. Fire/Rock N/A #006
Monseal Tidal waves can be caused by this little pokemon without it even realizing it. Water/Normal Evolves into Seaseal (Lvl. 18) #007
Seaseal The moon is said to be associated with this pokemon, as it can change the moon's gravitational pull, causing tides to shift. Water/Normal Evolves into Upsurga (Lvl. 32) #008
Upsurga Said to be rulers of the ocean, Upsurga can knock large boats out of the water with a tail whip. Water/Steel N/A #009
Snoul Snoul burrow in the ground to avoid the steps of trainers, strangely accurately for being blind. Normal/Ground Evolves into Snoar (Lvl. 9) #010
Snoar This lazy pokemon usually burrows deep in the ground, feeding off of dropped scraps by trainers. Fighting/Ground N/A #011
Centipillar These worm-like pokemon are said to a bizzare mix-up of genes. Bug Evolves into Cocosso (Lvl. 7) #012
Cocosso These cocoons hold a blossoming Centipillar, their thick coat helps protect them from their lack of battling skill. Bug Evolves into Butterlett (F) (Lvl. 12) / Evolves into Butterling (M) (Lvl. 12) #013
Butterlett (F) It is said that a Butterlett's song can make a flower grow for a lifetime. Fairy/Flying N/A #014
Butterling (M) Butterlings are sometimes described as the warriors of the insects, as it challenges any predators looking to eat any of the smaller bug pokemon. Bug/Flying N/A #015
Dirburr Dirburr are isolated, and seen as hording food. Some say they keep up to 100 pounds of stored food in their dens. Ground Evolves into Dirburrow (Lvl. 20) #016
Dirburrow It is said that these are the leading cause of earthquakes. However, only of small ones... Ground N/A #017
Shadoh The dark deer, said to live deep in the forest, luring small pokemon for its food. Dark/Normal Evolves into Shadeer (Dusk Stone) #018
Shadeer A frightening pokemon, these pokemon like to knock down trees to disturb pokemon's nest, simply for the fun of it. Dark/Normal N/A #019
Frisho Storing up electricity in their cheeks over all times, Frishos can let it all out with a simple misguided sneeze. Electric N/A #020

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