Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon XA is a game by C.I.A. Station, Inc. featuring Squirtle, Shaymin, Shuckle, Pichu, and Palkia as the main Pokemon, but mostly Pichu, based on the results of the poll on COKEMAN11's user page. It is for the DSX and S.T.Y.L.U.S.



  • Pichu
  • Shuckle
  • Squirtle
  • Palkia
  • Shaymin


  • Dialga
  • Dusknoir
  • King Empoleon
  • Queen Manaphy
  • Mama Raichu


  • Dusknoir
  • Absol
  • Arcanine
  • Magmortar
  • Gallade
  • Rhyperior
  • Rhyperior EX
  • Regirock
  • Froslass
  • Regice
  • Metagross
  • Registeel
  • Wigglytuff
  • Dusknoir EX
  • Gallade EX
  • Magmortar EX
  • Wigglytuff, Absol, and Rhyperior
  • Dusknoir, Gallade and Magmortar
  • Regigigas
  • Dialga


Chapter One: Shadows in the Area

Pichu is going to Pokemon Square to buy some medicine for Mama Raichu. When he purchases it and is going home, there is an explosion and five Duskull and three Sableye come out of it and start attacking everyone. He fights them and goes home. The next day, six Duskull and a Dusclops plus five Sableye come out and Pichu fights these. The next day, Pichu is walking with Shuckle and they go to the park. There is an earthquake and then nothing happens. Later on there is another earthquake and still nothing. That evening when Pichu and Shuckle are about to go home, the biggest earthquake yet occurs and the ground splits. Out comes the first boss: Dusknoir.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Dusknoir
  • HP: 650
  • Defense: Good
  • Attacks:
  • Shadow Punch-20 Damage
  • Charge-15 Damage
  • Black Hole-35 Damage

Troubling fight for inexperienced players who didn't listen to the instructions at the beginning of the game. Shuckle's Rollout is good here, as Dusknoir is very slow. Pichu's Discharge is also good, but it only deals the small amount of 17 Damage due to it being an all-area attack.

Chapter Two: Forest Fires in Winter?

Three months after the first chapter, up in the sky, Shaymin is fighting off some Growlithe gone mad. He barely beats them. Then Shaymin looks down and sees that the True Blue Forest is on fire. It's winter, he wonders. A forest fire in winter?

Meanwhile, Pichu and Shuckle are playing Hide-and-seek. Shuckle smells smoke. He warns Pichu and they go to the palace to alert the King and Queen. At the palace, some Dark Pokemon are trying to take over the palace. Shuckle and Pichu fight the twenty Umbreon and move on. At the palace gate, when they think they've got it in the clear, a figure jumps off the balcony and starts fighting.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Absol
  • HP: 200
  • Defense: Excellent
  • Attacks:
  • Razor Wind-20 Damage
  • Take Down-19 Damage, 6 Recoil Damage to Absol
  • Dark Meteor-32 Damage, 27 Recoil Damage to Absol

Easy fight, not the main boss of the Chapter. Pichu's Quick Attack is the best bet here, as it does 25 Damage and is a target-seeking attack, and Absol is moving all the time unless it is attacking.

Pichu and Shuckle go into the palace. There, they talk with King Empoleon and Queen Manaphy. Pichu is asked to stay and guard the palace. Then, Shuckle receives a task: Escort the King to the Fire!

Task: Escort the King to the Fire!

Shuckle and King Empoleon arrive at the True Blue Forest. The forest fire rages. The duo go in when they come upon a wall of fire. Here, the idea of Partner Abilities is introduced into the game. King Empoleon puts out the walls of fire, and they all lead up to the source...Arcanine.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Arcanine
  • HP: 490
  • Defense: Poor
  • Attacks:
  • Flamethrower-40 Damage
  • Ember-30 Damage
  • Fire Blast-43 Damage
  • Blast Burn-50 Damage

Actually one of the hardest battles in the game. If it wasn't for Shuckle's Excellent defense status, the battle wouldn't last very long. Shuckle's Rollout does wonders here.


Chapter Three: Trouble in the Sky

Shaymin is recovering from the Growlithe battle when he notices that the forest fire is gone. He wonders how it could have gone, as he heads back to his sky fortress. At his sky fortress that night, he hears the gate burst open. Shaymin runs down to find the evolutions of Eevee trying to attack him. Shaymin fights them, then when it seems like they're all defeated, a figure takes Shaymin and leaves.

Shaymin wakes up, still in the sky, in a heated area. The closest spot on Earth to the sun, he thought. He walks farther, and sees the figure. "I have captured the sky warrior, my lord," says the kidnapper. "And he will be doing my dirty work."

Shaymin tries to run away, but is carried back by Umbreon and Espeon. The figure demands that Shaymin go and locate all the Staraptor in the sky and bring them to him. Bored, Shaymin accepts.

Task: Gather the Sky Pokemon!

Shaymin goes through the sky, gathering 17 Staraptor. Then, he stumbles upon an even hotter area then before. The Staraptor flee, and the game's fourth boss challenges him.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Magmortar
  • HP: 370
  • Defense: Fair
  • Attacks:
  • Fire Punch-29 Damage
  • Fire Tackle-40 Damage

Shaymin can use Flying attacks, which are nice here as all of them hit, and Magmortar is speedy. This boss introduces contact damage, where basically if you hit the boss, you lose 7 damage.


Chapter Four: Quick, Slick, Swordsmanship

In an entirely different dimension, Palkia is defending himself from Giratina's army. He fights off seventeen Dusclops and then Giratina retreats. Giratina leaves behind a message in a bottle. It said, "I am sending my warrior to attack your enemy. He will be reinforcements for you and-" Palkia stopped reading. A rip in the spatial flow opened and a Gallade stepped out.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Gallade
  • HP: 340
  • Defense: Great
  • Attacks:
  • Hyper Punch-99 Damage
  • Sword Strike-80 Damage
  • Double Rammer-44-64 Damage ×2
  • PSI Sniping-111-135 Damage ×7

Palkia does not have great speed, so dodging PSI sniping will be hard. Water Pulse is very useful here, as it will always hit and if it hits and attack, it will knock off 1/4 of the damage of the attack. Bubblebeam is also nice, as it scatters everywhere, but it always hits the target. Spacial Rend is also a good choice, but it goes in a straight line.

Chapter Five: Double Trouble with the Trio, Part 1

Looking through a crystal ball, Rhyperior sees the defeating of Gallade. "Hmph," Rhyperior grunted. "Clueless idiot. He never stood a chance being promoted to Admin. I never would've promoted him anyway, no matter what Regirock told me."

Squirtle was alone in a desert, hot and hungry. As he approached an oasis, he fainted. From the sky, this was seen by Shaymin. "Here we go again." Shaymin groaned. He teleported to Squirtle and revived him. Soon after, seven Rhydon attacked along with a Rhyperior.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Rhyperior + The Army
  • HP: Rhydon-120 Each, Rhyperior-310
  • Defense: All Fair
  • Attacks:
  • Rock Toss-99 Damage
  • Rock Hurl-102 Damage
  • Body Slam-120 Damage

This is a very frail Rhyperior you are facing, and plus you have two super-effective Pokemon. Do the math.

After the rock gang is down, Rhyperior gets up and fights again.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Rhyperior EX
  • HP: 770
  • Defense: Super
  • Attacks:
  • Boulder Slam-200 Damage
  • Full-Body Crush-600 Damage

This fight is unbeatable, as one attack will beat one Pokemon in one hit. When one teammate faints, the battle ends and Rhyperior goes power mad. A voice emerges from nowhere and Squirtle and Shaymin are spirited away. Palkia's domain is where they are now, and he demands that they tire out Rhyperior. They are sent back, but a new Pokemon is killing Rhyperior. Rhyperior's body turns into energy and goes into a capsule owned by the new Pokemon. The Pokemon turns around and attacks.

  • BOSS FIGHT: Regirock
  • HP: 210
  • Defense: Good
  • Attacks:
  • Focus Punch-100 Damage
  • Rock Slide-130 Damage
  • Rock Barrage-80 Damage x3
  • Regi-Eye Curse-180 Damage

Focus Punch is really the only threat, as it will his both teammates unless you attack. Judging by the type matchup here, Squirtle's Water Gun and Shaymin's Magical leaf combo will make almost quick work of Regirock. It will sustain to 1 HP and use Regi-Eye curse to defeat one of your Pokemon, then attack with more precision. Just attack at an opening.

More to come

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