Pokémon Pinball: X & Y is a third game of the Pokémon Pinball series and it is the sequel of Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire. The game is available for the Nintendo 3DS and works somewhat differently from previous installments.


The game works like a pinball machine, with some differences. The main objective of each table is to either defeat or capture a wild Pokémon on that table. To catch it, the player needs a Poké Ball. Before starting a match, the player chooses three Poké Ball (which is basically the pinball ball) which is bought on the shop after a match on a table, but the player starts with six basic Poké Ball. Each Pokémon has a special ability and a catch rate and a bonus for catching it. Example catching a Charmander will give you the Burner Ability, which can burn Pokémon on the screen and you gain a 1000+ points bonus after catching it.

Sometimes, players will meet with Boss Pokémon. They take up most of the table and usually have big health bars. The player has to use the caught Pokémon against him, all the Pokémon that the player got is thrown out on the battle, in the form of a Poké Ball. In order to damage the Boss, the player has to throw the Poké Ball at the boss, thus releasing the Pokémon from the Pokéball and attacking the boss. When the Boss is at low health, a random Poké Ball from the player's bag will be thrown at the table and the player has the chance to capture it.

The tables work like worlds and are somewhat similar to the levels in Pokémon Battle Trozei. The game also has a multiplayer, co-operative or competitive, there are two competitive modes, first one is Catch 'Em All, in which the player that gets more Pokémon before the time runs out is the winner and the second one is Trainer Battle, which works similarly to the Boss Battles, except the player is the one that sends out the boss and has to protect him and attack the player's opponent.


Tall Grass TableEdit

This table features Grass, Normal, Poison and Bug Pokémon.

Image Name Type Catch Rate Ability Rarity Bonus Points
N/A Bulbasaur
50% Sweet Scent Common. 1000+
N/A Caterpie
80% String Shot Common. 250+
N/A Weedle
80% Poison Sting Common. 250+
N/A Rattata
80% Quick Attack Common. 250+
N/A Ekans
25% Wrap Uncommon. 750+
N/A Nidoran♀
25% Bite Uncommon. 750+
N/A Nidoran♂
25% Poison Fang Uncommon. 750+
N/A Zubat
90% Leech Life Common. 100+
N/A Oddish
50% Sleep Power Common. 500+