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Pokémon Pinball: Diamond & Pearl is a pinball game for the Nintendo DS by Shroobz Inc. and Twenty-Second Choice, and is a sequel to Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire.


The gameplay from the previous games in the series didn't change much. One of the first notable changes is the way you see the Pinball Table. In previous games, because of Gameboy Color's and Gameboy Advance's small screen the camera followed the ball. Now, with Nintendo DS's large and dual screens, the table is seen fully at all times.

Another difference is the inclusion of Shiny Pokémon. In Pokémon Pinball: Diamound & Pearl it is possible to capture a shiny Pokémon, but the chances are slightly higher from the ones in the main games, being only 1 out of 5620.


The game in overall still have many 2D elements, like the Pokémon, and the Pokéball, but there is also a bunch of 3D elements, including the flippers and bumpers, much like the trees in the Generation IV games.


There is 5 tables in the game, different from the past games, where there were only two. They are:

Table How to Unlock
Diamond Available from the start.
Pearl Available from the start.
Platinum Unknown
HeartGold Obtain National Pokédex
SoulSilver Obtain National Pokédex


  • One of the reasons HeartGold and SoulSilver has tables is the fact that Generation II was the only generation without a Pinball game.

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