Pokémon Picture
No boxart yet
Wii U boxart
Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
Story, Picture gallery
Genre(s) Spin-off
Series Pokemon Snap
Predecessor None
Successor Pokemon Picture DX: Extra Film
Media Included Wii U disk, 3DS card
Pokemon Picture is a sequel to Pokemon Snap, a spin-off game for the N64, is a game being developed by Cyclone Games. It has quite a number of Pokemon and a Deluxe version is currently being planned, being named Pokemon Picture DX: Extra Film.


A great terror has awoken on Pokemon Island and Professor Hawthorn asks you, the player, to travel to the 12 areas on Pokemon Island, awake the Island guardians and, for scientific reasons, take pictures of the not just the Guardians but the Pokemon in the areas as well, so he can see Pokemon in their natural habitat.


Character custimisation

In this game, like Pokemon Battle Revolution, you can customize your character to look however you like. You can also pick to be male or female. There are over 135 different items to customize yourself with.


Of course, not every pokemon is in this game, but there are 200 in this game, not including Guardian or Hidden Pokemon. Here is a list.

Picture Name Pokedex No. Areas
001Bulbasaur Bulbasaur #001 Plains, Beach, Forest, River
002Ivysaur Ivysaur #002 Forest, River
003Venusaur Venasaur #003 Forest, River
004Charmander Charmander #004 Volcano, Cave, Valley
005Charmeleon Charmeleon #005 Volcano, Cave, Valley
006Charizard Charizard #006 Volcano, Cave, Valley
007Squirtle Squirtle #007 Beach, River, Cave
008Wartortle Wartortle #008 Beach, River, Cave, Ocean
009Blastoise Blastoise #009 Cave, Ocean
018Pidgeot Pidgeot #018 Plains, Valley, Palace


All the areas from the previous game, except the Rainbow area. Six new areas also appear, as well as the Final Area.


Description: A grassy, flat area that has a healthy amount of Pokemon.

Guardian: Shaymin


Description: A sandy area that has a large patch of water nearby.

Guardian: Kyogre


Description: An area filled with electrical Pokemon and equipment.

Guardian: Zapdos


Description:  A tree filled area making photography harder.

Guardian: Celebi


Description: A water filled area with a dense forest nearby.

Guardian: Latios (If boy)/Latias (If girl)


Description: A fiery area filled with fire pokemon.

Guardian: Moltres


Description: A perfect steel type with lots of machines.

Guardian: Genesect


Description: A dark area but is luckily lit up.

Guardian: Giratina


Description: A sandy area with a vast area,

Guardian: Groudon


Description: An area that goes down for a long time.

Guardian: Rayquaza


Description: An area where you can find lots of rare pokemon.

Guardian: Regigigas


Description: An underwater area near the beach.

Guardian: Lugia

Time/Space rift

Description: A mistake that never should have occured, this is where the troubles are starting.

Guardians: Diagla and Palkia

The Judgement

Description: An area where the most powerful Pokemon lives.

Guardian: Arceus

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