Pokémon Peace and Apocalypse is the seventh generation of Pokémon. It will feature roughly about 150 new Pokémon. There are two new types introduced in this title: Emotion and Cosmic. It also features a new evolution separate from the normal and mega evolutions called Hyper Evolution, which will occur when a Pokémon is low on health and gets hit by an attack that is super effective. There is also a third type of Pokémon (similar to shinies) called Static Pokémon. These Pokémon can enter the Television World. These Pokémon look similar to static signals.


Your journey starts in the Vendrissala region, where you strive to become the ultimate Pokémon trainer as usual. Team Destruction plots to send all the regions of the world into a pointless war and if they succeed they will rule it, thanks to the two lengendaries that rest in the Vendrissala: Emoniticaz and Comithic. In addition, a third problem arises; the flood.

The protagonists are sent out through a boat to see Professor Venus, who tells them about the two new types that have been discovered as well as Hyper Evolution. The boat heads into her lab, and allows the two of you to pick a pokemon a gym to tackle. The game is not linear, meaning that you can tackle any gym at any time.

After completing the first Gym, Team Infection appears, wanting to take the Pokemon and experiment with them to make the ultimate panacea. You and your rival battle them, defeating them. They go back into their medical cars, speeding away.


Similar to Pokémon X and Y, you can customize your protagonists however you like.

Picture Name Info
To be added Rayna The female protagonist of Peace and Apocalypse.
To be added Lex The male protagonist of Peace and Apocalypse.


Similar to Pokémon X and Y, you can customize your protagonists however you like.

Picture Name Pokedex Type Number
To be added Clunkbo A slow but powerful Pokémon despite it's small size. Some say it looks kind of like a mossy rock. Grass 001
To be added Clunkerbo Bigger and stronger now, Clunkerbo can fit a Pokémon into it's chest and hit them with the spikes inside. Grass/Steel 002
To be added Bunkerbo Bunkerbo is a large Pokémon, enough to fit several people inside. It compacts Pokémon inside. Grass/Steel 003
To be added Burinand ??? Fire 004
To be added Burnking ??? Fire/Cosmic 005
To be added Burningod ??? Fire/Cosmic 006
To be added Dripplet ??? Water 007
To be added Dripptini ??? Water/Emotion 008
To be added Soakaroar ??? Water/Emotion 009
To be added Psiroack ??? Rock/Psychic 010
To be added Tooli ??? Steel 011
To be added Yoshosh ??? Grass 012
To be added Broadwake A Pokémon that likes to pull dramatic performances and big musical numbers. It uses it's big eyes to light things around it in a spotlight manner. Fairy 013
To be added Boogoor A slimy green Pokémon that pokes it's head out of a trash can to attack. Very disgusting, but lovable at the same time. Ghost 014
To be added Galamcatus A giant Pokémon that feeds off asteroids. It once was a planet, but that all changed when it was given life through cosmic energy. Grass/Cosmic 015
To be added Forkthrift A steel Pokémon that can grab heavy objects with with it's two L-shaped arms. Steel/Ghost 016

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