Pokémon Party 2 is the second game of the Pokémon Party series, a spin-off of the Pokémon series.

It is for the Gamecube and was released November 21, 2003 in Japan, February 28th, 2004 in America and April 4th, 2004 in Europe and Australia.



Playable Characters

Picture Name Type Starting Moves Unlock
Menu Colo 025
Pikachu Electric Growl, ThunderShock -
Menu Colo 133
Eevee Normal Tackle, Tail Whip -
Menu Colo 175
Togepi Normal Metronome, Charm -
Menu Colo 001
Bulbasaur Grass/Poison Tackle, Growl -
Menu Colo 004
Charmander Fire Scratch, Growl -
Menu Colo 007
Squirtle Water Tackle, Tail Whip -
Menu Colo 152
Chikorita Grass Tackle, Growl -
Menu Colo 155
Cyndaquil Fire Tackle, Leer -
Menu Colo 158
Totodile Water Scratch, Leer -
Menu Colo 216
Teddiursa Normal Scratch, Leer Find All Mini-games
Menu Colo 183
Marill Water Tackle, Defense Curl Play on All Boards
Menu Colo 066
Machop Fighting Low Kick, Leer Complete the Technical Machine collection
Menu Colo 252
Treecko Grass Pound, Leer -
Menu Colo 255
Torchic Fire Scratch, Leer -
Menu Colo 258
Mudkip Water Tackle, Growl -
Menu Colo 296
Makuhita Fighting Tackle, Focus Energy Play all Bonus Mini-Games
Menu Colo 303
Mawile Steel Astonish, Fake Tears Reach the 100th Floor of the Mini-Game Tower
Menu Colo 304
Aron Steel/Rock Tackle, Harden Finish Solo Mode with all Default Characters


Picture Name Type Role
Menu Colo 190
Aipom Normal Main Host (Solo Mode, Party Mode, Item Shop)
Menu Colo 176
Togetic Normal/Flying Co-host (Solo Mode, Gambling Mini-Games, Mini-Game Tower)


Groudon and Kyogre are the only bosses who don't congratulate the player and give them medals upon defeat, because they aren't the player's friends. They are also the only bosses with only one Boss Mini-Game.

It is also possible to battle the bosses by purchasing Battle Arena in Item Shop.

Picture Name Type Moves Board TM
Menu Colo 289
Slaking Normal Facade, Faint Attack, Flail, Focus Punch Sloth Jungle Facade
Menu Colo 315
Roselia Grass/Poison Stun Spore, Magical Leaf, Ingrain, Leech Seed Flora Town Bullet Seed
Menu Colo 022
Fearow Normal/Flying Peck, Fury Attack, Pursuit, Steel Wing Windy Cloudway Steel Wing
Menu Colo 186
Politoed Water Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Surf, Swagger Waterlily Lake Water Pulse
Menu Colo 282
Gardevoir Psychic Psychic, Calm Mind, Teleport, Thunderbolt Psychic Shrine Calm Mind
Menu Colo 076
Golem Rock/Ground Magnitude, Rock Blast, Rollout, Earthquake Diamond Cave Earthquake
Menu Colo 185
Sudowoodo Rock Low Kick, Rock Slide, Protect, Slam Bushy Woods Protect
Menu Colo 275
Shiftry Grass/Dark Bullet Seed, Giga Drain, SolarBeam, Sunny Day Shift Station SolarBeam
Menu Colo 383
Groudon Ground Earthquake, Fissure, SolarBeam, Eruption - -
Menu Colo 382
Kyogre Water Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Water Spout, Waterfall - -

Groudon and Kyogre are fought together.



Boss Mini-Games


  • Coconut Brawl - Slaking uses Flail on the trees and drops coconuts. Below the tree is the player with a small trampoline which the player might use to kick the coconuts back at Slaking. It takes three hits to defeat Slaking.
  • Combination Mayhem - 16 buttons representing each type except normal are spread around in a circle. Slaking might use Focus Punch at you, which results in losing all the buttons pressed. The objective is to circle Slaking in any shape, and hit him with the types pressed. It takes three hits to defeat Slaking.
  • Jumpy Bridge - This mini-game takes place in a bridge which can cause you to jump. Some bombs fall from the sky, and throwing them to Slaking will cause it to back up, but it will come back, so try throwing the bombs quickly to throw him out of the bridge. You need to throw Slaking out of the bridge to defeat him.


  • Magical Island - This game takes place on a platform on the middle of a lake in Flora Town. Roselia is in the center and you are on the bottom edge. She starts by using Stun Spore slowly, and it is easy to avoid it. If you don't avoid it, she will hit you 4 times and take a lot of your HP. After that, she uses Magical Leaf in a spiral, so be careful to avoid it. Reach the center and hit Roselia by pressing B. The lower her HP, the faster she uses her moves and the harder they are to avoid. It takes five hits to defeat Roselia.
  • Bouquet Challenge - A strategy mini-game. Bellossom asks for a bouquet of flowers with 5 different flowers of different colours and shapes. Then, you go to Bayleef's flower shop and start building the bouquet. The one to do it faster wins. It takes five correct bouquets to win, but each time Bellossom asks for different and harder bouquets.
  • Object Shop - A game that takes place in a shop on Flora Town. Objects are spread all over the place, and if you throw them to Roselia, she loses a point - same for you, but both can regain points by eating food around. It takes five hits - if no healing is used - to defeat Roselia.


  • Danger Peckers - Fearow is flying around and you are on top of a cloud. You can move in the cloud, and try to avoid Fearow's Peck attacks. You can obtain Thunder badges, and press B to use them. If it hits Fearow, he will lose a Heart Point. It takes five hits to defeat Fearow, but it's not that easy - you need to have good target lock to hit Fearow with Thunder!
  • Nimbus Race - A race in the sky. You are riding a cloud and Fearow is flying. By obtaining orange arrows in the sky, you speed up. Bumping onto a Wingull causes you to slow down. The first one to reach the finish line wins, while the other falls away. You need to win the race to beat Fearow.
  • Sky Puzzle - You have a box floating in the sky and Fearow drops some blocks - grass, fire and water blocks - on it. You fall on top of these blocks, and Fearow keeps throwing blocks. You need to pick them up and throw them on top of similar blocks to form a row of 3 and form a energy ball of that element. Throw it at Fearow and he loses a point. Sometimes Fearow throws a Geodude, which destroys your blocks - Geodude can be picked up and thrown at Fearow, which causes him to lose 2 points. It takes five hits to defeat Fearow.


  • Lilyship Combat - This mini-game takes place on two water lilys on a lake. You are on a water lily, and Politoed is on the other water lily. He might jump on the Water Lily to create big waves that make your water lily shake. The only way to avoid this is jumping the wave and falling back on the water lily, otherwise, you'll lose a heart point. ~Incomplete~

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