Pokémon Party is a game for the Nintendo 64. It is a party game for the Pokémon series and plays similar to Mario Party.

It was released in 21 December 2001 in Japan, 4th February 2002 in North America and 30 March 2002 in Europe and Australia.


In the game's Solo Mode it is possible to play as one of the default Pokémon and participate in Aipom's parties.

The story begins in Aipom's Jungle, when he was bored, he decided to throw up a party game. So, he invited Pikachu to participate. Pikachu accepted and then went to invite all other of his friends.

Aipom reunited everyone and said, "Who will be the winner of the Master Ball Trophy?" showing the trophy to the cast. He then says to the player that he/she needs to win at all the board games and win the Poké Ball, Great Ball, Moon Ball, Love Ball, Heavy Ball and Ultra Ball trophies to claim the Master Ball Trophy.

The Moon Ball, Love Ball and Heavy Ball are given by the unlockable characters Teddiursa, Marill and Machop, respectively. One of the four CPU players in these boards will be them.

After the player passes all the boards and wins all the trophies however, Mewtwo appears and says that, to win the Master Ball Trophy, the player must beat it in a special mini-game. If the player beats Mewtwo, it will give the Master Ball Trophy and the player is the Pokémon Party champion.

At the end of the game, Aipom says "Come over here!" and walks with the player to the top of the Golden Tower. Fireworks with the player's Pokémon's face show up in the sky and the credits roll.


The game plays similar to Mario Party, but with some tweaks to make it Pokémon-like.

They have to run around a board and collect Coins. If they reach the end/center of the board they will be able to battle the board's main character to obtain a Medal.

In the end, the player with the most Coins wins - a count starts with the coins, and later turns the Medals into 100 coins to add to the count.

Around the board there are various spaces, which can be landed on by rolling a dice from 1 to 6. The Ether item will increase the roll to 1-10 and the Elixir will increase it to 1-20.

  • If the player lands on a blank Green space, nothing happens.
  • If the player lands on a Green space with a + on it, they will get 5 coins.
  • If the player lands on a Green space with a - on it, they will lose 5 coins.
  • If the player lands on a Gold space with a + on it they will get 10 coins.
  • If the player lands on a Gray space with a - on it they will lose 10 coins.
  • If the player lands on an Aipom space, they will activate a special mini-game.
  • If the player lands on a Mew space, they will activate a lucky mini-game.
  • If the player lands on a Slowpoke space, they will activate an unlucky mini-game.
  • If the player lands on a Battle space, they can choose to battle another player for their coins.
  • If the player lands on a space with a star, Aipom appears to give the player either 100, 200 or 500 coins. These spaces are rare and there is only one on each board.
  • If the player lands on a ! Space something on the board will happen based on where it happens.


Playable Characters

Purchasable characters can't be selected in Story Mode.

Picture Pokémon Battle Attacks Unlock Method Voiced by
Pikachu Thunderbolt, Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack - Ikue Ohtani 

Bite, Shadow Ball, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

- Mika Kanai
Togepi Double-Edge, Charm, Psychic, Metronome - Satomi Korogi 
Bulbasaur Vine Whip, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain -

Tara Jayne

Charmander Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Flamethrower, SmokeScreen - Michael Haigney
Squirtle Rain Dance, Skull Bash, Withdraw, Water Gun - Eric Stuart
Chikorita Body Slam, Reflect, Solar Beam, Razor Leaf - Mika Kanai
Cyndaquil Sunny Day, SmokeScreen, Flame Wheel, Swift - Kayzie Rogers
Totodile Scary Face, Bite, Hydro Pump, Screech - Kayzie Rogers
Teddiursa Lick, Faint Attack, Leer, Thrash Purchase in PokéMart Lisa Ortiz
Marill Tail Whip, Rain Dance, BubbleBeam, Rollout Purchase in PokéMart Kayzie Rogers
Machop Low Kick, Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Scary Face Purchase in PokéMart Wayne Grayson

Non-Playable Characters

Picture Character Role Voiced by
Aipom Main Host Miyako Ito
Furret Sub-host in Furret Forest Megumi Hayashibara
Electabuzz Sub-host in Jolt Garage Kenta Miyake
Umbreon Sub-host in Lunar Mountain Kayzie Rogers
Jynx Sub-host in Lovely Pink Palace Rachael Lillis
Delibird Sub-host in Christmas Toy Factory Katsuyuki Konishi
Weezing Sub-host in Toxic Sewers Eric Stuart

Final Boss

Dan Green


  • Furret Forest - A green forest ruled by Furret. Lots of Sentret live here, notably a group composed of four Sentret who are trying to search for a Cubone who is sad for losing his mother. Another side-quest in this board is to gather 20 Berries and give them to a hungry Raticate, who in trade will give the player a medal. The main quest is to bring peace to the forest which is being attacked by a Machamp. Furret is located on the middle, big tree of the forest to give the player a medal.
  • Jolt Garage - A very mazy garage, in which Electabuzz is trying to fix a car. A side-quest is to talk to every Pichu in the garage to gather different pieces, and give them to Raichu on one of the garage's rooms to make a medal. Another side-quest is to talk to Elekid, Electabuzz's apprentice, who built a racing course around the garage. The player must do 3 laps on this course and depending on their performance they may get a different amount of coins. The main quest is to get Elekid and Electabuzz to fix Magmar's car. After you get to Electabuzz's car room, you get sent to the start because he is short-tempered.
  • Lunar Mountain - A dark, cold mountain set in nighttime. Espeon lives in a house near the bottom of the mountain. Her side-quest is to talk to her friend, Alakazam, who lives in a house near the summit, get a Secret Potion from him, and then bring it back to her. Another side-quest is to help Clefairy with her spell. If done correctly, lots of Cleffa will appear and give the player a medal. The main quest is to remove the dark clouds from the sky and reveal the full moon. Umbreon is at the summit to give the player a medal, and once you get to the top, you go back down by the same path. There are, however, multiple paths in the way that lead to the same place.
  • Lovely Pink Palace - The biggest board in the game. A large palace with a bridge on the entrance. Mr. Mime is the cook, and he gives you a plate with food for you to deliver in the dining room. Being defeated in battle makes the food fall off the plate. If not delivered to the correct costumer, he/she will be confused and nothing will happen. If delivered to the correct costumer, go back to Mr. Mime to obtain a medal. This is the only side-quest. The main quest is to save Queen Jynx's daughter Princess Smoochum from Gengar. Jynx is in the throne room to give the player a medal, and when you get there, she takes a walk with you to the exit of the palace, so this is a one-way board with many rooms.
  • Christmas Toy Factory - A large Toy Factory run by Delibird and his fellow bird workers, Spearow, Hoothoot and Pidgey. A Seel lives on an icy pond in the backyards of the factory, claiming that he wants something. You can talk to the workers Pidgey, Spearow and Hoothoot to get the toy Seel wants, but only one has the toy he actually asked for! In return he gives a medal. Another side-quest is to build a toy. A Hoothoot might be confused and ask the player to try build the toy for him. It's tricky and requires good hand control. The main quest is to get Delibird's Flying Machine working to deliver the toys to all the children. Delibird is in the boss's room directing his work. He gives the player a medal and opens the backyards door, turning this into a closed board.
  • Toxic Sewers - A sewers board. In many parts of the board, there are stairs to go up onto a construction street. The space to move up there is limited and most of the board is on the sewers. Golbat appears on the sewers and says his friend Shuckle is stuck on a barrel running on the sewers' trash river. If the player finds Shuckle, they automatically stop and are allowed to jump onto the barrel, fetch Shuckle, and jump back on the surface. Then, they take Shuckle with them and show him to Golbat. Also, on the construction street, a Zubat claims that his sunglasses fell on the sewers. The player must get them and give him back. Both of them give a medal when completed. The main quest is to clean a mysteryous, goopy toxic product from the sewers. Weezing is on a platform in the center of a goop pool. The player can only go there by fetching 6 metal boxes and building a bridge with them. After getting to him once, the bridge's boxes submerge and the player has to build another one.
  • Banana Jungle - A bonus board unlocked for completing Story Mode. It's small, short and has no side-quests. Aipom mentions he made it for fun. Lots of Pokémon appear giving out bananas. By bringing Aipom bananas he might give medals. Each 10 bananas is a medal. Remaining bananas stay in the player's count.


Story Tunnel - A tunnel that goes out of the city to Aipom's Place where the Story Mode is held.

Party House - A house with purple roof. Players can play their own parties either alone or with friends here.

Garden - A garden where the player can play mini-games as they like. Igglybuff and Tyrogue are visible from the Overworld Map.

PokéCenter - Used to connect with GameBoy games to obtain exclusive Pokémon (Pokémon with exclusive moves, Shiny Pokémon, or Celebi) on Gold, Silver or Crystal. Also to save progress of your game (if Auto Save is disabled) and change options.

PokéMart - Buy extra content. The player needs coins to purchase these items. The song that plays on the shop is a remix of Game Corner from Gold, Silver and Crystal.



  • Pikachu's evolutionary line is the only 3-stage evolutionary line to have all its members shown at the same time on the screen (if the player is playing as Pikachu and completed Raichu's side-quest in Jolt Garage)
  • Chikorita is the only starter Pokémon in the game to have its evolved form as unplayable character. Bayleef appears as a costumer in Lovely Pink Palace.
  • Lovely Pink Palace is the only board which has got less than 2 side-quests, if you don't count Banana Jungle having none.
  • Togetic takes a minor role in this game, appearing only when holding the "Start" and "Finish" signs before and after a mini-game. In the sequel, he takes the role of a co-host.

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