This article features a list of every Pokémon featured in Pokémon Paradise, sorted by level.

Italic names indicate that a Pokemon only appears in certain situations, or it must evolve from another Pokemon.


Pokémon Description Unlock
Squirtle Squirtle live near the shoreline. They retract into their shells if you get to close. Default
Wartortle These rare Pokemon will quickly swim away, so be prepared to take a picture fast. Nudge a Squirtle Shell
Blastoise This large Pokemon roars if awoken, then falls back to sleep. Build a body of water by the finish, and take a picture of a Wortortle during the course.
Krabby Krabby live in rocky areas of the beach. They are usually found in small groups of three or so. Default
Kingler These large Pokemon don't mind your presence at all, but will get defensive if you get close to others of its kind. Separate a Krabby from its group while it's near a flock of Wingull.
Magikarp These weak fish swim in the water. They jump out if you take a picture of them. Default
Gyarados These rare Pokemon will roar at you, providing a great photo opportunity. However, the flash scares them away. Take five pictures of a single Magikarp
Wingull These birds fly around the stage. They stay in small groups of around four. They will attack a Krabby if it gets separated from it's group. Default
Mudkip Mudkip live near or in the water. They are sometimes found on Lotad's heads. Take a picture of a Wartortle
Lotad Lotad usually float on the surface of the water, with Mudkip on top of them. They lift their heads when nothing is on their leaf. Place a Mudkip on the stage.
Hippopotas This rare Pokemon can be found on the beach during the night. They blend in with the sand, so it's hard to tell where they are. Include a beach into the level.


Pokémon Description Unlock