Pokémon Paradise is a game that will be released on the Wii. It is developed be Max2 Dev Corp Inc, Twenty-Second Choice, and Shroobz Inc. It plays similar to Viva Piñata and Pokémon Snap, and is a sequel of the latter game.




The game starts out as a sandbox mode, where you build a suitable habitat for various Pokémon to inhabit. The Pokemon you can have is based off of the level you are playing on, as well as the time. Certain species can only be seen during certain times of the day.

Once you have the desired number of Pokemon in your stage, you build a path through the stage. The path must start and end at specific spots, but you can design the rest yourself. However, you are limited in the length of the path, but it is a very generous amount.

You then follow the path, and you are tasked with taking pictures of the various Pokémon species you have placed into the stage. However, you only need to take a picture of one of each species, but you are rewarded for taking pictures with more than one Pokémon in them.

You can only have one version of each level saved on the Wii, but you can save multiple versions on an SD Card, allowing for near-infinite levels to be made.


You must play through the levels in order to unlock more levels, but you can play a single level as many times as you want after you unlock it.

Level Description
Beach A simple level. most of the Pokémon are Water type .
Forest A complex forest. The types in this level are varied, but a majority of Pokémon are Grass or Bug type.
Cave A dark cave. Most of the Pokémon are of the Rock or Ground types.
Seafloor A seafloor full of life.
Tundra A frozen area with little plant life. Home to many Ice and Water types.


The Pokémon you can use come in many shapes and sizes. By default, you can only use unevolved Pokemon, but they may evolve upon reaching a certain condition in-game. There are many Pokémon from every game you can use. A full list is at Pokémon Paradise/Pokémon.

Pokémon Eggs

In every level, there are a number of Pokémon eggs you can use. When placed in certain conditions, these eggs will hatch and whatever species came out will then be unlocked and you can use them in that level. Eggs can be received from Professor Elm after satisfying certain conditions, or some may even be laid by a Pokémon in the level. Eggs can only be used in the level they are meant to be used in, and the Pokémon that hatched can only be used in that level. To use them in other levels, if they are available for those levels, you must get a new egg.