Pokémon Opal and Jade Version
Developer(s) GearworksLogo and Yvetal
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG

Pokémon Opal and Jade Version is a game in the Pokemon Series created by Gearworks Gaming and Yvetal (user) . The version features the Arin region, in which is one of the only regions to have only local Pokémon in the wild.


The game starts off with Professor Redwood, a Pokémon Proffesor who researches the behavior of Pokémon and how they communicate, socialize and interact with each other. He will begin by asking your gender and name. The player's first steps into the Pokémon world then proceed.

The player starts off in his/her bed, the player's mother enters the room to wake the player up and tells him/her about how Redwood wants you to come to his lab and reminds you about checking the room. At this stage the player can extract the Potion stored in the PC system to help him/her in the journey ahead. The player must then go to Redwood's Lab, and even if they try going to Gale Way, one of Redwood's aids will take you to the lab. Upon meeting Redwood in his lab he will let the player choose on of the 3 starter Pokémon. He says that he needs a trainer who can help him on the field, since he cannot be on the field while he conducts reseach and allows you to choose one to keep. When the player exits the lab, the player sees an oncoming truck from Gale Way coming to an empty house. A person the opposite gender of you hops out and spots you and comes to talk to you, saying she is your new neighbour and seems as if he/she is shy, the player accepts the fact that they may meet another time in the future. When the conversation ends, the player gains access to Gale Way.



In the overworld map, you can walk around the map and interact with NPCs. On the overworld, if you go into Tall Grass you may encounter a Wild Pokémon, which you can catch and use on your team or battle for EXP to level up your own Pokémon. On the overworld, you can also find items hidden around the map and you can open the pause menu, which contains several options such as the Pokédex, Your Party, options on the PokéServer device and other such preferences.

In Battle

In a Pokémon battle, to goal is to get all the opponent Pokémon's HP down to 0. During the battle, the trainer has 4 options, each of which are listen below:

  • Attack - With the Attack command, you can command your Pokémon to do one of it's 4 learnt actions to either cause a debuff to the oppsonent's stats, a buff to the player's stats or to damage to opponent. While Pokémon use attacks, in turn attacks use PP. (Short for Power Points) If the PP of an attack runs out the Pokémon cannot use the attack anymore until the trainer replenishes it.
  • Bag - With the Bag command, you can use an item to help you during battle to gain an advantage. (Note that you cannot Pokéballs on opponent trainer's Pokémon.)
  • Pokémon - With the Pokémon command, the trainer can see each of the 6 slots in his party and can gain more information on the Pokémon with the summary command. The Trainer can also send out other Pokémon in battle with the command.
  • Run - The Run command allows you to run from battle, but only against Wild Pokemon.


The PokéServer Device is a small, handheld device which operates certain applicaitons in the game, each of which serve a different purpose. Some of the applications are listed below:

  • PokéContacts - A simple, yet highly useful application which lets the player contact other trainers whom have PokéContacts.

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