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Pokémon O is a new game in the Pokemon series. Instead of introducing new Pokemon or Regions, it lets you go back and visit them all.


  • Kanto (START HERE)
  • Johto (Walk from Kanto to Johto)
  • Hoenn (Boat)
  • Sinnoh (Boat)
  • Unova (Plane)



  • Red (player, boy ~ a rival if girl)
  • Green (player, girl ~ a rival if boy)
  • Blue (kanto gym rival, then friend)
  • N (villanous rival, turns good)
  • Pearl (friend)
  • Cheren (friend)
  • Bianca (friend)
  • Silver (hoenn gym rival)
  • Ruby (rival during the hoenn contests)
  • Sapphire (rival during the hoenn gyms)


  • Giovanni (Rocket Head)
  • Maxie (Magma Head)
  • Archie (Aqua Head)
  • Cyrus (Galactic Head)
  • Charon (Neo Galactic Head)
  • Ghetsis (Plasma Head)
  • Petrel (Neo Rocket Admin)
  • Proton (Neo Rocket Admin)
  • Ariana (Neo Rocket Admin)
  • Archer (Neo Rocket Head)
  • Saturn (Galactic Admin)
  • Mars (Galactic Admin)
  • Jupiter (Galactic Admin)
  • Shadow Triad (Plasma Admins) (Actually Cilan, Cress and Chili)
  • Tabitha (Magma Admin)
  • Courtney (Magma Admin)
  • Matt (Aqua Admin)
  • Shelley (Aqua Admin)

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