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Pokémon Nova and Power Versions
North American boxarts of Pokémon Nova Version (upper) and Pokémon Power Version (lower).
Developer(s) Alpha Generations, Inc.
Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
February 6, 2015
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Game Cartridge
Instruction Booklet
Club Nintendo Code
Alpha Gen Collectable Coin

Pokémon Nova Version and Pokémon Power Version are two Pokémon video games to be released on the Nintendo 3DS in late April/early May 2015. The game takes place in the new region of Panvo, where there are 220 Pokémon, 176 of which are exclusive to the Panvo region. The game has two villainous teams, Team Nova and Team Power, who are leaded by a mysterious man named R and his partner M (whose roles will be switched depending on if male or female. If male, R is the big boss, while M will be the big boss if female), with R focusing more on Nova, and M focusing more on Power. Pokémon Nova and Power Versions also reintroduces Team Rocket into a new game in the series, having their last appearance (outside if remakes) in 1999/2000 (Generation II), not counting the single operative in Generation V.


The gameplay is extremely similar to that of the games Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions, with updated graphics. The player can choose one of two characters, Dabria (if female) and Dace (if male), both of which can be named later. The opposite character of choice (if Dace is chosen, then Dabria is the opposite) will become your sibling, and rival for your adventure. Your neighbour (who will be the same gender as you) Qadir (if male) or Qadira (if female) (who can also be named), is another rival of yours.

However, unlike the other normal RPG games in the series, there are quite a few differences. The big one is being able to choose to be a coordinator instead of a Pokémon Trainer. Another change is the change back to having Pokémon Centers and PokéMarts separate, however in some big cities, the two buildings are attached. The games have a replacement to Secret Bases from Generations III and IV, instead being able to customize how you look, along with your bedroom. Players are able to trade Pokémon from Generation V or Generation IV by using the Safari Zone. By using a special chord (which comes with the game), players can attach their Nintendo DS, DSi, DS Lite or DSi XL to their Nintendo 3DS to send them to the Safari Zone.

One new change is the option to switch between how the game looks. Players can switch to view the world in either a Generation I or Generation V-inspired setting instead of viewing the world in Generation VI-inspired 3D.


There are many characters within Pokémon Nova and Power versions, and are separated into three groups: Main Characters, the major characters of the game, Secondary Characters, characters that have an important role, but not as important as that of main characters and Tertiary Characters, characters that have very minor, yet important roles in the game. The various Pokémon Trainers found around Panvo do not count as Tertiary Characters, however.


There are three main protagonists in the game, with the main role being switched depending on the gender of the playable character. The male playable character, Dace, was born in Hoenn twelve years prior to the game, and moved to Panvo at the age of seven due to his father getting a new job in the region. The female playable character, Dabria, similarly moved to Panvo from Kalos when she was five, after her grandmother insisting to take care of her since her parents were always on business trips. When the game starts, they are both best friends, and become friendly rivals once their journey starts.

The main rivals, Alexandria and Terry, both have their own backstory, but only one appears as your rival: Terry for Dabria and Alexandria for Dace. Terry, four years older than the two protagonists, was shipped to Panvo by his rich parents after he wanted to be an artist as opposed to having a rich life when he was thirteen. While Alexandria had lived with Pokémon in Panvo all her life, and is a friendly, though competitive battler.


The main antagonist of the games are Rabmaq ("R") and Madora ("M").

Gym Leaders

! style="background:white; color:black;" |Randall
the radioactive genius | style="background:#A040A0; text-align:center;" |


| style="background:white; color:black;" |Toxic Badge | style="background:white; color:black;" valign=center |

level 18
Acid Armor
Sludge Bomb
Iron Head

level 16
Acid Spray
Toxic Spikes
Double Slap

level 18
Night Shade
Scary Face
Leech Life
Poison Sting


Name Type Badge Pokémon


Panvo is made up almost entirely of old Pokémon, though because they are so far away from any other region, they consider them their own. The region does have 176 Pokémon that are exclusive to it, with most of them being poison or steel types due to the high-tech laboratories scattered around the region.


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