Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Amazing Outing is a Fan-Fic that was started by RedYoshi. This is a Pokémon Fan-Fic that allows any user to be apart of it. Every user has a choice of what Pokémon they would like to be. However, a Legendary Pokémon cannot be chosen. After you have signed yourself up here, add your name and Pokemon to the list below.




Hemu (tbc) -- Gengar


In a terrible storm, the users of Fantendo struggle to sucked into a wild vortex above them. Sadly, the tree they are holding onto tears from its roots, sending the users into the vortex.

When the users awake, they find themselves on a beach. They look around and notice they have turned into Pokémon! Some users are infuriated and turn evil, while some users remain calm and try to figure out a way to get back home...


Book #1


Book #2


No chapters for this book yet!

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