Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Stars and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Heroes are a pair of matched Pokémon games for the Nintendo 3DS. They were soon followed by the third game in the series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Legends. They are the sequels of Explorers of Time + Darknes. They are the third main game in the series (not counting the WiiWare ones). Released in November 18, 2011 (Stars and Heroes) and April 14, 2012 (Legends) they were the first games not developed by Chunsoft. Instead, they were developed by G-Force Games.


Like the main Pokémon RPGs, it has two gameplay modes; unlike the main RPGs, battle mode and dungeon mode are not distinct. It is a semi-turn-based game, with each step, attack, or item use being counted as a single turn. After a personality quiz, The player chooses a partner Pokémon which is one of ten Pokémon (which excludes the last six stated above and the Pokémon of the same type). The game is mission-based with many jobs, which can be found on the bulletin board, requested by mail, or initiated through story events, and include rescuing Pokémon, delivering items, or escorting clients. If the player successfully completes a job, they receive a reward, and Rescue Points, which increase a team's rank.

These jobs take part in dungeons, of which the layout is randomized. The objective is to either finish a job, or go through all the floors to find the exit. In the dungeon, there are wild Pokémon that battle with the player's team. These battles are turn based, and take place in the dungeon map.Pokémon fight using the four moves they know, by using a standard 'A button' attack, or throwing rocks and other items. While going through the dungeon, the player gets hungry, and has to eat food either found in the dungeon, or bought in advance.

This game is different from the other Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in that six Pokemon may be brought.

At the start of the game, the player may only play as his/her starter; however, soon he or she may switch leaders kinda like the original.

All generations of Pokemon are found in this game, enhancing appeal.

==Starter Pokémon==

Pokemon Male personality Female personality Notes
Ralts Quiet Timid None
Pichu Gentle Hardy None
Aipom Quirky Relaxed
Abra* Mild Jolly
Piplup Bold Bold
Oddish* Hasty Docile
  • =Cannot be picked as partner

^ = Legends only


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