We were the ones that saved the world once. We survived the end of it. We survived, the Great Storm. Now it is threating the world once again. I don't know how we can save it again. It may be our end.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Raiders of the Storm is the fifth game of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, being a sequel to Gates to Infinity and it is going to be released to the Nintendo Silver.



The Great Storm. An event that no one could ever had survived. Predicted from many many years that it would had happened. I was sacrificed my spirit to save the others but I lost my friends in the process. The storm happened because of a Pokémon, whose power is beyond unknown and the only thing we know about it is his extreme hatred for us. My rescue team managed to save their world, but I lost my friends that were a part of that team and that's why I say that I have lost my spirit, because it went with them to a place that no one can go now. And now, it is threating our world once again. I fear that this time, we might not survive.



Playable Characters

Pokémon Nature (Male) Nature (Female)
Pikachu Brave Hasty

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