Following the trend its predecessor started, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Raiders of Dawn and Raiders of Dusk allows the player to choose his/her Pokemon player through the two methods. One of these methods is through pure choice, and the other is through an optional personality quiz that, with the closure, assigns the stone that represents the said Pokémon. Each question gives out points to mix around the chance of getting a specific stone via points. The stone that gets the most points will decide your Pokemon. There are 49 different possible stones that can be chosen, which are listed here.

Quiz Questions

There are a total of 75 possible questions. However, only 20 are actually asked.

  1. Are you a boy or a girl?
    1. Boy: Guarentees chance of getting a male Pokémon,
    2. Girl: Guarentees chance of getting a female Pokémon.
  2. Have you played a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game before?
    1. Yes: Increases the chance of getting a non-Starter Pokémon by 1.
    2. No: Increases the chance of getting a starter Pokémon by 1.

Possible Results

Pokémon Stone
Bulbasaur Emerald
Charmander Ruby
Squirtle Sapphire
Pikachu Citrine
Vulpix Amber
Meowth Gold
Eevee Achroite
Chikorita Peridot
Cyndaquil Sardonyx
Totodile Turquoise
Sentret Quartz
Aipom Pearl
Phanpy Sandstone
Teddiursa Sugilite
Treecko Jade
Torchic Jasper
Mudkip Lapis
Meditite Tourmaline
Ralts Agate
Skitty Amethyst
Bagon Iolite
Turtwig Geotite
Chimchar Carnelian
Piplup Chalcedony
Shinx Onyx
Buizel Aquamarine
Munchlax Jet
Riolu Azurite
Snivy Fuchsite
Tepig Rubellite
Oshawott Sodalite
Scraggy Galena
Mienfoo Pezzotiate
Cubchoo Opal
Axew Apatite
Chespin Chrysoberyl
Fennekin Sphalerite
Froakie Spectrolite
Bunnelby Topaz
Pancham Garnet
Tyrunt Sunstone
Amaura Moonstone

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