Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Raiders of Dawn and Raiders of Dusk
Logo by Lumogo (tbc)
Developer(s) TheFoxyRiolu (tbc) and Plazzap (tbc)
Publisher(s) BlueFantendoLogo
Platform(s) Wii U
Predecessor Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Raiders of Dawn and Raiders of Dusk is the upcoming fifth installment in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, for the Wii U. The game is known for having a large quantity of strategy than the other games, with added details like more kinds of terrain, and boss weaknesses. The game revolves around a "night and day" cycle, with each time of day focusing on a different prospect.

(NOTICE: This game was created before Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, and takes place in Generation 6, as Sun & Moon were not announced before then.)


General Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is set to be much more reminiscent to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness then it's predecessor. Up to four Pokemon can play on a team and are exploring something called a Mystery Dungeon, a dungeon who's layout changes every time it is entered again. The team's job is to explore the dungeon, taking part in missions like retrieving treasure, fighting baddies, and even uncovering ancient secrets.

The main character's avatar is chosen at the beginning of the game in the form of a personality quiz, being chosen by the gender of the player and the answers you choose for the questions. You also choose a partner Pokemon freely, but you cannot choose a partner of the same type as you are.

In dungeons, you can pull up a menu using WiiU X Button2 with six options; Attack, Treasure, Ground, Status, Suspend, and Options. Attack pulls up the four special attacks, where you can choose which one to attack with. Treasure lets you see your inventory and choose items to use. Ground lets you see what is on the ground under you. Status lets you see how you and your teammates are doing; their health, status conditions, and level. Suspend lets you save and suspend your game so you could take a break, then return at the point you saved, Options is self-explanatory; it lets you see several options, like layouts for boxes, chat speeds, and more.

Like most Pokemon games, you have four special moves, and they can be changed over time via leveling up and TMs. You choose special moves via the menu in Attack. Also, you can do a basic attack using WiiU A Button2. If you want to use a specific special attack quickly, you can set an attack to use using WiiU B Button on the menu, and use that selected move using WiiU L and WiiU R.

However, teammates can perform an Alliance Attack by holding down WiiU L and WiiU R for a second, in which all of your teammates, after selecting a specific move (which can be configured by lightly tapping WiiU L and WiiU R.) consecutively, attacking all at the same time; however, this takes recharge and causes the player to lose some hunger after usage, so use this wisely.

Major Changes from Previous Title

Here are the changes notable from Super Mystery Dungeon. They are;

  • The Deposit Box, Connection Orb, and Connection Cafe are completely scrapped, with the Deposit Box being replaced by Treasir and the a Connection Orb being turned back into the Job Bulletin Board, while Connection Cafe was completely scrapped.
  • Some dungeons have new puzzle elements to them, like hitting levers to open up previously unaccessible areas of a floor.
  • New items called "bottles" allow the ability to gain teammates in dungeons like PokéBalls in the mainstream game.
  • Wands from Super Mystery Dungeon were scrapped.
  • New items called "crystals" function similarly to Orbs, but affect the player's team exclusively, while Orbs now only affect enemies and dungeons.
  • New items known as Point Devices are now available for purchase, while expensive they allow the player to place a flag on a dungeon's floor and escape that dungeon. Upon revisiting the dungeon they can choose to warp to their Point Device location, which destroys it. There are certain dungeons however where Point Devices cannot be placed, those of which are often plot points.
  • Looplets are now visible on character models, each worn differently depending on the Pokemon.
  • Kecleon, who appeared in every single iteration before now, was scrapped.
  • The game's in-dungeon shop run by Scratch is guaranteed to be somewhere in every dungeon selling discounted or even rare goods, because of this bringing Poké to a dungeon is more useful but also risky.

Time Cycles

With the day and night cycle, there is separate dungeon gameplay depending on the time of day.

During day mode, you control the player and the Solar Tribe partner around the Solar Tribe. You can take "missions" (very similar to Explorers of Sky) sent by other Pokemon, where you go to a dungeon to complete tasks set by these Pokemon; ranging from retrieving items, rescuing Pokemon, or even taking down Pokemon outlaws. The dungeons are explored in the default way, through a top-down view. Prizes are somewhat small, but doing many missions can make the player a rich one, with the difficulty and mission type affecting the type of prize; ranging from Poké and items. During this time, you can go to the Berry Garden to talk to Sherry (in day form), where you can water already planted berry plants and add mulch and other growth boosters, to help the berries grow quickly and efficiently. Solar Tribe shops are open at this time.

At night, the gameplay differs, dungeon wise. At this time, you control the player and the Lunar Tribe partner with the Lunar Tribe. The gimmick with nighttime is that you, as well as the partner and several other Lunar Tribians, go on a "raid" in a set dungeon. During raids, you storm through the dungeon in a third-person view with other Lunar Tribians as you blast through hordes of enemies, break through blockades, and solve puzzles as a team. In the end, while this mode is much harder, the prizes are much more abundant, with large amounts of cash, items, and treasure involved. At this time, Lunar Tribe shops are open, and you can go to the Berry Garden and talk to Sherry (in night form) to plant and harvest berry seeds. Finally, the moss is active at this time of night, so you can go deeper into the forest, where you can find Braxus, as well as a few other things.


Crystallized is a setting placed down on dungeons when selecting missions or raid locations. When missions or raid locations are being chosen, dungeons randomly get the "crystallized" effect, which acts similarly to the Prankster Comet from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Here, enemies not only are stronger, but all stats are largely boosted, and they even know attacks they won't normally know. Not only that, but the "mysterious wind" that can kick a player out of a dungeon when they take too much time on a dungeon floor occurs much more quickly then normal, so you want to hurry up on each floor. There is an incentive to this, however; a large prize amount, with tons of Poké being involved, as well as some hidden treasures that can be useful in the future.


The Wii U GamePad is the main choice of playability. Moving around and navigating menus and choices can be done with WiiU DPad or, alternatively, WiiU JoystickR or WiiU JoystickL. To open the menu, use WiiU X Button2, or, alternatively, WiiU Start Button or WiiU Select Button. Using a basic attack or talking to NPCs can be done using WiiU A Button2. WiiU B Button2 can be used to activate a set special attack, though only one at a time can be done. WiiU Y Button pulls up a tiled grid on the map. WiiU L and WiiU R allows usage of the set special move. WiiU RZ Button is used to throw a set items. WiiU LZ Button can be used to check the ground manually. These controls can be changed for those who find the controls wonky.

Alternatively, you can use a Nintendo 3DS to link to the Wii U and control the game with that. The controls are then the same as Explorers of Sky's.


Act 1

After a short personality quiz that determines your player character and choosing your two partners (one male and one female), you view a cutscene where a dark figure appears to be taking a small bottle off of an old-looking pillar, before being attacked by another figure, and the bottle smashes. The figures suddenly run from the room, attacking each other, while a genie-like creature watches them. His eyes suddenly flash...and the screen goes black.

Chapter 1: Duel Tribes

The player is shown to be unconscious out in a woodland-like area. He/she suddenly wakes up, and realizes he has no memory. He tries looking around, but he can't seem to gather any recollection about the area, despite it feeling familiar. It decides to head North, hoping to find someone that can help him/her.

While heading North, he suddenly crashes head-on into a male Pokemon, sending him to the ground. The Pokemon apologizes, but the player is utterly baffled; it has never seen a Pokemon talk before. Confused, the player looks at his reflection at a nearby puddle, and realizes it turned into a Pokemon! The male Pokemon, unsure and confused, asks what the player is talking about. The player explains that he/she was once a human, and he has no memory of anything before now. The Pokemon, while skeptical, finds himself believing the player. He decides to introduce himself and take the player to his hideaway with the rest of his tribe.

On their way, the partner suddenly gets attacked by a Beedrill and several other Bug-types. The player decides to step in and, with the help of the partner, defeats the insects. They then fly far into the forest, and the two decide to chase after them to make sure they don't harm anyone else. After traversing through Eclipsewood Forest and defeating the Beedrill, the insects clear out. The partner thanks the player for helping him out, insistent now that the player is indeed there to help instead of hurt. They then continue to the hideaway.

Finally, the two reach a large tree trunk, which is actually a secret trapdoor. Upon going down, the player finds the hideaway of the Solar Tribe. The partner is greeted by several tribe members. The player is intrigued by the whole area, and feels remarkably comforted by the tribe. A Xatu named Xina suddenly comes to the partner and player, saying the leader wants to see them.

They then speak with Sir Nidoking, the leader of the Solar Tribe. The player is initially frightened by his appearance, but he is actually rather kind to both the partner and player. He thanks the player for coming to the partner's aid, and states that the tribe has his gratitude. He explains to the player that the Solar and Lunar tribes have been against each other for years, fighting over a treasure called the Prison Bottle. The Prison Bottle hasn't been seen for years now, and the Solar Tribe accused the Lunars for taking it for power. This is assumed since the Prison Bottle went missing long ago, when the tribes were once one, and, as the Solars don't have it with them, they blame the Lunar Tribe. The player feels like the Solar Tribe is biased, but he doesn't say anything.

When they exit the room, the partner goes around the base, showing the player around and introducing him to everyone, including Dexter, a silly Ambipom with a big heart, Rosko, a Klefki who works as the treasure apparel, and Ebony, a quiet Umbreon who unusually tends to avoid fighting against the Lunar Tribe. They also meet the leaders of the Offense, Defense, Agility, and Healing leagues; Hayama, a beefy Hariyama with a knack of Body Slamming; Oton, a large, mute Probopass; Buzzly, a Ninjask that can be barely seen in the air, as it's almost constantly moving; and Fyora, a sweet Blissey with some amazing Healing powers. Apparently, the Solar Tribe splits itself up into four leagues- Offensive, Defensive, Agility, and Healing-to distinguish Pokemon with their own special powers. Some, like Dexter and Rosko, however, haven't been assigned their group yet.

That night, after a very filling dinner provided by the Berry Farms, the tribe goes to bed. The player is still wide awake, though, and decides to take a walk in the forest to clear his head. He/she walks outside, and, after walking for quite some time, is about to turn back when another Pokemon comes crashing into him/her.

This Pokemon is a girl, but she doesn't seem to be in the mood to talk. Rather, she seems to be hiding from someone. When the player starts to question her, she grabs the player's hand and runs deeper into the forest. She later introduces herself as a youth from the Lunar Tribe. When asked about it's side, the player, worried that he might be attacked, lies and says he's not part of either side. The Lunar Tribian then brings him to a cave, and they both go in.

More coming soon...

Chapter 2: Double Life

When they finally reach the cave, the Pokemon tells the player that she needs to go in there to check that "the crystal" is safe. While he doesn't know what she is talking about, he decides to help her obtain what she needs to. She then takes the player into Crystallice Cave, and they venture through its 6 floors before reaching the deep area.

On a small stone pedestal in the cave, there is a shiny crystal colored indigo. The Lunar Tribian sighs a breath of relief, and explains that the Lunar Tribe gains moonlight energy from this very crystal. Supposedly, their tribe leader found it laying on the forest ground long ago, and it was found that the crystal used moonlight to energize those around it. the Lunar Tribe managed to use it to their own advantage, but it was placed in Crystallice Cave after one of the tribe members caught a mysterious shadow-assumed to be a Solar Tribe member-trying to steal the crystal for itself. The girl explains that she's always wanted to venture outside the forest herself to see if there are any more of the crystals, to see what powers they could possess.

The girl suddenly hears voices yelling into the cave, and the two hide behind a rock. It is revealed to be a group of Pawniard, led by a Bisharp named Marble. They turn out to be a band of thieves looking for the crystal, and, upon spotting it on the pedestal, attempt to grab at it. However, the Lunar Tribian attacks Marble before he can do anything. Laughing at the Pokemon's foolishness, Marble and the rest of his cronies attack the two. After a boss fight with the Pawniard and then Marble himself, however, he flees, injured from the fight. The Lunar Tribian, amazed that the player stood by her side, thanks the player for protecting the treasure. She then puts it on the pedestal once more, and she exits, with the player following.

The Lunar Tribian decides to take him to the tribe leader, where they'll decide if he's worthy enough to join their ranks. When they reach the Lunar Tribe base (which is near a mountainside), instead of introducing the player to anyone there, the partner takes the player straight to Nidoqueen. The player almost calls her "Sir Nidoking", but stops himself, realizing the conflict between the two tribes. After a large amount of discussion with the rest of the tribe, the entirety of the group-minus an Absol named Luna-decides that the player is trusted enough to join the group. There is a celebration that night for their new tribe member. The player starts to realize that if he's a part of both tribes, he's living some sort of double life now. While he's trying to think of what to say to the Solar Tribians, he decides to join the festivities for now. After all, it was a tough night.

Chapter 3: A Sticky Situation

As dawn approches the player and their partner head towards the crew room to fall asleep, but before sleeping the player asks about how the war started between the tribes. The Pokemon then realizes that she doesn't really know what their fighting for as the story seems to vary between the members of the Lunar Tribe. Despite such cluelessness she says that she doesn't really care why, all that matters is the fact that the war brings the Lunar Tribe together like a family, without it she wouldn't have met the player, and with that they both go to sleep.

After resting a bit the player sneaks off to the solar tribe as the sun rises to meet up with their other partner. To get there quickly the player takes a shortcut they saw on the Wonder Map along the edge of an autumn forest, but this is only to get their feet stuck on a sticky patch of sap native to the forest. Fortunately, the player is able to break free but not without commenting on how sticky the sap is before continuing on. Once the player is past the forest, however, a pair of glowing red eyes emerge from the darkness of the forest entrance to check if anything was there before fading back in. The player realizes clearly something amiss dwells in that forest.

Once the player arrives they wake up their other partner to carry on with their complicated double life. Both the player and the other Pokemon then report to Sir Nidoking who explains that the team's regular duty is to take on jobs and outlaws from the Job Bulitien Board during the day to earn Solar Explorer Points, which allow the player's day team to rank up once enough points are accumulated. As the player takes day jobs they also sneak off to the Lunar Tribe to take on raid missions to earn Lunar Explorer Points which work fundamentally the same. This process of regular gameplay goes on for three days and three nights, with the player most likely to rank up in both tribes.

Now in the Solar Tribe the player and their partner are once again about to receive jobs from the Job Bulletin Board when the Pokemon notices that the board looks a little crooked and goes to straighten it out only for the entire board to topple off the wall and comically onto him. This of course results in laughter from the other tribe members until Sir Nidoking shuts everyone up with a fearsome roar as he's clearly frustrated about the board falling down because it now cannot be used or updated until fixed, he then begins to scold the entire tribe but he realizes his anger could possibly hurt him and goes into his chamber to calm down. Realizing the job bulletin board is down everyone panics and tries frantically to look for ways to secure the board back on the wall, all ideas not being very reliable at all. The player however has a decent idea that they share with the partner, which is to collect some of the very sap they got stuck in near the autumnal forest and use that very sap to place the board back on for good. With that the player and Pokemon head off to Redleaf Wood.

After traversing the cheery part of the woods the player and thier partner end up in a clearing, while there is no sap to be seen forward lies the most ominous Deep Redleaf Wood which shows signs of nearby sap. The partner also explains and thier purpose of serving as save points. Having finally braved Deep Redleaf Wood the player finds yet another clearing, but this time with waterfalls of sap flowing out of trees, in joy the partner runs up to a stream of sap and starts collecting right away but he is halted by the appearance of a dark shiloette with red eyes, which slowly approaches to reveal a Vespiquen along with numerous Combee, she then immediately attacks the player.

Despite the power of the territorial Vespiquen, the player bests her. forcing her and her Combee to retreat back into the darkness. Now safe, the player and the partner are finally able to collect as much sap as they can and return back to the Solar Tribe to fix the Job Bulletin Board. When they finally arrive and fix it, Sir Nidoking, while pleased, is utterly confused about how the player was able to obtain the sticky substance, and when the player explains what had happened during their adventure everyone in the tribe is utterly shocked. This is due to the fact that during this season Redleaf Wood is where the fearsome Vespiquen, Zeta, is active, the player could've been seriously injured but they returned victoriously, with the queen overthrown, not only is Redleaf Wood a safe place now, but the player has now earned some recognition as more of an experienced member, and with that the player and their partner go to sleep, as dusk looms over the sky.

Chapter 4: Raiders

After getting a good couple of hours of sleep, the player wakes up to the moon almost above the sky. He/she quickly rushes towards the Lunar Tribe base, just as everyone is getting ready to wake up for work. The partner wakes up to find the player is already ready for work. The two then head into the main room with the other tribe members. The partner takes the player around, introducing everyone to the player. The player, while slightly at unease by some of the other members, says he feels right at home.

Nidoqueen then gathers the tribe members around, announcing that they are going on a raid in a new cave discovered a mile away from Crystallice Cave, called Ironwork Dungeon. The partner quickly explains what a raid is; when most of the tribe storms a dungeon, in search of finding loot and other treasures in a much quicker fashion. The tribe then goes off, while Treasir and Qwobble stay behind to guard the base.

After a successful raid, they reach the peak of the cavern, where they find a large silver diamond, similar to the Indigo Diamond in Crystallice Cave. They attempt to pull it out, but were unsuccessful until Kairi tries, and succeeds. However, the diamond activates a trap, with the escape closing in, trapping the entire tribe inside.

Even with the strongest members trying to break out, they find it impossible to get out. However they find a crack in the metal where only someone small can climb out. With that said, the player and the partner volunteers to get them out. The player crawls out of the room and runs to the entrance. Upon reaching the surface, the player rushes to find his Solar Tribe partner, until he realizes that he wouldn't want to help the Lunar Tribe. The player rushes around the forest to find someone to help, until the player rushes into Luna, who claims she was just taking a walk. After introducing him/herself to Luna, the player rushes back to the dungeon, this time having to go through in the regular dungeon crawling form rather than raid form. After reaching the end, Luna uses her Psychic powers to break the door from the outside (as it was impenetrable in the inside), and the Lunar Tribe breaks free. After thanking Luna and the player, they put the Silver Diamond back in its place, and they run back to the tribe. Luna follows them out, and leaves at the surface.

Elsewhere, Luna is shown speaking to an unseen Pokemon. Luna angrily remarks towards the Pokemon that the Pokemon put her in this situation and that he will get her out of it. The Pokemon states that he will find a way to get at the player, and that he will make sure Luna will soon be free from her burden. He then says that it'll be impossible for the player to ignore him and his pleas now. Luna seems unsure, but leaves with hope that hope can be found somewhere.

Chapter 5: The Fifth Shop

After a few innocent days of raiding and taking jobs, the player and Solar partner wake up to a different job by Sir Nidoking; to check the upcoming stock of the shops in the forest that aren't connected to tribes, since Dexter, who usually does this job, is out exploring with Xina. The purpose of the job is to find out ahead of time what the tribe members can buy ahead of time, so that the other tribe doesn't get it first. Puzzled but determined, the two go out to check the upcoming stock at the four different mainstream shops, by speaking to Shucks, Porygon-Z, Sherry, and Scratch.

However, when they come back to the tribe to report back to Sir Nidoking, they were surprised when he asks if they went to the fifth shop. When the two don't know what he is talking about, he explains that there is a fifth shop that is unaccessible during the day, because there is magical moss blocking the pathway. However, he isn't too upset, saying that he has a slight fear of the shopowner, whom he assumes to be a malovelent witch. Curious, the player decides to find out what's behind that moss.

That night, after going to the Lunar Tribe and making an excuse to go off to the woods on his own, the player sneaks to where the moss is, where, sure enough, the moss has cleared. The player approaches what they think is the shop, a small, cozy shack with a strong magical presence being emanated from it, and the lights turned on. However, when they enter, no one is there. However, the player notices a doorway in the back of the room, which he finds is a whole Mystery Dungeon. Shocked but curious, they enter the dungeon, "Arcane Tunnel".

After reaching he end of this short dungeon, they find a Braixen who appears to be uttering spells to affect the dungeon. However, she is shocked to find someone who has made it through her dungeon, as most end up leaving out of fright or lack of courage. The Braixen introduces herself as Braxus, the "fifth shopkeeper". She explains that the dungeon is powered completely off of magic energy, and that she uses it to keep trespassers away. She puts the spell down, revealing nothing but a dark hallway where the dungeon was supposed to be.

After coming out of her hallway, Braxus explains that the reason the moss blocks the pathway is that Sir Nidoking and the other tribe members believed her shop brought bad omens and that she was a malevolent witch, which led Nidoking to cast the moss to block not only the path to her shack, but also her magic power, meaning that she can only use her magic to its full extent when the moss is gone. She then explains her purpose of the shop—to sell Potions and Orbs—and explains her Enchantment service (complete with showing off her fire). The player thanks her after finding out the stock, and goes back to the Lunar Tribe.

However, the next morning, all is not well. The player wakes up to find Nidoking has caught Braxus and captured her. When asked why, he says that she casted a curse on the tribe that morning, causing most of the Solar Tribe members to catch a deadly disease. When the player explains the moss should've blocked it, Nidoking says that, that morning, the moss was gone. Being the only tribe members who didn't catch the disease besides Nidoking (who had to keep an eye on Braxus) the player and Dexter are tasked with going off to a location deep where the moss is called the Cursed Hallow, where Nidoking said where the source of the curse was, before saying Braxus was being sentenced to death that evening, before the sun set. Dexter and the player then venture into the Hallow. Before they set foot, the player explains what he had discussed with Braxus that night to Dexter, who seems to agree that Braxus isn't the type of Pokémon who would curse the tribe, as they had met long ago before they lived in the forest, where they were good friends before Dexter joined the tribe.

After the two venture to the deepest part of the hollow, they find the source of the curse, a shadowy billow of magic with a blue fire core. The player collects with a Rainbow Bottle (a bottle that cannot be broken unless the cork is on it) and observes it, as the curse is lifted. When Dexter points out the odd color, the player realizes the color of the fire is completely different from Braxus's; this fire is blue, while Braxus's is a mix of red, orange, and yellow. Realizing they still have a chance to save Braxus, Dexter and the player rush back to the tribe.

When they reach the tribe, they find the entire tribe is back to perfect health, as Nidoking is about to kill Braxus (through drowning her). However, just in time, Dexter and the player arrive, stating Braxus is innocent. When Nidoking doesn't believe them, the player shows him the fire core, explaining her fire color is different from the core's color. While he doesn't completely believe that she's innocent, after taking a vote, the entire tribe is in favor of sparing Braxus, to which she leaves after thanking Dexter and the player. Before everyone goes to dinner, Nidoking asks the player how they knew about Braxus's fire color if the shop is unaccessible in the day. The player nervously lies to him, saying they just went out for a walk that night and stumbled upon her shop, to which he believes.

That night, before the player goes to bed to meet the resting partner, Dexter approaches the player. He expresses his gratitude towards helping Braxus, saying the player is a better person then most of the people at the tribe. Puzzled by this statement, Dexter explains that, about ten years ago, the two tribes were one tribe, with Nidoking and Nidoqueen co-leading, back when most of the current tribe members weren't tribe members yet. However, when Nidoking and Nidoqueen shattered a treasure that was rumored to hold a deadly spirit of dimensions and supposedly released it after fighting for who got to keep it in their possession, there was dispute over which one of them actually broke the bottle, and one half of the tribe sided with each leader, causing the tribes to split up and go at war. He explains that most of the Pokémon in the tribe believed that Nidoqueen is flat-out-evil when it could've easily been Nidoking who broke it, and that he only joined because Nidoking persuaded him, as he was much younger at that time. He then proceeds to wonder why the moss was clear, to which the player is unsure about. The player's best explanation is that Braxus was framed by someone else, but they are too tired to make a decent conclusion, to which they bid each other good night.

Chapter 6: The Stone Rainbow

A few days later, after completing missions for both tribes, the Lunar Tribe wakes up with news from a tired Bickslow, who traveled across the land for a few days in search of treasure and whatnot. Bickslow comes back with nothing except a shocking note: he discovered a dungeon called Sunshine Cove, which he attempted to enter in hopes of finding "something delectable"—however, he found he could not enter it. Nidoqueen reassuredly explains that, since Bickslow attempted to enter the cove during the night, he could not enter, as Sunshine Cove has a supernatural ability of not allowing adventurers to enter or leave during the night, meaning it can only be reached during the day. While the tribe is intrigued by this, they decide that it would be best not to function during the day. The player, however, is intrigued by this area, and settles with going with the Solar Tribe.

That morning, the player makes up a story for their partner and Sir Nidoking that they were on a nightwalk when they stumbled upon Sunshine Cove, and explains its solar abilities. With the partner convinced and Nidoking impressed, the player and their partner decide on heading to Sunshine Cove.

Upon arriving, the player and partner manage to enter the dungeon, as it is early morning. The two traverse the large dungeon for a while until they reach another doorway that they cannot seem to enter. Upon reading a sign, they find that the area only opens at night. The player wants to get past, but the partner seems to have given up on going any further.

That night, however, the player gets an idea. While with the Solar Tribe, the player tells Nidoking they are going on a solo mission, and, with his approval, they head to the Lunar Tribe. They wake up Bickslow, Ryder, and the partner for a moment, and they explain their plan. Confused but interested, the three go on a morning raid with the player, even though they are groggy.

After reaching the dungeon doorway, night falls and the doorway opens. Determined to see what the area has in store, the four go into Nightfall Cove, a newly opened dungeon.

After traversing, they reach the true end of the dungeon, which has, to the player's surprise, a large diamond in a pedestal, this one colored yellow. Ryder goes to excitedly grab it, but a burst of flame blasts at him from somewhere unseen and hits him. A Pyroar appears and asks who dares to enter the Crimson Fire territory. Not knowing what the Crimson Fire is, the player, partner, Bickslow, and Ryder fight the Pyroar and several Litleo.

Eventually, they manage to defeat the Pyroar, who, while admitting that the cove isn't truly the Pyroar's territory, warns that if they come again they will regret doing so. She then leaves wounded. The player decides to pick up the diamond and bring it to Nidoqueen, who can study the rock and determine its properties.

Nidoqueen, after yelling at the four for going on a mission without her approval, goes to study the Yellow Diamond. She comes back with disappointing news: the diamond uses sunlight to emit natural powers and block out moonlight. She, however, is fascinated by the existence of the diamonds, saying that, if three have already been found, perhaps there's a connection to all of the possible diamonds. The player then asks Nidoqueen if they can take the diamond to the Solar Tribe, to which she reluctantly agrees.

After a few hours of sleep, the player wakes up and goes to the Solar Tribe with the diamond. Nidoking is absolutely thrilled by this finding, albeit a bit taken aback that Nidoqueen decided to help the tribe out. The tribe goers then place the Diamond on a pedestal in the center of their base.

Chapter 7: A New Revelation

Chapter 8: Dragon's Pride

Chapter 9: Trouble Arrives

Chapter 10: Spark of a War

Chapter 11: The Puppetmaster

Act 2

Act 3


Possible Playable Characters and Partners


These are the possible avatar Pokemon you can play as in-game, through choice or the personality quiz. There are seven Pokemon from each generation to balance the ratio. These Pokemon can also be possible partner Pokemon.

Bulbasaur EoS Charmander EoS Squirtle EoS Pikachu EoS Vulpix EoS Meowth2 Eevee EoS
Chikorita EoS Cyndaquil EoS Totodile EoS 161Sentret 190Aipom PhanpyPMD 216Teddiursa
Treecko EoS Torchic EoS Mudkip EoS Meditite 280Ralts SkittyPMD 371Bagon
Turtwig EoS Chimchar EoS Piplup EoS Shinx EoS 418Buizel 446Munchlax RioluPMD
106px-495Snivy 498Tepig 501Oshawott 2 559Scraggy 619Mienfoo 613Cubchoo 610Axew
650Chespin 653Fennekin 656Froakie 659Bunnelby 674Pancham 696Tyrunt 698Amaura

Possible Partners

These Pokemon are Pokemon that are exclusive to the partner choice, and can only be chosen as one of the two partners as such.

056Mankey 236Tyrogue 293Whismur 408Cranidos 605Elgyem 694Helioptile
200px-Cubone 200Misdreavus 333Swablu 443Gible 200px-529Drilbur 710Pumpkaboo


Lunar Tribe

The Lunar Tribe is very interesting to distinguish; rather than placing their fighters in different leagues, everyone works together in a pack. They only fight during the night.

Nidoqueen is the leader of the Lunar Tribe. She is incredibly respectful to the other tribe members, but she is a scary threat when fighting others; in fact, even the Solar Tribe members respects and somewhat envy her due to her demeanor. She also respects the Solar Tribe, despite their differences. Apparently, she is in love with the other tribe's leader, Sir Nidoking.
Kairi is the right-hand man of Nidoqueen. He is incredibly brawny, and it is said he has never lost a battle to anyone, not even Nidoqueen herself. He pretty much prefers to speak with punching rather than words. He was supposedly childhood friends with Hayama, before the tribes were formed.


257Mega Blaziken

Flare is a fierce warrior of the Lunar Tribe, and the go-to person if you want to learn some new moves. For a mere 2000Poké, he will teach either your player or partner(s) a move that they normally cannot learn. He can also tell you about Mega Evolution.
Bria is a sweet Audino, and usually the go-to Pokémon if someone gets injured while out on a raid. She's got an extremely mellow personality in general, and she is willing to help out any and every Pokemon in the Lunar Tribe.
Ravi is the type of person that is literally two-faced. He's usually quiet but friendly, but his "behind side" is loud-mouthed and rude. He usually keeps the other side under control, thankfully.
Qwobble is a rather odd Pokémon. Being a Reuniclus, she usually is floating around doing nothing, but she proves to be very powerful during raids.
Treasir is the definition of "creepy but helpful" when it comes to this game. Here, he will willing store items and Poké for you when you need to put things away. He has a relatively creepy personality.
Bickslow is the type of bug that will most likely not bug you. A very quick ally, he usually prefers to fight alongside someone over then on his own; specifically, the player and partner.
Ryder is a determined fighter, even if he is very modest concerning his abilities. He runs a station where you can train in battle by raising stats through a work-out station. He has a secret crush on Luna, but don't tell anyone! >:[

Solar Tribe

The Solar Tribe is much more organized than its opposite. Rather than having a cluster of different types of fighters, they organize fighters' skills into groups; Offensive League, Defensive League, Agility League, and Healing League. Each league has a respective "captain". They fight during the day.

Sir Nidoking is the leader of the Solar Tribe. In contrast to Nidoqueen, he's incredibly gruff and rather scary to get angry, but he does have a heart of gold. He respects the Lunar Tribe greatly, despite their differences. He supposedly is in love with Nidoqueen, even though their tribes are constantly fighting.
Xina is not only Master Nidoking's right hand man, but a "fortune teller" among the group. He can see into one's past, and predict one's future. This has saved Sir Nidoking in the past, so he says. His predictions, in game, can be a help for players who are stuck on a dungeon.
Rosko is the treasure apparel of the Solar Tribe; bring a Treasure Chest to him, and he unlocks it with a quick movement of one of his keys. He's rather loud, but he's very quick and happy to lend a helping, I mean, key.
Dexter is an optimistic, silly Ambipom who always knows a good joke when you need one. Being the walking sunshine of the tribe, he's usually seen with a smile on his face. He also takes a strong liking to the player, seeing him/her as "one of the best things that've happened in the tribe's lifespan".
Ebony is the guard of the Indigo Diamond in Crystallice Cave, and she is very entitled to her job. However, she always seems to be the most trusting of the Lunar Tribe for unknown reasons, though she does state she is "compelled by the starlight".
Hayama is a brute warrior, capable of shattering rocks with a simple flick. Of course, it makes sense for him to be the captain of the Offensive League. He's got a very brute personality, and is much better at fighting then conversating.
Odon is a metallic being, and is also the captain of the Defensive League. Despite being mute, he is shown to care about the people in his league. He is capable of taking hits like a giant shield.
Buzzly is the captain of the Agility League, and is dedicated to his place...a little too dedicated, if you will. Constantly buzzing all over the place with great speed, he hardly ever stops for conversation or even real communication.
Fyora is the kind but fierce leader of the Healing League. She takes the role of the tribe's cleric, and is rather skilled in this department. She also is happy with taking care of your eggs if you find them in dungeons, so she's the go-to Pokemon for that.
Hawala is the reclusive dojo member of the Solar Tribe. While he still is angry at Hayama for becoming the Offensive League captain over him, he is a magnificent fighter. He, as said before, runs the dojo, and can help the player with his/her fighting skills.

Tribe Subsidiaries

Crimson Fire

Dragon's Pride

Bright Nimbus

Ocean Soul

Nature Knights


Scratch is the local salesman around these parts. He never joined either tribe, according to Dexter, as he prefers to be a nomadic shopkeeper. He travels around the region, happily selling goods to those who come across him. His main base is right next to Shucks' Juice Bar, where he sells basic items.



Sherry is the one who makes sure berries actually grow. She runs the a Berry Farm in the forest, where you can visit in both day and night. In the days you can use mulch and water your berries, while nighttime is when you can plant and harvest them. How convenient!
Porygon-Z is somewhat of an outcast around the parts of the forest, especially considering its spastic motions and the fact that it just goes by its species name. He, however, does sell TMs and Orbs, as well as other wares, right next to Scratch's shop.
Cruscht is an old Pokemon, and he lives at the top of the beach area. He often is living peacefully in his own little crevice along the beach surface. In the game, after meeting him, he can give you bottle messages he found to receive jobs.
Shucks is the lax owner of the berry juice bar located in between both divisions. Due to the bar being open to both tribes to gather berry juice, fights often occur between the two tribes. Although this fighting is against the rules Shucks is normally fast asleep due to his lax personality; the player can give berries to Shucks to create juices that raise stats for one day as well as hiring other Pokémon to become temporary team members.
At first sight, Braxus seems to be some sort of witch, feared by both tribes. In reality, however, she is not only kind, but quite young as well. After sparing her of a dreadful fate in Chapter 5, you not only can buy magic based items from her, but also request her signature enchantments which enhance items in various ways.


359Mega Absol

Luna is quite a mysterious figure. She usually strays from both tribes, and doesn't talk to the player most of the time. However, she is shown to be extremely powerful, and she cares about the others. She seems to be hiding something throughout the entire storyline, however.
No one really knows who Hoopa is; some say he's a lost spirit, others say he is a mad overlord. When the Prison Bottle is accidentally smashed by Sir Nidoking and Nidoqueen in the beginning of the game, he starts to wreak havoc. It's only at the end of the story that his true intentions are revealed.


This wild Beedrill lives in the forest, collecting food for the other Bug Pokemon. It attacks the Solar Tribian partner and player when they first meet, alongside a group of flimsy Bug Pokemon. It can attack with the speedy Pin Missile, poison your team with Toxic Spikes, and can do some stat raising with Focus Energy.



The Chessvaliers are a group of thieves living the forest. Led by Marble, a speedy Bisharp, this group of Pawniard attack in groups. The player must team up with the Lunar Tribian partner to fend them off from the cave where the Purple Crystal was. The battle mainly focuses around defeating the Pawniards, who are weak but can easily whittle your health down, then fighting Marble.
Zeta is the self-entitled "Queen" of RedLeaf Wood, and a true tyrant. She is a merciless ruler who is harvesting all the sap for herself, and she planned on unleashing an attack on both tribes to take them down. In battle, she uses Attack Order to have her Combee Minions to attack for her, as well as Defend Order and Heal Order. She can also use Power Gem and Sweet Scent when the minions are gone.
Bayonette was actually a discarded doll that seeked revenge but was unable to due to its inanimate forme. However, even after "events" that allowe to move around, she couldn't remember the one who discarded her and released vengeance on anything and anyone. The player's partner is manipulated by her ability to "puppeteer" anything weaker, causing a strange battle between the player and their partner, in which afterwards she is battled. It's later revealed that Hoopa possessed the Cleffa that it was originally under care of to throw it away, causing it to become in its current state.


Outlets are, put simply, shops that are set up in the main map. The player can shop at these locations before going into dungeons.


Scratch's "Fortune Stand"

A very basic shop in terms of the items it sells, which consist of Berries, Food, Bands, Medicines and Held items. Unlike previous installments, however, Scratch has a massive selection of twenty items you're able to purchase, the catch being for every item you purchase the price of all other items slightly increases, forcing the player to carefully decide how they want to manage thier Poké. Additionally, Scratch has a "Lucky Item" that, when bought, resets the item value to default.

Braxus's "Magic Shack"

While this magical shop within a large tree is often rumored by both tribes to bring bad omens due to Braxus' status as a malevolent witch, it's proven to be quite the opposite as Braxus' magic proves to be quite useful. Magical items like Potions, Crystals, and "Mysterious Objects" as known by Braxus can be purchased in this shop as opposed to Seeds and Berries in Scratch's Shop. Additionally, Braxus also provides a special service known as "Enchanting", which affects the player's items in a certain way depending on the enchantment purchased. The Enchantments are...

  • Philosopher's Enchantment: This allows the player to hold onto all thier Poké after fainting in a dungeon as opposed to losing it, the player can even have up to 10 of these enchantments at a time allowing the player to keep all their treasure even after fainting in consecutive dungeons.
  • Treasure Enchantment: Before using this enchantment the player must select the Item(s) they want to enchant, their even able to select an item up to three times to enchant it that many. Enchanted items will stay in the player's Wonder Bag even after the player faints, allowing the player to defend valuable items from disappearing forever.
  • Recycle Enchantment: After picking an item to use on, this enchantment will allow multiple uses of a specific item, like a berry or an orb. Some items, however, like Evolutionary Items and Bottles, aren't affected by this enchantment, however.
  • Experience Enchantment: After picking the item, this enchantment makes it so that items used for attacks (like seeds or orbs) will yield a very abundant amount of EXP if the item knocks out a Pokemon.
  • Nutrient Enchantment: An enchantment usable on consumables, which, if consuming the enchanted item, gives the consumer an affect that slowly restores PP of moves at 1/5 of the normal HP regeneration rate.

Shucks's "Berry Juice Bar"

A bar in a clear location within the Eclipsewood Forest. Shucks is the manager of the bar and refuses to discriminate members of the Solar Tribe and Lunar Tribe, often leading to minor skirmishes in the bar that comically occur when Shucks is asleep. Here, the player is able to trade (with members of the bar) certain items in exchange for others, as well as buying Berry Juice for 150P, a mysterious concoction with completely randomized effects once it's used in dungeons. Because making Berry Juice requires proper ingredients, Shucks sells certain rather rare items in extange for a certain amount of of Berries and Apples, the amount and type of berries depending on the item for sale. While the amount of ingredients needed for the items can seem absurd (considering that finding berries and apples is uncommon at best), the player can use Sherry's outlet to broadly increase their berries to an achievable amount.

Sherry's "Berry Farms"

This relatively large plantation is not really a shop, but more of a farm. This farm area is ran by Sherry, a bubbly Cherrim who is very dedicated to her job prospect. Here, you can take berries here to plant, to grow more berries, There are also different things you can do depending on the time of day. During the night is when you can plant your berries to grow, and harvest them when they are ready to be harvested. During the day is when you can plant mulch to speed up growth, or water your plants to allow them to grow. She also sells mulch and rare berries during the day.

Porygon-Z's "Technical TM Tower"

An oddly futuristic building run by Porygon-Z, resembling a computing device. Here the so-called "Mysterious Objects" known as TM's can be uploaded here at a small price of 200P a piece, doing so enables you and your team members to learn such moves. Because the data on the TM's are also stored they can be used infinitely so multiple Pokemon can learn them.

Solar Tribe

Rosko's "Keyring Kiosk"

A strange stone building run by Rosko shaped like a safe bounded by various vines and shamrocks, he seems to be keeping somthing mysterious within it. Here the various chests found within dungeons can be unbounded by Rosko's uncanny ability to unlock any lock, which can revel mysterious items, this comes however at the small price of 200P.

Hawala's "Danger Dojo"

Fyora's "Dandy Daycare"

Lunar Tribe

Treasir's "Spooky Storage"

An eerie coffin shaped shop run by Tresir. Although creepily eagar to, Treasir can store both the player's items and Poké within the shop, functioning much like the Deposit Boxes from the previous installment. The items will remain there until recollected, allowing you to keep your goods safe so they may not be lost during adventures.

Flare's "Move Mastery"

Ryder's "Attacker's Point"


There is a total of ??? of dungeons in the game, including downloadable dungeons.


These dungeons are mandatory to explore.

Dungeon Name First Introduced In-Game Description # of Floors Pokémon
Eclipsewood Forest Chapter 1 The mysterious forest where the two tribes reside. Filled with many wild Pokemon who don't usually fight, this forest is rumored to go on forever, and that both night and day seem very different while around the area.
A basic tutorial level that helps you graps the basics of this strange new world, the battle system, item usage and other basic tactics.
5 016s204s396s417s504s661s
Crystallice Cave Chapter 2 A cave filled with a multitude of shining minerals. It's where the Lunar Tribe hides the Indigo Diamond, which uses moonlight to power those around it. There is something about the cave that is constantly sparkly.
A dungeon covering slightly more advanced techniques that involve your partners, things such as Alliance Attacks, Tactics and move options. All of which are necessary as there lies the first boss at the clearing.
6 Geodude
Redleaf Wood Chapter 3 In a different area of the Eclipsewood Forest, an autumnwood-like area is found. Many Bug-Type Pokemon live deeper in the wood, including the tyrannical Zeta. This wood is known for its extremely useful sap, which has a variety of uses. 5 Caterpie
Deep RedLeaf Wood Chapter 3 Deeper in the RedLeaf Wood, this is where significantly dangerous Pokemon live, including Zeta and her army. The sap here is also larger in quantities. 6 Metapod
Ironwork Dungeon Chapter 4 This newly discovered cavern is home to several Rock and Steel types, and is the location of the first raid you take part in. Deep in the dungeon, there is the Silver Diamond, which is rigged to trap those who attempt to steal it. 6 Geodude
Arcane Tunnel Chapter 5 A mysterious tunnel yielding strong magic presence, which holds many Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon. This dungeon was created by Braxus, and built into her shack.
(Note: Not revisitable after initially clearing it.)
5 Abra
Mime Jr.
Cursed Hollow Chapter 5 Deep in a northwestern area of the forest lies a dark part of the woods, where ghostly Pokémon dwell. Legend has it that the forest emits such a strong magical presence that magic can be used limitlessly here. Many Ghost-type Pokémon wander the woods. 9 Gastly
Sunshine Cove Chapter 6
Nightfall Cove Chapter 6

Mission Dungeons

These dungeons are optional and only exist for the purpose of missions. As more of their dungeon clearings are discovered surrounding mission dungeons open as well.

Dungeon Name In-Game Description # of Floors Pokémon
Glittering Depths
Trapped Traverse

Downloadable Dungeons

Dungeon Features

Monster Rooms

Monster Rooms are hidden areas in dungeons that, when entered, spawns 10-15 enemies in the area to attack. These rooms are extremely dangerous if you aren't high-leveled; however, they can be avoided with certain items.


Traps are hidden panels in dungeons that, when stepped on, causes something to happen, most of them it being negative. The possible traps that can be found consist of;

  • Wonder Tile: While not necessarily a harmful trap it's tile like appearance and it being triggered by stepping on it are enough to classisilay it as such. When activated any negative and positive stat changes also including othery mysterious statuses will be removed. They are also fairly common and unlike a normal trap they aren't hidden by defualt.
  • Sludge Trap: Covers your bag with sludge, turning some food items in there into Grimy Food and rendering other items unusable. These items can be cleaned, however, with either a Soap Crystal or from CC's Clean-Up at the Secret Bazaar.
  • Chestnut Trap: Spreads spiny chestnuts all over the room. Stepping on a chestnut deals 10 damage.
  • Toxic Smog Trap: Spreads a toxic gas all over the room, badly poisoning the activator and normal poisoning other Pokémon in the room.
  • Blaze Trap: Spreads flames all over the room, burning the activator.
  • Lullaby Trap: Spreads a soft song all over the room, putting all Pokémon in the room to sleep.
  • Summoner Trap: Scatters a sweet scent that summons all Pokémon on the dungeon floor to the room your in.
  • Thief Trap: When stepped on, it steals ten random items from your bag. These items cannot be retrieved. Should an enchanted item be selected than it won't be lost but rather one layer or enchantment will wear off.
  • Lights-Out Trap: When stepped on, it lowers the vision rate of the activator, making all items and Pokémon there invisible.
  • Famine Trap: When stepped on, lowers the Hunger rate by a significant amount.
  • Anti-Cleric Trap: When stepped on, it heals all the enemy Pokémon in the area by 25 health.
  • Staircase Trap: When stepped on, it moves the staircase to another area. Only placed in rooms with the staircase in it.
  • Dark Wish Trap: When stepped on, grants a Dark Wish. Dark Wishes fully heal all the Pokémon in the area, and raises their Attack and Special Attack by 2.
  • Pitfall Trap: When stepped on by you or any members of your team you'll fall through and be transported down one floor.
  • Slow Trap: Lowers the speed of you and any teammates that step on it by 1 level.
  • Pokémon Trap: Converts uncollected items in the room you're in into Pokémon.
  • Warp Trap: Warps you or your teammates to random location on the dungeon floor.
  • Mud Trap: Decreses a random stat by 1 should it be stepped on.

Secret Bazaar

The Secret Bazaar is a hidden area in some dungeons where, when stepping on a certain panel, reveals a hidden staircase that leads to the bazaar. These staircases start appearing in Chapter 10. Here in the Bazaar, there are 7 vendors that have exclusive items, or can do things most vendors cannot. These vendors are;

Chatot is the leader of the New Bazaar, a perfectionist yet good-meaning host-like leader who is content with leading the player and partners around the Bazaar the first time around. Later, it is revealed that this Chatot was the same Chatot that worked as the second-in-command at the legendary Wigglytuff's Guild, and he has memories of working with a Pokémon and its partner, similar to the current player and partners.
Karoto is the relaxed owner of Karato's Soothing Spring. Here, for a mere 100Poké, he will allow you in his Hot Spring area, which will fully heal your HP, PP and will fill your belly. He is often asleep, though a simple tap on his shell will wake him up. Even when awake, he has a very sleepy personality.
Aegislash by theangryaron-d6rscu6

Scratch's Go-To Portable Shop!

Functioning almost identically to Kecleon's station in past games, some floors have a rare chance of having a small shop run by Scratch for explorers in a pinch. You can pick these items up and pay Scratch afterwards. However, refusing to pay leads Scratch to yell "Thief! Get him, boys!", which leads to five Persian and a Rhyperior to teleport into the room, almost always leading to a surefire death.


There are many different types of items in the game. Many of these items return from past PMD games; however, a few are new.

Can be eaten to heal the user or cure status effects. Can also be exchanged in groups to Shuckle to obtain rare items.

OranOran Berry: Heals a good amount of HP.
SitrusSitrus Berry: heals all of your health.
Leppa Berry: Heals 15 PP on a select move.
PechaPecha Berry: Cures poison and severe poison.
CheriCheri Berry: Cures paralysis.
ChestoChesto Berry: Cures sleep.
RawstRawst Berry: Cures a burn.
Persim Berry: Cures confusion.
Aspear Berry: Cures being frozen.
Visi Berry: Cures impaired vision/blindness.
Lum Berry: A rare Berry that cures any/all status effects.

Can be used on opposing Pokémon to sap the evil influence out of them and adding them to your team. They work better when an opponent's health is lowered, similarly to Pokeballs in the mainstream game.

BottleCapture Bottle: A bottle with magical abilities to sap the evil influence out of a possessed Pokémon, and capture them to potentially add them to your team. Like Pokéballs in the main series, they can potentially fail to capture, but are more likely to work if the target is asleep, confused, frozen, or vision-impaired.
Washed-Up Bottle: A bottle found on a shore without a message, but rather the magical essence. Usually they function identical to Capture Bottles, but collect 100 of them and bring them to Cruscht for a surprise...
Silver Capture Bottle: A bottle with magical abilities to sap the evil influence out of a possessed Pokémon. This functions similarly to a Capture Bottle, but has a higher chance of capture.
Gold Capture Bottle: A bottle with magical abilities to sap the evil influence out of a possessed Pokémon. This functions similarly to a Capture Bottle, but has an extremely high chance of capture.
Aegis Bottle: A mythical bottle said to be able to capture any Pokémon. This bottle is extremely rare, and can only be found in three places; in Wish Chests, a prize in the Secret Bazaar, or as a gift given to you by Hoopa in the post game.

Can be opened by Rosko or a Key item to reveal other items.

TreasureChestRRed Chest: Contains rare Berries, Seeds, Medicines and/or Gummies.
TreasureChestBBlue Treasure Chest: Contains more technical items like Orbs and TM's.
TreasureChestYBronze Chest: Contains items meant for holding, such as Bands and Lenses.

Crystals are very interesting items; while they function similarly to Orbs, there's a catch; Crystals directly affect the Player and Player functions, rather than the dungeon and dungeon enemies.

Odd gemstones that can cause numerous beneficial effects when placed in Looplets; however, there are drawbacks to these. Emeras disappear after leaving a dungeon, and, what's more, after being seen they will shatter after a select number of turns, meaning you cannot use them; however, picking up ten shattered pieces will yield one Emera.

Grant certain Pokémon evolution, some only trigger evolution under certain conditions.

Can be eaten to decrease hunger.

AppleeApple: Slightly satisfies hunger, can also be given to Shuckle in abundances in the case of purchasing certain items from him.
AppleeBig Apple: Amply satisfies hunger, when given to Shuckle they count as 5 apples.
GoldenAppleGolden Apple: Completely satisfies hunger, counts as 10 apples when given to Shuckle.
GrimyFoodGrimy Food: Food that's gone bad through certain methods, mainly Sludge Traps. While it satisfies the same amount of hunger an Apple does, it is prone to inflict the poison status on it's consumer. Fortunately, through certain methods it can be purified, returning to the form it once was before it was spoiled.

When held grant the user various effects such as stat boosts or nullifying certain status conditions.


Can be eaten by a Pokemon with its type matching the Gummi's color, to raise IQ.

WhiteGummiWhite Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Normal-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
RedGummiRed Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Fighting-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
SkyGummiSky Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Flying-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
Violet Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Poison-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
BrownGummiBrown Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Ground-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
GrayGummiGrey Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Rock-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
GreenGummiGreen Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Bug-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
PurpleGummiPurple Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Ghost-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
SilverGummiSilver Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Steel-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
OrangeGummiOrange Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Fire-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
BlueGummiBlue Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Water-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
GrassGummiLeaf Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Grass-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
YellowGummiYellow Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Electric-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
MystGummiMind Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Psychic-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
ClearGummiClear Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Ice-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
RoyalRoyal Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Dragon-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
BlackGummiBlack Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Dark-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
PinkGummiMagic Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by a Fairy-Type Pokemon IQ increases.
GoldGummiGold Gummi: Slightly satisfies hunger, if eaten by any Pokemon IQ increases.

Wearable wrist bands that, when Emeras are placed in them, can cause numerous beneficial effects.

Permanently increases stats or can replenish PP.


One use items that have varying effects on the Dungeon or enemies depending on the orb. Orbs are unable to work in mysterious fields such as Boss Battles.

OrbAll-Dodge Orb- Temporarily greatly boosts the Evasion of all teammates in the room.
OrbAll-Critical Orb- Temporaily boosts the chance of Critical Hits occurring to all team members in the room.
OrbAll-Mach Orb- Boosts the Movement Speed of all team members by 1.
OrbAll-Offense Orb- Temporarily boosts the Attack and Special Attack of all team members by 3.
OrbAll-Gaurd Orb- Temporarily grants all team members the Protect status, which nullifies any damage for a limited amount of turns.
OrbCounter Orb- Temporarily grants all Team Members the Counter status, which returns 1/4 of any taken damage they take to any opponent that attacks them.
OrbDrain Orb- Removes both Water and Lava tiles from the floor.
OrbEmera-Up Orb- Adds another Emera slot to the selected team member's looplet, for one adventure only.
OrbEscape Orb- Warps the team out of the current dungeon without losing any of thier current treasure.
OrbEmera Preserver Orb- Resets the amount of turns all Emera in the room have until they break.
OrbHail Orb- Changes the weather to Hail, causing all Non-ice type Pokemon to receive minor damage every other turn.
OrbItemizer Orb- Transforms the target into a random item, this item cannot be another Itemizer Orb.
OrbLuminous Orb- Reveals the floor's complete map layout, not including things such as items, Pokemon, traps or the staircase.
OrbMobile Orb- Enables all team members to cross water, lava and sky terrains.
OrbOne-Room Orb-Destroys all terrain on the floor excluding the edges, making it one giant room.
OrbOne-Shot Orb- Instantly KO's the opponent regardless of thier stats or current HP.
OrbPetrify Orb- Inflicts paralysis to all opponents in the room, rendering them incapable of movement until they take damage.
OrbPounce Orb- Warps the user to the first thing within line of sight.
OrbRadar Orb- Revels the location of all oppoents on the floor.
OrbRainy Orb- Changes the weather to Rain, boosting the power of water attacks and weakening fire attacks.
OrbRollcall Orb- Summons all team members to the current leader.
OrbSandy Orb- Changes the weather to Sandstorm dealing minor damage to all Non-ground types every other turn
OrbScanner Orb- Reveals the whereabouts of all items on the floor.
OrbSee-Trap Orb-Reveals the whereabouts of all traps on the floor.
OrbSlow Orb- Weakens the Movement Speed of all opponents in the room by 1.
OrbSpurn Orb- Warps all opponents in the room to random locations on the floor.
OrbStairs Orb- Reavels the whereabouts of the stairs.
OrbSunny Orb- Changes the weather to sunny, boosting the power of fire moves and weakening water moves.
OrbSwitcher Orb- Switches placement with the team member, opponent or item in line of sight.
OrbTrawl Orb- Draws all items to surround the user.

Can be used in dungeons with varying positive effects.

Lenses that can be held to give the user a better perception when using tossable items or see farther.


Can be eaten to cause varying effects depending on the seed, can also be thrown to trigger the same effects on opponents.

SeedsBlast Seed: A seed that, if thrown forward, will explode upon contact with a Pokémon. If eaten, the consumer will breath fire in front of itself, dealing damage.

Mysterious objects that teach a Pokémon a new move. Although unusable in dungeons taking them to Porygon-Z's shop will enable thier usage as well as making them reusable eternally, but only in it's shop.


Items that can thrown at enemies to do damage to them.

Items that are important to the storyline that can be sometimes used in dungeons.

Redleaf Sap- Used to repair the Job Bulletin Board in Chapter 3.

Other items that don't fit in any categories above.

Berry Juice: Can be bought at Shuckle's "Berry Juice Bar", can cause any amount of the following effects both positive and negative. These effects are:
Healing or diminishing any amount of HP
Satisfying any amount of hunger
Curing or causing a status problem
Replenishing or diminishing any amount of PP
Momentarily boosting or lowering any stats
BoxXMonster Box- Contains a rare item inside; however when opened it triggers a monster room and thus can only be opened in rooms.
WonderChestGolden Monster Box- Contains an extremely abundant amount of Poké; however, when opened it triggers a monster room that must be fought. These can only be opened in dungeons.

Character Dialogue/Quotes

Since this is a Pokémon Mystery a Dungeon game, it's evident that interaction with the NPCs is here. For the page containing dialogue and quotes from characters, see here.


  • Originally, the game's storyline was supposed to follow "Crystallized Pokemon", where Crystallized versions of Pokemon would be much more powerful then usual. This may have carried into the Crystallized random setting in the current game.
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