Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Sky
Coming Soon
Producer(s) Galexial Gaming
Distributor(s) Rogers, Twitch TV
Genre(s) Animated
First Air Date(s)
February 12th 2015
Original Language English
Season(s) 2
Runtime 26 minutes
Status Series Premiere February 12th!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers Of Sky or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Adventures of Team Pokepals is a CGI 3D Animated Series based off of PKM:EOS.

Overall Plot

Turtwig and Piplup both have dreams. Piplup wants to be a Explorer and Turtwig wants to Find out why he, a human, is now a pokemon and why he cant remember that! as the two make an exploration team, they go on adventures to follow both of their, dreams! As they battle evil outlaws, get lazy pokemon items, and explore unexplored lands, the two

Episode List

Episode Number Episode Name Based off of Aired on
1 Joining the Guild The Begining of the game(Beach Cave, Drenched Bluff) February 12
2 Mountian Climbers Saving Azuril (Mt. Bristle) February 19
3 Water Beats down upon us First Sentry Duty,Going to Waterfall Cave February 26
4 Bullies Arrival Meting Team Skull, Apple Woods March 5
5 The Journey to Fogbound Lake!(Part One) The Expedition, Craggy Coast March 12
6 The Journey to Fobbound Lake! (Part Two) Mt. Horn March 19

The Secret of Fogbound Lake! (Part One)

Steam Cave March 26
8 The Secret of Fogbound Lake! (Part Two) Upper Steam Cave, Fogbound Lake, Arrival of Dusknoir April 9
9 Water Float Way Amp Plains April 16


Image Name Description First Appearance
TBA Turtwig The Main Character, Actualy a Human, he lost his memory and is trying to find out what happened to him. He is a Member of Wigglytuffs Guild Joining The Guild
TBA Piplup A Friend of Turtwig, Piplup owns the Relic Fragment, and is a Member of Wigglytuffs Guild Joining The Guild
TBA Bidoof A Member of the Guild, Budoof is part of the Team during the Expedition Mountian Climbers(Non-Speaking Cameo) The Journey to Fogbound Lake! (Offical)
TBA Wigglytuff An Amazing Explorer and the Owner of Wigglytuffs guild Joining The Guild
TBA Chatot Wigglytuffs Assistant Joining The Guild

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