Pokémon Moonlight Version and Pokémon Sunlight Version are Pokémon RPGs available for the Nintendo DS systems. This game has better graphics if played on other systems, including the new Nintendo 3DS. These two games take place in the Janno Region, with the player's starting area on Brik Island. These Fan Games are made by Red Inc. They will release in Japan on July 2013 and North America on December 12, 2014. New about this game and more can be found here.


At the story's start, the player's character begins in the middle of his/her hometown ( ) Town, Janno. They are put near their house. The character's mom comes out of the northeast house and calls them in. In the house, mom tells the character that Professor Maple, the Pokémon professor of the Janno region, called earlier to give thanks with the help the character gave to help complete the Janno Pokédex. She would like to give the character a Pokémon in return of his/her hard work. Mom sends the character off to head over to the next town to get the Pokémon. Then, on Route 401, the player's character is about to step in a patch of grass when Professor Maple herself stops the character from behind. The character explains to the professor that he/she was about to head to her lab. Maple laughs and says that she was waiting for the character at the edge of ( ) Town. Next, she takes out three regular Poké Balls and tells you to pick one. If you pick Florezt, your best friend will have a Skaterott and your rival will have a Coalchurn. If you pick Coalchurn, your best friend will have a Florezt and your rival will have a Skaterott. If you pick Skaterott, your best friend will have a Coalchurn and your rival will have a Florezt. In this version however you will be able to pick 2 pokemon! They fight intense battles with rubber fists!

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New Pokémon

To see the newest Pokémon un Generation VI, please see the Pokémon Generation VI. To see more Pokémon in Janno, please see the Janno Pokédex.

Version Exclusives



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