This is a list of all new moves introduced in Mighty & Nasty Versions as well as moves from previous Generations changed.

New Moves

Type Name Category Power Accuracy PP Description Targets
Dark Dark Stare Status - - 10 The user gives a horrible stares at a target, lowering it's Attack by 2 Stages. One Target
Fire Flame Chop Physical 60 95 20 The user chops a target with it's hand. Have 20% of burning and 80% of lowering the target's Defense by 1 stage. One Target
Normal Berserk Status - - 5 If an ally had fainted in the same turn, this move will work and raise the user's Atttack and Special Attack by 3 stages. Certain moves will also activate it automaticly. Self
Normal Selfish Hit Physical 50x 100 5 Every target makes 50 Base Power, making a total of 250 Base Power. It do not affect Types and thus able to hit Ghost-Type targets. The damage stills calculate when a target is protecting. All Targets
Normal Team Attack Physical 50x 100 10 While performable alone, it is recommanded during Double or Triple Battle. One ally makes 100 Base Power while two allies makes 150 Base Power. Will fail if the user got hit by Betrayal. All Adjectable Foes
Water Super Swim Status - - 10 The user swims so fast that it's Speed stat is increased by two stages. Self
Water Rinse Status - 100 15 If this move hits the target, that target get the Wet Major Status. A victim with a Wet Status will have Sp.Attack decreased by 2 Stages and have HP lost by 4% each turns. One Adjectable Target
Ghost Reaper Tail Physical 95 95 10 When a critical hit is made, the user's Attack is raised by 2 Stages. One Unadjectable Target
Fire MagmaSpread Special 70 95 15 Upon the use of MagmaSpread, the user's Defense stat is raised by one and any contact from attacker will give it a Burn. All Adjectable Targets
Electric ShockSpread Physical 70 95 15 Electric-Type variant of MagmaSpread, except it increase Sp.Defense and gives Paralyzis. All Adjectable Targets
Ice Snow Ball Physical 80 100 15 This move will cause 100% chance of Freeze upon a critical hit. One Adjectable Target
Psychic Parachic Special 70 100 20 Power doubles if the target have any major status problem other than Paralyzis, but replace that status by Paralyzis itself. One Adjectable Target
Fighting Super Smash Physical 160 85 5 A very powerful attack but forces the user to recharge the next turn. One Adjectable Target
Normal Delay Punch Physical 100 - 20 Throws an delayed but unpredictable punch that don't affect Type-Effectiveness but can receive STAB-boost. One Unadjectable Target
Dragon Fire Dragon Special 120 90 5 Makes the user Fire/Dragon-Type after uses. User's Type don't change if the user is Arceus. One Adjectable Target
Dragon Shock Dragon Physical 120 90 5 Makes the user Electric/Dragon-Type after uses. User's Type don't change if the user is Arceus. One Adjectable Target
Dragon Ice Dragon Special 120 90 5 Makes the user Ice/Dragon-Type after uses. User's Type don't change if the user is Arceus. One Adjectable Target
Dark Dark Bullet Special 25 100 25 Strikes twice-to-five times in the same turn. If the user have Skill Link, alway strikes five times. One Adjectable Target
Ground Drill Dig Physical 60 100 10 Have +1 priorty. Often used by slow, strong Ground-Type Pokémon. One Unadjectable Target
Dark Dark Night Status - - 10 Summon a pitch-black night. Raises Dark-Type moves and reduce Light-Type moves. Also raise accurary for Dark-Type Pokémon. All Pokémon (Weather)
Normal Conversion-Z Status - - 10

Have a +1 Priorty. Permit the user to have the best types against the selected opponent. Only learnable by Porygon-Z.

Example: If used against Gengar, the user's Types will become Steel/Dark or Dark/Steel.

Any Unadjectable Target
Dark Insult Status - 100 15 Decrease the target's Defense and Special Defense by two stages but also raise it's Attack and Special Attack by one. Any Adjectable Target
Poison Stench Shot Special 50 100 20 Causes Poison. Even that Steel-Type Pokémon are immune to this move, it will still run away/be switched because of the terrible stench. All Adjectable Foes
Psychic Weird Room Status - - 10 Creates a Weird Room that switch all Pokémon's Attack and Special Attack stats, but the stat changes will remains. If Weird Room is used while it's respective effect is under going, it disactivate the Weird Room effect. All Pokémon (Room)
Rock Rock Swing Physical 75 100 15 Pick a long rock, then swing it like a club. Because of it's perfect accuracy, it is one of the most Accurate Rock-Type damaging moves. One Adjectable Target
Normal Vexer Truth Status - 100 10 Tell a vexing and gruesome truth about the target, which lower such target's Special Attack stat by 3 stages. One Adjectable Target
Normal Bliss Kiss Status - 100 10 Kiss a target with opposed gender of the user, making it unstable and will disobey for three turn. It will either attack it's Trainer, attack it's allies (if any) or normal unobeidences actions. One Adjectable Target
Grass Vital Winds Status - - 10 Heal the user and it's allies' HP by 30%. If there is a sunny conditions, it effect will raises to 70%. If other weather conditions are applied, reduce it to 15%. All Allies and User
Grass Prison Vines Special 60 100 15 When hit, prevent the target to switch out, unless when using Rapid Spin and other switch-forcing moves. One Adjectable Target
Water Ocean Bash Physical 120 100 10 Causes big damage but gives recoil damage to user by  of the damage. One Adjectable Target
Rock Stone Drill Physical 80 95 15 Causes the user's Attack stat raises by 1 stage by 50% chance each hits. One Adjectable Target
Ghost Annoy Special 55 100 20 Alway reduces the target's Sp.Attack every hits. Automaticly activate the move Berserk. All Unadjectable Target
Ghost TraumaScream Special 50 100 15 -6 Priorty but ignore the Evasion Stat. Even if the target is Normal-Type, such target will be forced to be switched out. Sound-Based. One Unadjectable Target
Electric Thunde-rain(Thunder Rain in later games) Special - 100 10 Power varies depended on the user's HP. Can do up to 150 Base Power. All Adjectable Foes
Electric Thunder Claw Physical 95 95 15 Slightly stronger than ThunderPunch. Causes paralyzis by a chance of 20% and have a high chance of critical hit. One Adjectable Target
Flying Air Sphere Special 80 100 20 Have 50% of raising the user's Special Attack stat by one stage upon sucssessful hit. Any Target
Bug Bug Stab Physical 95 95 15 The Pokémon uses it's sharp horn, claw, etc, to do a straight stab at a foe. Have a high chance of critical hit. One Adjectable Target
Water Geyser Bomb Status -- -- 10 The user puts the Geyser Bomb, on the opponent's field, that will blow up when a switch out from the opponent had made. Causes Wet but will fail and be removed if the victim is a Water-Type. Opponent's Field (Trap)
Psychic Reverse Status -- -- 10

The user reverses the boosted/weakened stats of a target, no matter how many interacted stats, and are ignored.

(Example: When Reverse is used on a Gyarados using Dragon Dance once, the latter one's boosts are turned into weakening, which mean -1 Attack and Speed.)

One Unadjectable Target
Flying Wind Trick Status -- -- 10 All Pokémon's held items are shuffled. Pokémon with assosiated item or that have Sticky Hold are immune. Every Pokémon in field
Bug Nectar Drink Status -- -- 10 The Pokémon drink nectars to recover 40% of it's HP and boost Bug-Type attacks by 30% next turn. Self
Fire Boom Blast Special 250 100 5 The Pokémon stores extreme heat, then releases the monstrous explosion that deals massive damage. The user faints afterward.

Only the Bamboom family line can learn this as a Basic Move.

All adjective targets
Light Star Kick Physical 20/40/100 100 10 Only does 20 on slower foes, but always out-priortize its facing enemy if it is faster. If it got increased speed, then it will deal 100 Base Power. Any adjective target.
Light Solar Blast Special 120 90 5 Have 20% chance to burn the targets. If either Sun weather or Bright Court field is on, then it will ignore positive stat changes of the targets. All adjective targets.
Light Shine Beam Special 40 100 30 Basic early-game Light-type attack. Had a 10% chance to reduce the target's Special Defense by one stage. Any adjective target.
Light Decipline Physical 90 100 15 Deals an automatic Critical Hit if the user got hit by a dirty-playing move such as Taunt. Any adjective target.
Light  Sun Impact Physical 120 90 5 Has a 10% chance to reduce the target's Special Attack by two stages. Any adjective target.
Light Bright Court Status -- -- 10

Summon a bright atmosphere that bears a resemble of a court.

For five turns, Dark-type Moves will fails, and Abilities that hinder another Pokémon cannot work, such as Intimidate.

Field Effect.
Light Reset Flash Status -- -- 10 Remove all entry hazards, weather effects and other field effects, as well as stat changes, in both sides. Field Effect/All Pokémon.
Light Justice Shield Status -- -- 5 Impliment a shield that bounces Status Moves back to the opponent for five turns. Like Reflect and Light Screen, the Justice Shield can be broken by the likes of Brick Break. Self and Allies.
Light Verdict Ray Special 80 100 15 Deals double damage if the target had increased stats, and ignore the Special Defense boost. Any adjective target.
Flying Wind Assault Physical


100 15 Can be learned by any Pokemon that can simply fly. It is also Super Effective against Fire-type Pokemon. Any target.

Changed Moves

  • All Room Moves: Have +1 Priorty, including Weird Room, but not Trick Room.
  • Metronome: Can now summon any move except of Chatter, Sketch, Struggle and the move itself.
  • Substitute: Have -1 Priorty and Pokémon who is behind of such Substitude will not receive Stat Raise, and cannot use Protect and familair moves on that Substitude.
  • Focus Blast: Had now 90% Accuracy.
  • Brick Break: Had now 85 Base Power.
  • Elemental Punches (Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch): Had now 90 Base Power each.
  • Strength: Now had a chance to raise the user's Attack by one stage by a 50% chance.
  • Charge Beam: Now had 75 Base Power and 100% accuracy.
  • Spatial Rend: Now had 120 Base Power.
  • Crabhammer: Now had 120 Base Power.
  • Aqua Tail: Now had 100 Base Power and 90% Accuracy, and 10% to Splash the target.
  • Multiple Water-type Move: Now had from 10% to 30% to Splash the target.
    • 10%: Surf, Aqua Bite, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump
    • 20%: Ocean Bash
    • 30%: Water Pulse (replaces Confusion)
  • Wild Charge and Volt Tackle: Base Power now increased to 120 and 150, respectively.


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