Pokémon Mighty & Nasty Versions (also just Pokémon Mighty & Nasty) is a main Pokémon game with a special generation; the Generation EX. The mascots are Thuggler of Mighty Version and Toxihost of Nasty Version. Over 14.12 millions sales are made, making it the second largest sale next to Black & White.
Pokémon Mighty
Pokémon Nasty
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Developer(s) Futurastic Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure/RPG
Release Date(s)
11th April 2012
Ironeo (ネオン, Buneo)
Number of Ironeo Pokémon
218 before all DLCs downlanded (133 New, and 52 post-end Pokémon excluded ), 129 DLC Pokémon.
Generation EX
Games in Generation EX:

Pokémon Pokémon Mighty
Pokémon Pokémon Nasty
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Villainous Team(s) of Ironeo
Team Twilight
E10+ (ESRB)

7+ (PEGI)

Media Included 3DS Cartage

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  • Traditionally, the player must collect 8 Gym Badge in order to enter the League with the Elite Four and a Champion.
  • More than one wild Pokémon will appears in the same battle, even if the player have no allies, but this will only happens when the player have three or more Pokémon carried. The chance of Double or Triple battle is 30% and 20% respectively, while Single is reverted back to 50%.
  • As with every traditional Pokemon games, there is a villainous team called Team Twilight, which is a combination of Light and Dark-type, and aim to put a permanent eclipse to the world to negatively affect the world.
  • The Pokémon Contest have returned since Pokémon Platinum version. The Visual Competition is removed and is replaced by Performance Competition and is the last one of the three. The decorations are still in the game but only for Dancing Competition.
    • The Performance is the same as in battle, but the Pokémon can combine two moves to do a special combination like in the anime, and any combination is possible except with Sketch, Transform and sacrificing moves such Final Gambit and Explosion (does to the fact that the Performance Competition only allowed one-on-one and that those sacrificing moves will be rendered useless).
    • Very rarely (15%), computer-controlled opponents will "cheat" by using certain moves such as Hypnosis to make the judges to reduce points of other competitors or Snarl to prevent the judge to watch other Pokémon for the next turn.
  • The battle become more dirty yet less harsh. For instance, an opponent may dare to cheat by sending three Pokémon during a Single Battle after the latter one's Pokémon fainted. Any of these will only cause by certain class such as Big Boss or boss Clark. In the Ironeo region, the battle are only engaged if all trainers accept, but some break this by forcing the player.
  • New Status Problems:
    • Splashed (Wet in Japan): A major one. This causes Sp.Attack decreased by 2 stages and HP losing by 4% each turn. Cannot affect Water-Types. Caused by most Water-Types moves. Moves that can causes Splash can heal Burn, but Splash can be also healed by moves causing freezing.
    • Blissed: A minor one. Only targets with opposed gender will be affected by this. This causes the victim to attack it's ally/allies or in Single Battle only, simply do any of disobedience actions or attacking it's own trainer (for comedy purpose and don't affect the gameplay).
    • Bullied: A minor one, caused by Tyrant Order (and sometimes Foul Curse or Status Punch) which prevent the victim from attacking unless when hit, Taunted or under Berserk.
    • Berserk: A minor one yet helpful for attacking. When Berserk is activated (or when given by Status Punch), the Pokémon with such status will only attack but will also takes half damage from any moves, become immune of OHKO moves and becomes invulnerable of stat decreasing and any decreased stats will revert back to normal. However, it takes double recoil damage (unless if the Pokémon have Magic Guard or Rock Hard) and moves that causes sleeping have doubled accuracy.
  • The player can use a new item, the Movédex, to see complete information of moves seen and/or learned by one of it's Pokémon.
  • In Multiplayer/Wi-Fi/Network Battle, the player can apply the EX Rules that changes mechanics to enforce changing strategy if necessary, such as accuracy and evasiveness can't raise no matter what.
  • Free Add-On Packs with additional Pokémon comes in four packs;
    1. Light-Type Expansion Pack
    2. Evolutionary Pack
    3. Evolutionary Pack 2
    4. Gas-Type Pack
    • Another pack called "Second Quest" includes new locations, new characters and new forms, such Madevil's Monster Forme and Naughty Form. It takes place in Hoenn region and the opponents' Pokémon are high leveled and the player can obtain either Sceptile, Blaziken or Swampert of his/her choice, however if the player's Ironeo Starter's first Type matches a starter of Hoenn (for instance, Foxature and Sceptile), that Pokémon cannot be obtained.
    • The formes changes in Black 2 and White 2 are not avaliable in either of the games but can becomes avaliable via updates.
  • A new Type called Gas, avaliable via downlanding Gas-Type Pack, is used to balance Fire-Type and Water-Type. Gas is Super Effective against Fire, Electric and Water (later Fairy at games from Gen 6 and later), and resists Fire, Electric, Bug, Fighting and Psychic, but is not very effective against Light, Dark, Ghost and Poison and is vulnerable to Dark, Light and Poison.

New Abilities

Ability Effect
Rock Dodger Grant immunity to Rock-type damage. When attempted to be damaged by any damaging Rock-type attacks, including the entry hazard Stealth Rock, it will gain a Speed raise by one stage instead.
Savvy Runner If the opponent got a Type that the Pokémon with Savvy Runner is vulnerable to, the latter one will have its Speed boosted by one stage.
Strong Body If this Pokémon is going to be hit by a Move with Base Power with 100 or higher, the attack will deal 1.3x less damage to this Pokémon.
High Intelligence This Pokémon is very smart. If it detect a Pokémon with an Ability that could make the such opponent to be immune to one of the player's Pokémon moves (or reflect them without harming it), then the user with High Intelligence will notice with a "!" mark.
Prideful This Pokémon is so prideful, that if it got a Status Problem, whatever it is Confusion, Poison or Infatuated, then it goes berserk and increase its higher Attack or Special Attack by two stages.
Light Absorber Increase this Pokemon's Special Defense by two stages when hit by a Light-type move, without any harm.
Court Summon This Pokémon will summon the Light Court for five turns everytime it got switched in. It will not prolongue the effect if the Light Court is already on effect.
Selfish This Pokémon will snatch the opponent's Stat boost and debuff everytime it attempted to use a Status Move or a Move with self-inflicting stat changes.
Arrogant This Pokémon is full of itself, and boost its Attack and Special Attack by 20%, but reduce Defense and Special Defense by 15%.
Acid Poison The poison or toxin of this Pokémon is so acid that it will deal Super Effective against Steel-type Pokémon instead of being useless against it. Status Poison are still ineffective against Steel-type.
Frosted Presence The user's body is so cold that if an attacker hit it with a contact move, there is a 30% chance that the same attacker will freeze.
Brutal Force The Pokemon is so strong, that positive Defense and Special Defense boost, from either Stat stage boost or other such as Sandstorm effect on Rock-type's Special Defense, is treated as negative when this Pokemon is attacking the target with such defenses boost.
Maniac Upon switching in, this Pokemon will lower the adjective foes' Special Attack by one stage. It would instead activate the enemy's Berserk move if it got that move, however.
Anti-Speed This Pokemon will take half damage from Pokemon with increased Speed.
Superior Grass If used by a Pokemon with Grass-type, it will be immune to Bug and Flying.
Mighty Body Thuggler's unique Ability. If the user is about to receive an attack that would potentially deal Super Effective damage and deal more than 250 HP damage, it would be reflected back to the attacker.
Neutron Power Toxihost's unique Ability. If any of its stats would increase, its Special Attack will also be increased by one stage.
Sharpshooter This Pokémon's Special Attack is doubled.
Vampire Deal 30% more damage when using HP-sapping attacks such as Giga Drain and Venom Absorb.
Color Copy Copy the same type of the facing opponent. Its Normal-type moves will also copy the foe's primary type.
Luck Bringer Increase the chance of secondary effects by 15%.
Night Summon

Summon a Dark Night upon switching in.

A Dark Night field condition allows Ghost-type and Dark-type to be immune to Sleep and other status that forces to stop them except Freeze, while Light-type status moves cannot work.

Weather Master Take no disadvantages from any weathers, such as taking no damage from sandstorm and hail, and its moves are not hindered by any weathers.
Insanity This Pokémon is so insane that every Pokémon on the field, including itself, to slowly had their lowest stat decreased by one stage after each turn. If both or more stats are tied, then which stat would be reduced would be picked at random.

Changed Pokémon

Notice that new Moves via TM are not listed.

Pokémon Changes (In base stats: HP/Attack/Defense/Sp. Attack/Sp. Defense/Speed (Total))
Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu Become Electric/Light-type.
Vulpix Line Become Fire/Light-type.
Grimer line Become Poison/Gas-type after the Gas-type Update.
Koffing line Become Poison/Gas-type after the Gas-type Update.
Gyarados Can naturally learns Ocean Bash.
  • 130/85/80/95/95/60 (545)
  • The reason of the increased Stats is to get in the line of Lakans that is a shared Pre-Evolution Pokémon with Gargakuan.
Feraligatr Can naturally learns Ocean Bash.
Bellossom Become Grass/Light-type.
Sunkern line Become Grass/Light-type.
Swampert Can naturally learns Ocean Bash, but not Take Down anymore.
Electrike line Become Electric/Light-type.
Volbeat Become Bug/Light-type.
Illumise Become Bug/Gas-type after the Gas-type Update.
Chimecho Become Psychic/Light.
Cherubi line Become Grass/Light.
Arceus Gain access to Light and Gas-type does to the Bright Plate and the Haze Plate, respectively.
Pignite and Emboar Become Fire/Light, possibly to mitigate the negative reception toward them. As a result, Pignite and Emboar can naturally learn Star Kick, and only Emboar will also learn Fair Play and Banish, all three moves being Light-type Physical Attacks.
Audino Become pure Light-type. As of later game like Pokémon Progress and Regress, if Mega Evolved into Mega Audino, it will be Light/Fairy-type.
Meloetta Both formes will have Normal-type replaced by Light-type. As a result, Aria Meloetta will be Light/Psychic while Pirouette Meloetta will be Light/Fighting.


Pokémon Mighty & Nasty Pokédex List

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New Moves

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Human Characters


Notice that I didn't made the first two images, but by Team-Eva. I credit her for her effort.

Shiny Pokémon


  • One of the main reason why Light-Type is in this game is does to being frequent in other Pokémon main games.
    • Another reason is in order to counter Ghost/Dark-Type Pokémon such as Sableye, Spiritomb (and their new respective evolutionary forms) as well as Mindimor.