#004 Warmao
Warmao's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Natdex 725
Regdex 004
Gen 7
Color Red
Fist Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Fire
Ability Blaze
Hidden Ability Speed Boost
Height 1'12"
Weight 13.5 lbs
Egg Group Field
Body Style Body08

Warmao (Japanese: アタタマオ, Atatamao) is a Fire-type Pokémon and one the starters for the Tanfa region.


Warmao is a racoon-like Pokémon with red fur with white markings around the face and black markings on the foots and posterior end. It has a flaming tail that is usually keeps held high in the air. The tail itself appears to have bends of fire that circle around it along with fur. It is theorized that the fire is apart of the fur and it encourages the fire within its tail to grow. It has round, black eyes as well as a dark nose. It has a strange wisp on the top of its head that looks like the top of a flame.


Warmao has perfect control over its flames and can increase or decrease the size of them. However, it sometimes causes forest fires if it becomes too excited or agitated when young. It is able to move at fast speeds and can jump from branch to branch at high speed with little difficulty.


Warmao has a friendly disposition and is open to most anyone. It generally is a social Pokémon and will often grow sad if it kept isolated from outside contact. This is evident by the fact the tail will shrink when sad. It has an active personality and enjoys the company of humans and other Pokémon. It has a curious nature that causes everything to be interesting to it - even mundane things. This Pokémon makes a great Pokémon as well as a pet.


It is known to eat anything from leaves to bamboo shoots to insects to fish, frogs, and eggs.


Warmao prefers areas of high elevation with hillside forests. While it love trees, it prefers more habitats with sparse vegetation. It can tolerate cold very well and prefers colder climates as opposed to warmer ones.


Version Description
Metal Warmao is known to scamper high in the trees as it plays. Areas where it lives are sometimes at risk for forest fires if more than a couple congregate.
Wood It spends most of its days training, playing, and hunting with others of it's kind. It actively hunts for both plants and small animals to eat.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal From Pokémon Professor
Wood From Pokémon Professor


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense


Level Move Type
1 Scratch Normal
1 Tail Whip Normal
4 Ember Fire
7 Take Down Normal
10 Bite Dark
13 Flame Charge Fire
15 Counter Fighting
18 Smokescreen Normal
20 Fake Tears Dark
23 Fire Fang Fire
25 Automatize Steel




Unknown Unknown


  • Warmao has the highest speed stats of any starter.
  • When it holds it's tail high, it is as tail as Calflora, the tallest starting Pokémon.


Warmao is based off a red panda.

Name Origin

Warmao is based off from warm and shangmao which means panda in Chinese.

Attamao is based off from 温める atatameru (become warm) マオ mao (panda in Chinese).

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