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#007 Shorcub
Shorcub's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Droplet
Natdex 728
Regdex 007
Gen 7
Color Blue
Fist Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Water
Ability Torrent
Hidden Ability Moxie
Height 2'05"
Weight 25.3 lbs
Egg Group Field
Body Style Body12

Shorcub (Japanese: リキシグマ, Rikishiguma) is a Water-type Pokémon and one the starters for the Tanfa region.


Shorcub is a blue bear-like Pokémon that has light blue flotation devises around it's mouth and wrists. While it does use them to float, it actually uses it to power up attacks by filling them with water. It has a wave-like pattern on its lower body with short, stubby legs and arms. It also has a small bob tail that will fill with water. It carries a rather bored expression and is prone to yawning often.


Shorcub may look like a pushover but that is further from the truth. It enjoys fighting and will not hesitate to jump and show off its strength to those around it. It has impressive strength despite its small frame and can use the floatation devices to fill up with water to power up its punch attacks. It is also an expert swimmer and can dive deep into the water.


Shorcub has an aggressive personality and is prone to getting into fights despite its dull appearance. While not an angry Pokémon, it is easily provoked and will become frustrated if it cannot defeat its opponent. Male Shorvubs are especially prone to demonstrating feats of strength and areas where Shorcub are found often bear the bruises of their feats of strength.


While it will eat berries and grasses, it prefers fish. Magikarp and Feebas is one of it's favorites.


Shorcub lives in areas near to rivers and lakes and prefers freshwater. It will hole up in dens located near to these bodies of water.


Version Description
Metal This Pokémon is known to be aggressive and will actively search out things to punch. It is easy to know its nearby by seeing broken rocks and trees.
Wood Male Shorcubs will attempt to show off their strength when they are together. This is done by smashing apart rocks, lifting up tree trunks, and swimming races.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal From Pokémon Professor
Wood From Pokémon Professor


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense


Level Move Type
1 Tackle Normal
1 Growl Normal
4 Water Gun Water
7 Sand Attack Ground
10 Comet Punch Normal
13 Work Up Normal
15 Water Pulse Water
18 Mach Punch Fighting
20 Crunch Dark
23 Howl Normal
25 Hammer Arm Fighting




Unknown Unknown


  • Shorcub has the highest attack stats for any starter.


Shorcub is based on a bear cub.

Name Origin

Shorcub is based off from shore and cub. Rikishiguma is based off from 陸 riku (land shore), 岸辺 kishibe (shore). and 熊 kuma (bear).

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