#015 Onionymph
Onionymph's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Onion
Natdex 738
Regdex 041
Gen 7
Color Brown
First Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Grass
Ability Overcoat
Hidden Ability S-oxide
Height 4'00"
Weight 22.07 lbs
Egg Group Grass
Body Style Body05

Onionymph (Japanese: Ruitsuugi, ルイツウギ) is a pure Grass-type Pokémon. It evolves from Toinion after planting and tending to it for 10 days.


It's body consists on an onion split into three parts. The sides form a sort of shield and represents a quarter while the base represents the half. It can use these as a sort of shield. It has a small, fragile looking white body with a stalk at the top that curves down. The stalk has a light green and white coloration to it.


Onionymph is capable of producing a scent that causes anyone in the general vicinity to experience painful tears. The effect is increased ten fold if Onionymph is scared, attacked, or hurt. It is capable of using the sides of the onion to protect itself from damage.


Once it finds the perfect soil, it will nest and slowly grow. It dislikes moving once in this state and will react angrily if attempts are made to forcibly remove it.


Onionymph sucks out nutrients from the ground using its feet.


It can be found in grasslands and meadows as well as farm lands.


Version Description
Metal Onionymph dislikes intruders and will release it's tear-inducing scent when angry, scared, or hurt. It moves around by swinging its bottom half back and forth,
Wood Once it finds perfect soil, it will settle down and make a nest. Any attempts to remove Onionymph at this time results in it releasing it tear-inducing scent.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal Route 11 (after planting and tending for 10 days)
Wood Route 11 (after planting and tending for 10 days)


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
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Coming soon





Nymphonion via planting after 10 days



Onionymph is based on an onion.

Name Origin

Onionymph is based off from onion and nymph.

ルイツウギ is based off from 涙 namida (another way to say "tear"), 痛い itai (another way to say "painful") and ねぎ negi(onion).

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