The Tanfa region is a new and vast region found with Pokémon Jīn & Pokémon Mù. This region will slowly be revealed through version updates. The region itself is split into five areas called proximities. The region itself has densely populated areas and the towns are considered to be as a large as some small cities. Due to the lack of available land, it is common for taller buildings to be constructed.


Here is a confirmed list of the five proxmities:

  • Northern Proximity: Featured int he launch version. It is characterized by its cold north and fertile lands in the south.
  • Southern Proximity: Featured in the second update version. GAME FREAK has stated that it was only recently that people began to settle here.
  • Coast Proximity: Featured in the second update version. GAME FREAK has stated that it is a rural island with an airport.
  • Capital Proximity: Featured in the third update version. GAME FREAK has stated there are two cities here: one used to be the capital in ancient times and the other city is main capital.
  • Islands Proximity: Featured in the third update version. GAME FREAK has stated that it contains a number of small islands and devoid of cities.


While not much is known about the region's history, GAME FREAK has stated that the region is quite old and was held by a foreign power for some time until it's governance was given to the people. While it's people has grown to welcome foreigners, the region itself has a strong nationalistic identity.

Cities, Landmarks, and Routes

The Tanfa region boasts a wide number of towns and cities as well as unique locations. While the entire region has yet to be fully explored, the Northern Proximity has three cities and two towns as well as a number of other locations.

Cities and Towns

Northern Proximity

Image City/Town Population Description Points of interest
Winternal Town 8 Frosty snow sparkles in the this everlasting winter.
  • Player's house
  • Rival's House
Tundrake Town 17 Chilly winds blows down from the mountains into the pine forests.
  • Fisherman's Hut
  • Lake Ferry
Froston City 31 The warmth of the hearts of those who live here keep the city warm.
  • Froston City Gym
  • Hotel Freezers
  • Trainer's School
  • Construction Site
Smogrim City 48 Soot and smoke may fill the air but it's beauty lies in the machines it makes.
  • Smogrim City Gym
  • Slyph Machinery Co.
  • Jet GO! Industries
  • Smogrim Port
  • Warehouses
Pinncall Town 27 Sea birds and fisherman share this city together in peace.
  • Pinacall Town Gym
  • Fisherman's Market
  • Pinacall Aquarium
Hartmine Town 14 Deep below the earth this town beats to the sound of miners picks.
  • Archaeology Museum
  • Dig Site


The Tanfa region has many landmarks for players to visit.

Northern Proximity

Image Location Description Significance
Dr. Yew's Lab Hard at work, Dr. Yew maintains this lab way in the north. Dr. Yew lives here and gives the player the starting Pokemon
Snowfall Cave Winter winds blows through this cave and freezes everything inside. Entrance from the north.
Chillpine Forest Frozen evergreen branches hang low over this frozen forest. Many trainers can be found here
Darkvein Pass A pitch dark mine full of dangers and adventure. Access to the est section. It has multiple routes that has three entrances.
Pride Rock A massive statue that commemorates a trainer of particular skill and merit. Related to the story
Dig Site Deep below something stirs...or someone causing it to stir. Related to the story. Fossils.
Northern Observatory Looks to the stars in search of answers. Related to the story
Safari Zone Catch rare Pokemon here! Contains the Safari Zone which is under development. Help donate money to build it up!
Science Park Science is made here! Related to the story
Tower of Blight A mysterious tower that beats with an unknown evil. Related to the story
Citadel Once the Tower of Blight but now a place for trainers to become strong in battle. Post-story content


Northern Proximity

Image Route Description Connections
Route 1 A snow-laden pass winding through beautiful snowy hills to the professors lab. Winternal Town -> Dr. Yew's Lab
Route 2 A windy icy path that leads through Snowfall Cave and out into open tundra. Winternal Town -? Snowfall Cave -> Route 3
Route 3 A unique route that extends through a town and over a lake. Route 2 -> Tundrake Town -> Chillpine Forest
Route 4 A snowy road composed of abandoned settlements and overturned carriages. Chillpine Forest -> Froston City
Route 5 A meandering route that travels from the frosty hills down to the tundra valley. Froston City -> Trading Post
Route 6 A short route that experience light snowfall. Trading Post -> Tundrake Town
Route 7 A windy route that travels alongside the nearby river. Overhanging trees cover much of the path creating a sort of green tunnel. Trading Post -> Darkvein Pass
Route 8 A windy path that leads south alongside various standing stones. Darkvein Pass (South) -> Darkvein Pass (North)
Route 9 A short path full of power lines and energy stores for the Science Park. Darkvein Pass -> Science Park
Route 10 A slopping route that bobs up and down rolling hills. The route slowl gives way to desolation from nearby pollution caused by factories. Darkvein Pass -> Smogrim City
Route 11 Leads out of the desolation into verdant fields of flowers and farm land where players can plant berries and crops. Smogrim City -> Route 12
Route 12 A dry route full of savanna grass and harsh sunlight. Route 11) -> Darkvein Pass (South)
Route 13 Leads out of the desolation into precipices of sharp rock and stone. Smogrim City -> Route 14/15
Route 14 A route that leads over the rocky peaks down into the sandy beaches below. Route 13 -> Pinnacall Town
Route 15 A short yet dark route that leads through overhanging stone arches and pillars. Route 13 -> Tower of Blight
Route 16 A route that runs over rolling hills with sparse vegetation. Harbor -> Hartmine Town
Route 17 A rocky route that weaves around cliff faces. Hartmine Town -> Northern Observatory
Route 18 An pleasant short route winding through various ruins and dig sites. Hartmine Town -> Dig Site


  • The region was modeled after Hong Kong and borrows various aspects of the area. It was flipped 180 degrees to the left in order to make the map more playable.
  • It is a very large region in comparison to older regions with the Northern Proximity roughly the size of the Kanto region. However, the region for this difference in size isn't due to actual size but due to differences in programming/development.

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