#028 Garbardier
Garbardier's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Bombardier
Natdex 750
Regdex 103
Gen 7
Color Brown
First Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Bug/Flying
Ability Toxic Boost, Compound Eyes
Hidden Ability Alert
Height 2'08"
Weight 1.3 lbs
Egg Group Bug
Body Style Body09

Garbardier (Japanese: Hahepari, ハへパリ) is a dual Bug and Flying-type Pokémon. It evolves from Gnarritant at level 15 and from Pesterfly when leveled up while holding a Golden Poison Medal from the Poison Guild.


Ganrritant is a fly-like Pokémon a dark brown exoskeleton. It has a yellow fleshy midsection followed by a grossly expanded thorax. On the thorax are blotches of purple spots. The end of the thorax is an opening with a sickly yellow star framing it. Toxic ooze, digested from the filth it eats, ejects out from it. It has six legs that are red, purple, and brown in color. It has a large head with red compound eyes though half of it is closed with a thin layer of purple exoskeleton. It has a yellow nose that it eats filth from. Finally, it has a pair of translucent wings.


It loses its speed that it's pre-evolutions enjoyed but gains a more versatile weapon; the ability to eject globs of toxic sludge from its thorax. While it isn't a Poison-type, it can utilize Poison-type moves all the same. It flies clumsily thanks to the over-sized thorax.


It can become agitated easily and while fire of toxic sludge without much provocation. It also has become more bold and will hold its own again an enemy.


Garbardier feeds primarily on rotten food and decayed matter.


It can be found in a wide matter of setting except for freezing areas.


Version Description
Metal It trades in speed for the ability to shoot out toxic piles of sludge from its thorax. This sludge is powerful enough to melt through 5m thick steel doors.
Wood Garbardier will fire of its toxic sludge without any warning. In fact, it seems to enjoy firing off the sludge and will do it even when it isn't threatened.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal Evolve from Pestifly.
Wood Evolve from Pestifly.


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
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Coming soon





Pesterfly at level 15


Garbardier via level up while holding the Golden Poison Medal



Garbardier is based on a house fly and a bombardier beetle.

Name Origin

Garbardier is based off from garbage and bombardier.

ハへパリ is based off from ハエ hae (fly) 屁 he (fart) and っ放し ppanashi (to release).

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