#001 Calflora
Calflora's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Twig
Natdex 722
Regdex 001
Gen 7
Color Green
Fist Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Grass
Ability Overgrow
Hidden Ability Serene Grace
Height 3'02"
Weight 18.0 lbs
Egg Group Grass and Field
Body Style Body08

Calflora (Japanese: キリボミ Kiribomi) is a Grass-type Pokémon and one the starters for the Tanfa region.


Calflora is an average sized green giraffe-like Pokémon. It is taller than most other starting Pokémon due to its long neck. It has two portruding horns at the top of its head that resembles leaves as well as a row of leaves lining down it's back. In addition, leaf patterns are visible on the Pokémon's body. It's two front legs are made out of wood which also includes the hoofs giving this Pokémon a wooden sound when running. It an use its long neck to reach out and grab leaves and twigs from low-hanging bushes. It is capable of synthesizing with nearby foliage and absorb it's essence - curing itself of fatigue and illness.


Calflora is capable of instilling life in the plants and flora around it; revitalizing previously dead growth into healthy plants. If it is within a forest that is beyond coming back to life though, it too well succumb to the disease. While peaceful by nature, it will attack if need be using razor sharp leaves from its back and absorbing life force from its enemies. It can also attack using its wooden hooves.


As mentioned before, Calflora is a peaceful Pokémon that rarely shows anger. It is naturally shy and avoids direct confrontation. In the wild, it is easily startled and woudl rather flee and hide than stand and fight. When with its trainer, it is very loyal and supportive and will react to the player by comforting him or her if they are sad or angry.


It is known to eat tender young leaves and twigs from trees. Due to its ability, it can help plants grow after it eats them.


Version Description
Metal Calflora can be seen congregating around low-hanging trees where it will feed on leaves. They have the power to grow them back over time.
Wood Calflora can calm forests and encourage growth just from its presence. It loves fresh green woods just as much as ancient, weathered ones.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal From Pokémon Professor
Wood From Pokémon Professor


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense


Level Move Type
1 Pound Normal
1 Leer Normal
4 Absorb Grass
7 Attract Normal
10 Light Screen Psychic
13 Razor Leaf Grass
15 Fairy Wind Fairy
18 Fury Attack Normal
20 Stomp Normal
23 Petal Dance Grass
25 Dazzling Gleam Fairy

247, 120, 161




Unknown Unknown


  • Calflora is the first hoofed Grass starter.
  • Calflora is the tallest starter within all the generations.


Calflora is based off a young giraffe.

Name Origin

Calflora is based off from calf and flora.

Kirifu is based off from キリン kirin (giraffe) つぼみ tsubomi (bud).

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