#007 Boriole
Boriole's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Migrating
Natdex 734
Regdex 016
Gen 7
Color Yellow
First Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Normal/Flying
Ability Migration, Own Tempo
Hidden Ability Hustle
Height 2'02"
Weight 7.10 lbs
Egg Group Flying
Body Style Body09

Boriole (Japanese: ワタグイス, Wataguisu ) is a dual Normal and Flying-type Pokémon. It evolves from Meadoriole at level 18.


Boriole is a medium sized yellow bird-like Pokémon with black markings, an orange beak, red eyes, and blue-grey legs. The black marks can be found on its head, wings, tail, and back. It has a long wingspan that allows it to fly for long periods of time.


Boriole is capable of flying for long periods of time without stopping to rest. It has been known to fly for eight months while only to stop to eat and rest for a few minutes. While not extremely fast, it can use its energy to propel itself fast into the air for dive bombing attacks.


Boriole will often mate for life and will find his or her mate at the breeding grounds. Boriole tends to travel long distances depending on the seasons. It will travel to a warmer climate when its breeding grounds is during winter. It always breeds in the same place.


Boriole feeds on various grains, seeds, and fruits as well as small insects.


It can be found in forested areas as well as meadows and fields.


Version Description
Metal Boriole will travel far distances just to find its mate to breed. It can fly for months at a time without stopping to rest and eat.
Wood It has very strong wings that allows it to fly without rest. While not extremely fast, it can use stored energy to propel itself fast in the air for dive bomb attacks.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal Route 5, Route 5, Route 7
Wood Route 5, Route 5, Route 7


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
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Level Move Type
1 Tackle Normal
1 Bird Call Flying
3 Peck Flying
6 Pursuit Dark
9 Quick Attack Normal
12 Agility Psychic
16 Hyper Voice Normal
19 Wing Attack Flying
21 Roost Flying
23 Razor Wind Normal
25 Feather Dance Flying





Boriole at level 18



Boriole is based on a black-hooded oriole.

Name Origin

Boriole is based off from boreal or arboreal and oriole.

Wataguisu is based off from 渡る wataru (transit) and ウグイス uguisu(Japanese bush warbler).Uguisu is the word to describe orioles in Japanese as they have beautiful voices just like a bush warbler. 渡り鳥 wataridori is the Japanese word for migratory bird which is where the name also comes from.

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