#759 Bonychus
Bonychus's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Sharp Claw
Natdex 759
Regdex 138
Gen 7
Color Red
First Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Rock/Dark
Ability Intimidate, Speed Boost
Hidden Ability Tough Claws
Height 5'00"
Weight 88.3 lbs
Egg Group Monster, Mineral
Body Style Body06

Bonychus (Japanese: Ounonikusu, オウノ二クス) is a dual Rock and Dark-type Pokémon. It is resurrected at the Science Park from a Talon Fossil.


It is a tall Pokémon with a lithe body frame. It has light-brown with a reddish tiny scales with an pale yellow underbelly. On it's head a skull-like helmet composed entirely of bone with large eye sockets for it's reptilian yellow eyes. There is also a hole for its nostrils. It has two black hair appendages attached to its head. Running the length of its back, as well as its hands, and legs are pieces of bone. The ones on his arm and leg resembles a single strip of bone while the ones running along its spine resembles a spinal cord. It sports long, sharp black claws and talons on its hands and feet.


It was able to leap long distances and scratch furiously with its impressively sharp talons. It sported very sharp teeth that it used for maw its prey. It was able to achieve very fast speeds as well. It used its tail for balance while running and jumping. It was said to be extremely smart.


It used its supposed intelligence to outwit its prey and work together with its pack. Some theorize that if humans didn't evolve the way they did, the Bonychus would of been the highest on the food chain.


Bonychus is exclusively a meat eater; preferring its prey, the Armortonia.


It was most likely found in plains and grasslands.


Version Description
Metal Researches suggest this Pokémon was highly intelligent and capable of working together with others in its pack to outwit prey. It used its sharp talons and teeth to attack.
Wood They often hunted Armortonia in the vast prehistoric grasslands. They worked together in packs to ambush and bring down their preferred prey.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal Revive Talon Fossil at the Science Park
Wood Revive Talon Fossil at the Science Park


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
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Bonychus is based of a Deinonychus.

Name Origin

Bonychus is based off from boney and Deinonychus.

オウノ二クス is based off from 追う ou (to pursue) as well as 王 ou (king) and デイノニクス deinonikusu (Deinonychus).