#757 Amortonia
Armortonia's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Armored Plate
Natdex 757
Regdex 136
Gen 7
Color Grey
First Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Rock/Steel
Ability Rough Skin, Solid Rock
Hidden Ability Shell Armor
Height 2'10"
Weight 138.0 lbs
Egg Group Field, Mineral
Body Style Body08

Armortonia (Japanese: Euopukugi, エウオプクギ) is a dual Rock and Steel-type Pokémon. It is resurrected at the Science Park from a Club Fossil.


It is a large Pokémon with a heavy body frame. The lower portion of the body has olive green scales with a single grey nail. The top portion is steel-grey and covered in steel domes while the side has alternating steel spikes. It has a tail with a large steel ball attached with small steel spikes poking out from it. Compared to the rest of its body, it has a smaller head with a large grey beak. It has yellow eyes that appear almost covered by the steel portion of its head. There are two steel domes above its eyes as well.


While it is quite slow, it relies primarily on defense when it battle. It uses its opponents aggression against them by pointing the spike portions of its body into the attacking foe thus causing damage to the foe instead. The domes on its back was theorized to turn away sharp claws from its main enemy, Bonychus. It's heavy tail was used to knock away would be predators and can crush through solid brick walls with ease.


It herded together with other Armortonia. When attacked, they would form a protective circle around the young while madly swinging their tail clubs or fending enemies with their spikes.


Armortonia would feed on grasses, nuts, and fruits.


It was most likely found in plains and grasslands.


Version Description
Metal It was very protective of its young and would use its club and spikes to fend away predators. The herd would form a circle around the young and madly swing their tail clubs.
Wood They often traveled in herds and used their foes aggression against them. It's tail was so strong that it could easily collapse a large brick wall without any effort.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal Revive Club Fossil at the Science Park
Wood Revive Club Fossil at the Science Park


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
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Coming soon






Armortonia is based of an Ankylosaurus as well as another member of the Anklysauria family, Euoplocephalus.

Name Origin

Armortonia is based off from armor, stone, and sauria.

エウオプクギ is based off from エウオプロケファルス euopurokefarusu (Japanese pronunciation of the Anklyosauria member, Euoplocephalus) and 釘 kuhi (nail).

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