#754 Aquqaphin
Aquaphin's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Serene
Natdex 754
Regdex 131
Gen 7
Color Pink
First Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Water/Fairy
Ability Swift Swim
Hidden Ability Healer
Height 9'07"
Weight 105.3 lbs
Egg Group Water 2, Field
Body Style Body03

Aquaphin (Japanese: Irukai, イルカイ) is a dual Water and Fairy-type Pokémon. It evolves from Porportise while holding the "Sea Fairy's Tear" hold item. It is exclusive to Pokémon Metal.


Auqaphin is a long dolphin-like Pokémon with a sleek pink body with various light purple spots along the body. It's head is a different color from the rest of the body with being a more pale purple with green eyes. It appears the mouth is formed between the face and the rest of the belly area. The belly itself is colored a darker purple. In addition, there are appendages on the side of the fins resembles an seaplane of some sort. It uses these to propel itself even further by using air pressure.


It is able to sense distress in other living things and will swim quickly to help the situation. It is highly revered by both sailors, swimmers, and fisherman due to it wishing to protect them from dangers. They will not hesitate to tackle more intimidating Pokémon such as Sharpedo. They can also use an extra sense to locate food and its surroundings when in darker environments. It is capable of propelling itself at high speeds under water and launching itself in order to perform amazing stunts.


It is empathetic to other living things and dislikes to see any sort of violence. It is very protective of humans in the water and will assist them should be fall into peril.


Aquaphin feeds mostly on fish and other aquatic animals.


It can be found in oceans and bays.


Version Description
Metal Widely revered for its protective nature by those who make their living on the seas; it will protect humans when they enter the water. It has a gentle nature.
Wood It uses the appendages on the side of its fins to propel itself through the water. It is capable of jumping out from the water and performing amazing stunts.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal Evolve from Porportise
Wood Trade


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
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Coming soon





Aquaphin via leveling up while holding the "Sea Fairy's Tear"



Aquaphin is based on a Chinese White Dolphin.

Name Origin

Aquaphin is based off from aqua and fin/dolphin.

イルカイ is based off from イルカ iruka (dolphin) and 海 kai(another way way to say "umi" or ocean.)

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