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This is the page for the special events that happen in the Pokémon Light and Shadow games. These are typically for downloading special or rare Pokémon.

Flevore Pokémon

A special event will be available during the first few months of the games release. The event will give out one of 5 different Pokémon from the Flevore Region, which the Fantendo User, Arend uses in his Pre and Post Elite Four Battles. The player will randomly recieve a Snaileaf, Flitten, Surchin, Cooeth or Pipshi from Arend, who will appear at ??? on the days you don't battle him on. All the Pokémon will be level 10 and hold a Lucky Egg.

Creators Pokémon

A year after the game's release, an event will be released in which the player can recieve 2 of the creators Pokémon from his game data. The player will be able to recieve 2 out of 21 Pokémon. There will be 3 available from each generation. However, the Pokémon gained is unknown until the user recieves the Pokéballs and once the Pokéballs have been taken, they can't be returned, swapped or traded.

Creators Pokémon
Pokémon Sprite Level Gender Move I Move II Move III Move IV Ability Item
Butterfree 012 Lvl 100 Psybeam Sleep Powder SolarBeam Hyper Beam Compoundeyes Silk Scarf
Hitmonlee 106 Lvl 100 Mega Kick Hi Jump Kick Skull Bash Toxic Limber
Vaporeon 134 Lvl 100 Hydro Pump Aurora Beam Surf Reflect Water Absorb
Heracross 214 Lvl 100 Megahorn Earthquake Fury Cutter Cut Swarm

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