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This is the page for the abilities that can be learned by Pokémon in Pokémon Light and Shadow.

Returning Abilities

Number Name Effect Single Dual Hidden
#001 Stench The stench prevents any wild Pokémon from battling you.
#002 Drizzle The Pokémon makes the weather turn to rain, when it enters the battlefield.
#003 Speed Boost Every turn, the Pokémon increases its speed by 1.
#004 Battle Armour The user prevents any critical hits from damaging it.
#005 Sturdy The user is protected against 1 hit-KO attacks.
#006 Damp The user prevents the use of the moves Selfdestruction and Explosion.
#007 Limber The user can't be paralysed.
#008 Sand Veil The Pokémon has higher evasiveness in a Sandstorm.
#009 Static Touching the Pokémon may cause Paralysis.
#010 Volt Absorb The Pokémon regains HP when hit by any Electric Attack.
#011 Water Absorb The Pokémon regains HP when hit by any Water Attack.
#012 Oblivious The Pokémon can't fall in love.
#013 Cloud Nine All Weather Effects are eliminated on the Battlefield.
#014 Compoundeyes The Pokémon has increased Accuracy.
#015 Imsomnia The Pokémon can't fall asleep.
#016 Colour Change The Pokémon changes its type to the type of the last move the Foe used.
#017 Immunity The Pokémon can't be poisoned.
#018 Flash Fire Fire Type Moves are increased when the Pokémon is hit by a Fire Type Move.
#019 Shield Dust Blocks any side-effects from moves, such as Paralysis. However, Status Moves still work.
#020 Own Tempo The user can't be come Confused.
#021 Suction Cups The Pokémon isn't affected by moves such as Roar or Whirlwind, which makes it switch out.
#022 Intimidate Lower's the foes Attack Stat.
#023 Shadow Tag Prevents the Foe from Escaping.
#024 Rough Skin Inflicts Damage to Pokémon who use Physical Type Moves.
#025 Wonder Guard Only allows Super Effective Moves to hit.
#026 Levitate Gives the Pokémon Immunity to Ground Type Moves
#027 Effect Spore Touching a Pokémon with this ability can cause Paralysis, inflict Poison or make them fall Asleep.
#028 Synchronize Passes on any status effect including Sleep, Frozen, Poison and Soaked.
#029 Clear Body Prevents any stat from being lowered.
#030 Natural Cure All Status Conditions are cured, when the Pokémon is switched out.
#031 Lightningrod The Pokémon absorbs all Electric-type Moves.
#032 Serence Grace There is more chance that added effects occur, such as stat lowering.
#033 Swift Swim The Pokémon's speed is boosted when it is raining.
#034 Chlorophyll The Pokémon's speed is boosted when it is sunny.
#035 Illuminate There is more chance of meeting Wild Pokémon
#036 Trace The Pokémon copies the foes ability.
#037 Huge Power The Pokémon's attack stat is increased.
#038 Poison Point When the Pokémon is hit or hits a foe, the foe may get poisoned.
#039 Inner Focus The Pokémon never flinches.
#040 Magma Armour The Pokémon cannot be frozen.
#041 Water Veil The Pokémon is Burn-Proof
#042 Magnet Pull Steel Types become unable to escape.
#043 Soundproof The Pokémon is immune to Sound-Type moves
#044 Rain Dish When it is raining, the Pokémon regains some HP every turn.
#045 Sand Stream A sandstorm is summoned when the Pokémon is sent into battle.
#046 Pressure The Pokémon raises the foe’s PP usage.
#047 Thick Fat The Pokémon has higher resistance to Fire and Ice type moves.
#048 Early Bird The Pokémon has more chance of waking up from Sleep quicker.
#049 Flame Body The Pokémon causes a burn when it is hit or hits another Pokémon.
#050 Run Away The Pokémon is always certain to escape from a wild battle first time.
#051 Keen Eye The Pokémon's accuracy is sure to never drop.
#052 Hyper Cutter The Pokémon's Attack Stat is prevented from dropping.
#053 Pickup The Pokémon has a chance of picking up items.
#054 Truant The user has to miss an attack after every attack.
#055 Hustle The Pokémon's attack stat is increased, decreasing its accuracy at the same time.
#056 Cute Charm The Pokémon attracts the foe if hit by a physical move.
#057 Plus The Pokémon has its Sp. Attack increase when another Pokémon in the battle has Minus.
#058 Minus The Pokémon has its Sp. Defence increase when another Pokémon in the battle has Plus.
#059 Forecast The Pokémon transforms when the weather changes.
#060 Sticky Hold The Pokémon cannot have its item taken.
#061 Shed Skin There is a chance that the Pokémon will heal itself of any status condition.
#062 Guts The Pokémon's Attack Stat is increased when they have a status condition.
#063 Marvel Scale The Pokémon's Defence Stat is increased when they have a status condition.
#064 Liquid Ooze Damage is inflicted if the Pokémon is attacked with a HP draining move.
#065 Overgrow Grass Type Moves are powered up when a Pokémon's stamina is low.
#066 Blaze Fire Type Moves are powered up when a Pokémon's stamina is low.
#067 Torrent Water Type Moves are powered up when a Pokémon's stamina is low.
#068 Swarm Bug Type Moves are powered up when a Pokémon's stamina is low.
#069 Rock Head The Pokémon is protected from recoil damage.
#070 Drought The Pokémon makes the sun shine when entered into the battlefield.
#071 Arena Trap The Pokémon prevents the foe from fleeing.
#072 Vital Spirit The Pokémon is prevented from falling asleep.
#073 White Smoke The Pokémon's stats are prevented from dropping.
#074 Pure Power The Pokémon's Physical Attack's are powered up.
#075 Shell Armour The Pokémon is protected against critical hits.
#076 Air Lock The Pokémon removes any weather effects on the battlefield.
#077 Tangled Feet The Evasiveness Stat is increased if the Pokémon is Confused.
#078 Motor Drive The Speed Stat is raised if the Pokémon is hit by an Electric Type Move.
#079 Rivalry The Attack Stat is raised if the Pokémon is battling a foe of the same gender.
#080 Steadfast If the Pokémon flinches, the Speed stat is increased each time.
#081 Snow Cloak The Pokémon's Evasiveness is increased during a Hailstorm.
#082 Gluttony The Pokémon uses berries earlier than it normally would.
#083 Anger Point A critical hit will cause the Pokémon's attack to increases drastically.
#084 Unburden The Speed stats is raised if a held item is used during battle.
#085 Heatproof The Pokémon decreases the amount of damage Fire-Type Moves do to it.
#086 Simple The Pokémon becomes vulnerable to drastic stat changes.
#087 Dry Skin The Pokémon's HP is lost if it is hot and gained if hit by water.
#088 Download The Pokémon adjusts its power depending on the foe's lowest stat.
#089 Iron Fist The Pokémon increases the power of any moves that involve punching.
#090 Poison Heal The Pokémon restores its own HP if it becomes poisoned.
#091 Adaptability The Pokémon boosts moves that are the same type of itself.
#092 Skill Link The Pokémon is certain to hit the maximum number of times for a multi-strike move.
#093 Hydration The Pokémon heals any status condition, including sleep, when the weather is rainy.
#094 Solar Power When the weather is sunny, the Pokémon increases its Sp. Attack stat, but decreases its HP.
#095 Quick Feet The Pokémon's Speed is increased drastically when a status condition is in effect. It also wakes the Pokémon up if it asleep.
#096 Normalize All the Pokémon's Moves become of the Normal Type.
#097 Sniper The Pokémon increases its attack power when it gets critical hits.
#098 Magic Guard The Pokémon only recieves damage from attacks. Status moves and recoil damage have no effect.
#099 No Guard The Pokémon and its Foes attacks are all sure to land.
#100 Stall The Pokémon moves after all foes that are slower than it.
#101 Technician The Pokémon's weakest moves are powered up.
#102 Leaf Guard The Pokémon is prevented from getting status problems during sunny weather.
#103 Klutz The Pokémon is unable to use any held item.
#104 Mold Breaker Any move can be used regardless of what ability or item the foe has.
#105 Super Luck The Pokémon increases the ratio for critical hits when battling.
#106 Aftermath The Pokémon who lands the finishing hit gets damaged when the Pokémon faints.
#107 Anticipation Any moves that have a power of more than 90 will be alerted to the Pokémon.
#108 Forewarn The Pokémon determines what moves the foes have.
#109 Unaware The Pokémon ignores any stat changes that are used or inflicted by the foe.
#110 Tinted Lens The Pokémon powers up any moves that are deemed "not very effective".
#111 Filter The Pokémon powers down the foe's "super effective" moves.
#112 Slow Start The Pokémon's attack and speed are temporarily halved for the first few moves of the battle.
#113 Scrappy The Pokémon can hit Ghost-type foes with Normal and Fighting type moves.
#114 Storm Drain The Pokémon draws in all Water-type moves.
#115 Ice Body The Pokémon is able to regain some HP back during a Hailstorm.
#116 Solid Rock The Pokémon powers down moves that would be "super effective".
#117 Snow Warning The Pokémon summons a Hailstorm, when entering the battlefield.
#118 Honey Gather The Pokémon may gather some Honey during a battle.
#119 Frisk The Pokémon is able to check what item the foe is holding.
#120 Reckless The Pokémon powers up moves that usually cause recoil damage.
#121 Multitype The Pokémon changes its type to what plate it is holding.
#122 Flower Gift When the weather is sunny, the Pokémon powers all other Pokémon in its party.
#123 Bad Dream The Pokémon reduces its HP during sleep.
#124 Pickpocket The Pokémon steals the attacking Pokémon's item on contact.
#125 Sheer Force The Pokémon strengthens its moves that have added effects from 1x to 1.3x. However, the added effects will not occur.
#126 Contrary The Pokémon inverts Stat modifiers.
#127 Unnerve The Pokémon prevents the foes from using berries.
#128 Defiant The Pokémon raises its attack stat two levels upon having any of its stats lowered.
#129 Defeatist The Pokémon halves its Attack and Sp. Attack when its HP is at half or lower.
#130 Cursed Body The Pokémon disables any move that hits it for four turns.
#131 Healer The Pokémon has a 60% chance of healing any status condition of allies each turn.
#132 Friend Guard Decreases damage inflicted against ally Pokémon.
#133 Weak Armour The Pokémon raises its Speed and lowers its Defence when hit by any move each turn.
#134 Heavy Metal The Pokémon doubles its weight.
#135 Light Metal The Pokémon halves its weight.
#136 Multiscale The Pokémon halves the damage of an attack when it has full HP.
#137 Toxic Boost The Pokémon increases its attack from 1x to 1.5x when poisoned.
#138 Flare Boost The Pokémon increases its Sp. Attack from 1x to 1.5x when burned.
#139 Harvest The Pokémon restores its berry each turn after use.
#140 Telepathy The Pokémon protects itself from damaging moves from Pokémon that are friendly.
#141 Moody The Pokémon raises a random stat two stages and lowers a random stat one stage each turn.
#142 Overcoat The Pokémon protects itself from weather damage and any move that is powered up by weather.
#143 Poison Touch The Pokémon has a 30% chance of poisoning a foe upon contact.
#144 Regenerator The Pokémon heals itself for 1/3 of its max HP upon leaving battle.
#145 Big Pecks The Pokémon protects itself from defence lowering stats.
#146 Sand Rush The Pokémon doubles its Speed during a Sandstorm.
#147 Wonder Skin The Pokémon has a 50% chance of protecting itself from non-damaging moves.
#148 Analytic The Pokémon strengthens its moves when moving last.
#149 Illusion The Pokémon disguises itself as another consious Pokémon in the party or a foes consious Pokémon that has been switched out.
#150 Imposter The Pokémon transforms upon entering battle.
#151 Infiltrator The Pokémon is unaffected by the moves Light Screen, Reflect and Safegaurd.
#152 Mummy Contact with a Pokémon with this ability spreads this ability.
#153 Moxie The Pokémon's attack stats rises two stages upon defeating a Pokémon.
#154 Justified The Pokémon raises its attack when hit by a Dark-type move.
#155 Rattled The Pokémon raises its speed one stage upon being hit by a Dark, Ghost or Bug type move.
#156 Magic Bounce The Pokémon reflects most non-damaging moves back at the foe.
#157 Sap Sipper The Pokémon raises its Attack stat one level when hit by a Grass-type move.
#158 Prankster The Pokémon raises the priority of non-damaging moves.
#159 Sand Force The Pokémon strengthens the power of Rock, Ground and Steel types from 1x to 1.3x during a sandstorm.
#160 Iron Barbs Damages attacking Pokémon upon contact for 1/8 of their max HP.
#161 Zen Mode The Pokémon changes its form when its HP is at half.
#162 Victory Star The Pokémon raises its moves accuracy from 1x to 1.1x for friendly Pokémon.
#163 Turboblaze The Pokémon makes any move hit, regardless of abilities and items.
#164 Teravolt The Pokémon makes any move hit, regardless of abilities and items.
#165 Cacophany The Pokémon avoids sound-based moves.

New Abilities

Number Name Effect Single Dual Hidden
#186 The Pokémon flattens the opponent every time it is sent into battle, so the opponents speed falls.
#187 The Pokémon blinds the opponent every time it is sent into battle.
#188 The Pokémon will make any foe who comes into contact with it, soaked.
#189 Trick Signal Trick Room is activated on the Pokémon's entrance.
#190 Magic Signal Magic Room is activated on the Pokémon's entrance.
#191 Wonder Signal Wonder Room is activated on the Pokémon's entrance.
#192 Berserk Signal Berserk Room is activated on the Pokémon's entrance.
#193 The user summons Thick Fog upon entrance.
#194 The user summons a tropical heatwave upon entrance.
#195 The user summons a freak Storm upon entrance.
#196 The user increases all of its stats by 1, during any weather condition.
#197 The user takes double the damage from weather conditions.
#198 The Pokémon makes weather conditions last until the end of the battle.
#199 The Pokémon changes its Normal-type moves to moves that are "super effective" against the foes.
#200 The Pokémon increases the power of Duel Attacks during battle.
#201 The Pokémon's Robot-type attacks increase in power
#202 Each turn the Pokémon has a 40% chance to restore any stat or status changes.
#203 Soft Scoop Every turn, the Pokémon increases a stat depending on the Ice Cream its holding.
#204 The Pokémon always dodges the first attack of the opponent.
#205 If the user is knocked out, the target is inflicted with a status condition*.
#206 The items the target's Pokémon are holding are all switched around each turn.
#207 The damage the target's Pokémon have taken are all switched around each turn.
#208 Each battle, the user becomes immune to one random type.
#209 The user boosts the power of two-typed moves such as Flying Press.
#210 The user only takes damage from Physical Attacks
#211 The user only takes damage from Special Attacks
#212 The user only takes damage from status moves.
#213 Turncoat The user is able to switch places with another Pokémon before attacking.
#214 The user is immune to priority moves.

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