Pokemon: Legends of Mew
Legends of Mew Logo
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
December 31, 2011
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Action, Adventure

Pokemon: Legends of Mew is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii. It is going to follow the story of Xyphyl, a red Mew. UniversalGaming was very eager to introduce their unique battling style in this game! The game only allows for play as Xyphyl, but an upcoming game will allow for other Pokemon, too!


Night is falling in The Forest of Mew, so Xyphyl decides to head home. On his way, he is, like always, made fun of. He asks them to stop, but they don't, so he continues home. When he is all alone, he hears a cry to his right. He runs over to see what has happened. He finds Zexam, an evil Hydreigon, carrying away Princess Blooe, the Shiny Mew princess! Xyphyl prepares for battle, and fights Zexam.

Losing the battle, Xyphyl faints, as other Mews can only watch, as Zexam flies away. When Xyphyl wakes up, a Mew sitting next to him gets up. He tells Xyphyl of last night's tragedy, and shows Xyphyl how to battle. When you finish, word is getting around that you are fine now, and some Mews decide to tell you that they believe you to be the only one who can save Princess Blooe, as very few Mew know how to fight well. Xyphyl floats above the Forest of Mew, and shouts out "I will go and save Princess Blooe, for you, and the safety of the Pokemon world!" He then runs off onto the Forest trail.

Reaching an enormous field in the center of the known-world. Many Pokemon roam free here, but are agitated by Zexam's actions and will battle anything that moves. Surrounding the field are 10 major areas; these areas are: The Forest Path, The Enormous Beach, The Giant Cave, The Huge Volcano, The Icicle Valley, The Vast Desert, The Dead Forest, The Invisible Mansion, The Broken Ruins, and The Path of Shadows. Beyond the Path of Shadows comes the Shadow Castle. Xyphyl realizes that he has a huge adventure ahead of him; worse yet, only The Enormous Ocean is accessible! The other areas are locked by a dark spell... He must calm the legendary guardians and have them unlock the locks!

Walking to the middle of the field, Xyphyl hears a roar in the sky, and a Dragonite swoops in. Dragonite, a powerful Dragon-type, has been angered by Zexam's actions, and takes his anger out on Xyphyl. Xyphyl wins the battle, and Dragonite flees to the Super Mountain. Xyphyl looks around, and heads towards The Enormous Beach. The grass below his feet turns to sand, and he soon realizes that no Pokemon is happy.

After fighting through hoards of enemies, Xyphyl reaches the ocean. He looks around, and even the fish Pokemon are angry. He uses his powers to create a psychic bubble around his head and heads underwater. He does a little swimming, and comes across Manaphy. Manaphy asks Xyphyl to help it to find its lost kid, Phione. After hours of searching, you find that Kyogre mistakenly trapped Phione in a cave when angered by Zexam. Kyogre no longer has a sense of reality, and attacks Xyphyl! Defeating Kyogre knocks him back to his senses, and he unblocks the cave Phione is stuck in, much to the thankfulness of Manaphy.

Upon leaving the ocean, a typhoon comes and slams into Xyphyl. He is knocked onto the beach, and attacked by Lugia, a Pokemon angered by the battle against Kyogre! Bringing Lugia down to the ground, Xyphyl tells Lugia of Zexam's plan, and it agrees to break the seal on the Great Cave. It flies over, and shoots it with Aeroblast. Lugia returns to the ocean, whence it came.

Returning to The Field, Xyphyl navigates his way to the Great Cave. There, he fights through many rock and ground-type Pokemon. Upon reaching the lowest point of the cave, some rocks collapse, revealing Regirock!

After defeating Regirock, he falls over, revealing a huge corridor. At the end of it, Xyphyl runs into Groudon, whom has also gone berserk. Defeating him helps you to explain the situation, so he uses Earth Power to reveal the Huge Volcano. Waving goodbye, Xyphyl dashes to the lava-world.

Fighting through many Fire-Types helps you to find Registeel blocking the corridor to the volcanic center. Upon defeating him, Xyphyl continues on, but is ambushed by Heatran. Defeating him, Xyphyl continues, only to be attacked by Ho-Oh upon entering the center. By defeating him, he returns to normal; he then decides to unseal the lock on The Icicle Valley!


These are the characters that will appear in the game. Not all of them are confirmed, however.


Character Name Character Picture Character Description Starting Stats
Xyphyl the Red Mew
Xyphyl is a very brave Mew. He is often ridiculed for his color, but he tries to prove how great he can really be when a Mew is kidnapped by an unknown fiend!



Attack Power=100

Defense Power=100





Character Name Character Picture Character Description
Regular Mews
Mew is one of the rarest Pokemon; however, there are many Mews that live in the strange place Xyphyl lives. They all fell that he is too weird to be a real Mew. They would never hurt Xyphyl, however.
Princess Blooe
Princess Blooe is a shiny Mew. She is the only Mew that actually enjoys Xyphyls presence; when Zexam manages to get passed the Forest Trail, Xyphyl is too weak to save her! She is then flown to the Shadow Castle...
Manaphy In the ocean, you run into a lone Manaphy! You must help it find its child, a lost Phione.
Phione Phione was trapped in a cave by the enraged Kyogre, but you rescue not long after you find this out.
Victini Victini is found fainted in the Volcano. You find out that it tried to calm Ho-Oh down, but was utterly defeated.
Meloetta Upon entering the Dead Forest, you meet a Meloetta, who asks you to help it find Deoxys, so it can find the sheet for Relic Song.
Lake Trio These three legendary Pokemon, the guardians of the lakes of Sinnoh, ask you to battle Dialga and Palkia, in order to calm them down.
Keldeo Upon defeating the Musketeer Trio, you find Keldeo, a new member of the Musketeers. It thanks you for stopping the others' rampaging.
Celebi Once you open all of the Shadow Locks, you meet Celebi in the Field. It accompanies you all the way to the Shadow Castle, and helps to purify Arceus.
Jirachi When you meet Celebi, a Jirachi decides to follow you two. It also aids in the purification of Arceus.


Boss Name Boss Picture Boss Description Boss Level Boss Moveset
Zexam the Hydreigon (First)
Zexam is an evil Hydreigon; he wishes to enslave the entire Pokemon world! He is the main protagonist, and the one who kidnapped the Mew in the intro! You cannot beat him in his first battle, however.


Dark Pulse and Draco Meteor

Dragonite is a very powerful Dragon-type Pokemon. He is angered by Zexam's actions, much like any other Pokemon, so he has become very aggressive.


Dragon Claw and Thunder Punch
Kyogre is a huge Water-type Pokemon. It lost all sense of reality and attacked Xyphyl when he got near.


Surf and Hydro Pump
Lugia Pokemon-s325x251-52255-580
The battle between Xyphyl and Kyogre disrupted this Pokemon's slumber. After returning to the surface, Lugia feels the ocean was threatened, and attacks! 20 Aeroblast and Sky Attack
Regirock The bottom of the Cave is very unstable, so falling rocks reveal some hidden things, including a live Regirock! Watch out! 25 Rock Throw and Superpower
Groudon When you reach the bottom of the cave, Groudon attacks for no reason! After winning, you find out that he thought you were the one causing all of the trouble. 30 Earthquake and Bulldoze
Registeel Volcano 35 Metal Claw and Superpower
Heatran Volcano 42 Lava Plume and Iron Head
Ho-Oh Volcano 45 Sacred Fire and Fire Blast
Regice Valley 45 Ice Beam and Superpower
Regigigas Valley (Must defeat other Regis) 50 Crush Grip and Giga Impact
Latios Desert 47 Psywave and Dragon Pulse
Latias Desert 47 Psywave and Dragon Pulse
Giratina (Origin Form) Dead Forest 53 Dragon Claw and Shadow Force
Deoxys Mansion 60 Psychic and Psycho Boost
Dialga Ruins 65 Roar of Time and Metal Claw
Palkia Ruins 65 Spacial Rend and Aqua Tail
Thundurus Field (Thunder Storm) 60 Thunder and Crunch
Tornadus Field (Tornado) 60 Hurricane and Crunch
Landorus Field (After above two defeated) 75 Earth Power and Stone Edge


Mountain 70 Fusion Flare and Blue Flare
Zekrom Mountain 70 Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike
Kyurem Valley (After Mountain) 90 Glaciate and Blizzard
Cobalion Cave (After Mountain) 75 Close Combat and Sacred Sword
Terakkion Volcano (After Mountain 75 Close Combat and Sacred Sword
Virizion Forest (After Mountain 75 Close Combat and Sacred Sword
Articuno Valley (After Mountain) 75 Ice Beam and Blizzard
Zapdos Ruins (After Mountain) 75 Thunderbolt and Discharge
Moltres Volcano (After Mountain) 75 Flamethrower and Heat Wave
Suicune Beach (After Mountain) 75 Hydropump and Blizzard
Raikou Ruins (After Mountain) 75 Thunder and Discharge


Volcano (After Mountain) 75 Fire Blast and Eruption
Mewtwo Path of Shadows 85 Psychocut and Psystrike
Darkrai Path of Shadows 85 Faint Attack and Dark Pulse
Genesect Genesect; an experiment gone wrong. He is the final legendary preventing you from entering the castle! 90 X-Scissor and Techno Blast

Possessed Arceus

After reaching the Shadow Castle, you find out that Zexam's source of power comes from Arceus, the God of Pokemon! Arceus has been possessed, however, and now servers Zexam! 100 Hyper Voice and Judgement
Zexam (Final)
This is it! The final showdown is about to begin. Defeat Zexam once and for all! 100

Dark Pulse and Draco Meteor

See Pokemon Legends of Mew/Battled Pokemon for a list of all Wild and Boss Pokemon.


Main Article: Pokemon Legends of Mew/Locations

  • The Forest of Mew: The home of many Mews, this place is where Xyphyl lives, and where the kidnapping takes place.
  • The Forest Path: The crazy twisting path that only takes you to the Forest of Mew when your intentions are right. Zexam managed to bypass it...
  • The Field: A grassy field that links to all other areas. This is the central hub for the game, as it links to everywhere you will ever go.
  • The Great Cave: A cave that goes deep underground. You can enter it from the Field once you have defeated Lugia. Here, you will find Groudon, the Continent Pokemon.
  • The Huge Volcano: This enormous volcano is home to the legendary bird, Ho-Oh. Defeating Groudon will help him to realize your the good intentions of your endeavor
  • The Icicle Valley: Using his fiery attacks, Ho-Oh removes the seal over this frozen valley. It is rumored that defeating Reshiram and Zekrom will lure Kyurem into the open...
  • The Vast Desert: Here, you will run into the Eon Duo, Latios and Latias. They reveal that they have fallen into the desert, and it's too hot to escape. When you first find them, they think you are hunting them down while they are weak.
  • The Dead Forest: As Latios and Latias escape from the desert, they use their immense speed to slam into the seal over this area of black, leafless trees. You will run into many Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon.
  • The Invisible Mansion: Using the power of Giratine, you can reveal this strange place... It is overrun with Psychic-Type Pokemon.
  • The Broken Ruins: Ruins are usually on the verge of collapse, but this is just ridiculous; the entire area wobbles from the slightest wind, and some parts are even broken apart by the wind.
  • The Super Mountain: High above the ground, you cannot even see the ground. Many Dragon and Flying-Type Pokemon reside here.
  • The Path of Darkness: This strange path is much like the Forest Path... It winds randomly around, and you can only reach the Shadow Castle if you can beat Mewtwo and Darkrai!
  • The Shadow Castle: The final zone... Zexam's home. Here, you find that Zexam has taken control of Arceus, the God of Pokemon, and is using him to fight you off!



In the Overworld, you can roam freely, and use certain attacks to break obstacles.


Analog Stick: Move your Pokemon around

Directional Pad: Change the camera's angle

+ (Plus) Button: Pause the Game. You can either continue, take a screenshot, save, check the map, or quit

- (Minus) Button: Open the Menu. Pauses the game, and lets you access your Pokemon's stats and moves

A Button: Use your first set attack

B Button: Use your second set attack

C Button: Use your ability (If applicable)

Swing the Wiimote: Jump

1 Button: Hide/Show HUD

2 Button: Scroll through set moves


When you touch a Pokemon in the overworld, or walk around in certain areas, you will enter the Battlefield. The Battlefield changes design depending on your location, but it is always surrounded by an invisible barrier. During the Battle, one must use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to control their Pokemon.


Analog Stick: Move your Pokemon around

Directional Pad: Change the camera's angle

+ (Plus) Button: Pause the Game. You can either continue, take a screenshot, or quit

- (Minus) Button: Open the Menu. Pauses the game, and lets you access your Pokemon's stats and moves

A Button: Use your first set attack

B Button: Use your second set attack

C Button: Use your ability (If applicable)

Z Button: Dodge. Combine with directions to dodge roll, or use in mid-air

Swing the Wiimote: Jump

1 Button: Hide/Show HUD

2 Button: Scroll through your set moves


The HUD is basically a stats screen.

In the Overworld, it shows your HP, your EXP, your current set moves, and a minimap.

In battle, it shows both sides' HP, your EXP, and your current set moves.


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