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Pokémon Legends (Japanese: ポケットモンスター 伝説 Pocket Monsters Legend) is a spin-off game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Game Freak. The game was released for free on the Nintendo eShop.


Experience the untold journeys of other legendary and interesting trainers!

Blue Oak

Conquer Kanto in the shoes of Blue Oak!


Race against Ethan and triumph over Johto!

Steven Stone

Rise as Hoenn's Master Steel-type Champion!


Discover the motives of the emotionless leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus!



Experience the past and present of the former king of Kalos!


Relive the events of the Delta Episode through Zinnia's eyes!


Unlike traditional Pokémon games, the player is not able to freely roam across the corresponding trainer's region. Each trainer's story progresses through storyboards, which eventually leads to Pokémon battles. The teams in these battles are already selected, with the exception of certain moves being optional and/or interchangeable with others. Pokémon battles play exactly the same as the rest of the Pokémon games.


By completing the trainers' stories, Pokémon, PokéMiles, and Battle Points are awarded through Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Link. This is compatible with Generation VI (and onward) Pokémon games.

List of transferable Pokémon

Pokémon Method
009Blastoise Blue's Blastoise Complete Blue Oak's story.
169Crobat Silver's Crobat Complete Silver's story.
376Metagross Steven's Metagross Complete Steven Stone's story.
461Weavile Cyrus's Weavile Complete Cyrus's story.
644Zekrom N's Zekrom Complete N's story.
AZ's Floette AZ's Floette Complete AZ's story.
373Salamence Zinnia's Salamence Complete Zinnia's story.




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