Pokemon Lambda Emerald Version
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) 3DS
Single-Player, Local/Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG
Series Pokemon
Predecessor Pokemon Sol & Terra Versions
Successor Pokemon Anniversary Version
Pokemon Lambda Emerald Version is an upcoming sequel in the Pokemon Universe. It is the last main series Pokemon Game released on the 3DS and pays homage to the GBA Pokemon Game, Pokemon Emerald and the 3DS games, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. The game uses updated versions of the 9th Generation's Graphical capabilities and refines many aspects of the Hoenn Pokemon Games.


8 Years have passed since the events of the Delta Episode in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Hoenn has changed quite a bit, the land mass has stayed stable in size due to the submission of Team Magma & Team Aqua to the heroes of the Land and the Seas. Gyms have been redesigned to fit with the every changing technological feats. Several Gym Leaders have retired from their positions to search for their own ambitions while others have taken up the title.

You, the player are a 10 year old child who has moved to Hoenn from the Sinnoh Region. Your new home is in the small realtively quiet Littleroot Town, however upon arrival you are told that as you have come of age, you are now allowed to go on a journey across all of Hoenn to become a Pokemon Master, you are greeted by Professor Birch, the regions expert on Pokemon research and his assistants; Brendan & May, the heroes of the Land and the Seas. 


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Changes from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Mechanics from Later Generations

Several Elements and features from the the 9th Generation Pokemon Games appear in Pokemon Lambda Emerald Version that were in Pokemon Sol & Terra Version.

  • Deep Sea Battles appear, replacing all Underwater Battles from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and are also significantly more abundant.
  • Complete 3D Movement and Environments have been implemented for a more free-roaming experience
  • Flurry Battles replace Generation 6's Horde Battles, continuing their previous 7-20 vs 1 Battle Style. In addition several sets of trainers will battle the player in Flurry Battles.
  • The Battle Tower returns however uses its Sol & Terra Version albeit Anabel does appear as one of the four End Bosses
  • Fully animated Trainer Models are used intstead of Vs. Artwork for all Trainers
  • Complete Character Customization once again appears after being introduced in Generation 7

Various Evolutionary Methods from other Generations such as Generation 7's Double Trade, Generation 8's New Stones & Generation 9's Item-Environment Evolutions carry over.

  • The Cracked Volcano Stone, Cracked Flood Stone, Cracked Earthquake Stone & Cracked Tornado Stone all are available
  • The Frozen Shrine appears in Shoal Cave for Guarelemelk
  • The Spirit Shrine appears on Mt. Pyre for Guarelb
  • The Nature Shrine appears in Fortree Jungle for Guarelepond
  • The Golden Shrine appears in Meteor Cave for Guarelfal

In addition several Pokemon (125) have been added to the Hoenn Pokedex due to the increase in areas to explore.

  • The upgraded Seasonal Flow, introduced in Generation 8 is once again shown.
  • Various Trainer Classes introduced and kept from 7th & 8th Generation as well as several from 9th Generation also appear in this game

All New Elements

  • The new Villainous Team, Team Astral takes the roles of Team Magma/Team Aqua for this game and focuses on Rayquaza & Deoxys.
  • Several new Characters are introduced including 4 new Gym Leaders, 1 new Elite Four Member, a new Rival and various other supporting characters who appear throughout the player's journey.
  • Several New Mega Evolutions are added in this game as well as a new concept for Mega Evolutions that later carries over into the 10th Generation, Supreme Evolutions which are in essence, a second Mega Evolution, giving some Pokemon up to 5 Members in their Evolutionary Line.
  • Rayquaza has been given a Primal Reversion and a Mega Primal Reversion, while Deoxys has been given a Mega Evolution and a Supreme Evolution. In addition Groudon and Kyogre can now fuse together similar to Kyurem & Reshiram/Zekrom.
  • PokeNav Ultimate replaces the PokeNav plus and features various features from both the 9th Generation's PokeSphere & the PokeNav Plus.
  • The addition of being able to customize your Mega Equipment has been introduced so players will be able to choose from a wide variety of articles of clothing on how to attach their Key Stone.

Changes from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Version

  • The Physical Hoenn Pokedex has been redesigned again, now looking like a small ball as it did in Pokemon Sol & Terra, that projects a holographic image of the Pokedex
  • Brendan and May's appearances as well as pretty much every returning character have changed drastically due to the 8 year gap, the only major exceptions are Wattson, Glacia & Drake.
  • Various Trainer Classes now use either an updated version of their previous appearance or their 9th Generation appearance.

Location Changes

  • Hoenn has undergone a huge change in the layout of Routes, Cities and many other features. The most notable being the introduction of 12 new Cities/Towns.
  • Mauville City is no longer directly connected to Fortree City or indirectly connected to Mt. Pyre with there instead being a North Eastern Route that cuts from Route 111 to Route 119
  • The path originally from Lilycove City to Mossdeep City now goes North of both and an alternative path around Sootopolis City is also optional.
  • Route 105 & 106 have increased in size with the inclusion of a small bit of the South-West part of Mainland Hoenn becoming part of Route 105.
  • Ever Grande City has been split in two, with Evergreen Town taking the South end of the Island and Grande Mountain City taking the North end and the Pokemon League
  • Various remnants of the events of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire have carried over into Lambda Emerald to become landmarks in the region.
  • New Mauville has become a complete maze and is considered a Post-Game Location now due to the high-levelled Pokemon and the requirement of the Player being the Pokemon Champion to access it

Story Changes

  • The Story while drawing some similarities to Pokemon Emerald is generally overall, different. A much heavier focus is placed on Team Astral and Deoxys and various cahracters
  • A lot of major events in the plot change due to this with only one major event remaining the same

Pokemon Team & Battle Changes

  • Every Trainer has been changed due to the 8 Year Gap and no regular trainers share teams with Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Trainers
  • Returning Characters from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire also have heavily varied teams
  • Various Major Characters can also Mega Evolve their Pokemon with Gym Leaders now capable of this and some trainers even capable of Supreme Evolution

Obtainable Pokemon

  • Overall this game introduces 125 Pokemon into the Hoenn Dex and Post-Game has the return of the Mirage Islands where an additional 1000 Pokemon available in Post-Game.
  • Various Legendaries also return using the same method of Hoopa's Rings to be fought

Boss Battles

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Gym Leaders & Elite Four

As stated above, 4 New Gym Leaders and 1 New Elite Four Member are introduced as well as the departure of Steven as the Champion. The Teams below are the teams of the initial Battles with these characters. An Asterix indicates Mega Evolution while a Double Asterix indicates Supreme Evolution.

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Name Gym No. Type & Badge Team
Roxanne 1 Rock - Stone Badge
  1. 074Geodude
    Geodude Lv13
  2. 299Nosepass
    Nosepass Lv15
Brawly 2 Fighting - Knuckle Badge
  1. 773Bruff
    Bruff Lv17
  2. 066Machop
    Machop Lv17
  3. 296Makuhita
    Makuhita Lv21
Ramona 3 Grass - Scent Badge
  1. 421Cherrim-Sunny
    Cherrim Lv24
  2. 837Sederry
    Sederry Lv23
  3. 357Tropius
    Tropius Lv27
Vermont 4 Bug - Web Badge
  1. Wrenusk Lv30
  2. 292Shedinja
    Shedinja Lv29
  3. 291Ninjask
    Ninjask Lv34
Norman 5 Normal - Balance Badge
  1. 1175Guraigen
    Guraigen Lv35
  2. Beluedrine Lv34
  3. Mega Slaking
    Slaking Lv38*
Reese 6 Ice - Kelvin Badge
  1. 131Lapras
    Lapras Lv47
  2. Murawim Lv48
  3. 362Glalie
    Glalie Lv48
  4. Mega Walrein
    Walrein Lv50*
Tate & Liza 7 Psychic - Mind Badge
  1. 282Gardevoir
    Gardevoir Lv52
  2. 475Gallade
    Gallade Lv52
  3. 065Alakazam
    Alakazam Lv53
  4. 178Xatu
    Xatu Lv53
  5. Mega Solrock
    Solrock Lv55*
  6. Mega Lunatone
    Lunatone Lv55*
Juan 8 Water - Rain Badge
  1. 272Ludicolo
    Ludicolo Lv61
  2. 279Pelipper
    Pelipper Lv62
  3. 073Tentacruel
    Tentacruel Lv62
  4. 230Kingdra
    Kingdra Lv63
  5. Mega Wailord
    Wailord Lv65*

Elite Four

Elite Four Name Type Team
Mosahn Ground
  1. 464Rhyperior
    Rhyperior Lv64
  2. 1455Rarkame
    Rarkame Lv64
  3. 894Boomound
    Boomound Lv66
  4. 028Sandslash
    Sandslash Lv66
  5. Mega Flygon
    Flygon Lv68*
Sidney Dark
  1. 332Cacturne
    Cacturne Lv67
  2. Crisentoir Lv67
  3. 1043Hessessgal
    Hessessgal Lv68
  4. Electuzz Lv68
  5. 359Mega Absol
    Absol Lv70*
Phoebe Ghost
  1. 477Dusknoir
    Dusknoir Lv69
  2. 709Trevenant
    Trevenant Lv69
  3. 094Gengar
    Gengar Lv70
  4. 1436Epidemeath
    Epidemeath Lv70
  5. 354Mega Banette
    Banette Lv72*
Drake Dragon
  1. 772Vazott
    Vazott Lv71
  2. 334Altaria
    Altaria Lv71
  3. 715Noivern
    Noivern Lv72
  4. 230Kingdra
    Kingdra Lv72
  5. 373Mega Salamence
    Salamence Lv74*
Wally Various
  1. 407Roserade
    Roserade Lv76
  2. 466Electivire
    Electivire Lv77
  3. Gliddand Lv77
  4. 1173Terralig
    Terralig Lv77
  5. 301Delcatty
    Delcatty Lv76
  6. Supreme Gallade
    Gallade Lv80**

Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier once again return from Emerald version with 14 Areas to play. Each area specializes in some type of Battle Technique including returning techniques from Emerald Version & Platinum Version. Like previous iterations each member has a Level 50 & Level 100 Team, however these Team's Pokemon do not change physically, rather abilities, EV Distributions and Movesets change. This also adds the added challenge that the player can only battle Open Level Matches with Pokemon that have already beaten the Level 50 Cap Matches.

Battle Frontier Member Battle Style Team
Tur Battle Tower
  1. Golurk
  2. Gallade*
  3. Yanmega
Caislean Battle Castle
  1. Golem*
  2. Ovarbolt
  3. Disquabing
Pirimid Battle Colossus
  1. Roatue
  2. Dezmarane
  3. Desertone
  4. Darmanitan
Amharclann Battle Stage
  1. Gardevior*
Laoch Battle Colosseum
  1. Mecharnaught*
  2. Terraught
  3. Tyranitar
  4. Creeptaw
  5. Blasteam
  6. Electrode
Uaimh Battle Mines
  1. Streazerry
  2. Aggron*
Buaic Battle Mountain
  1. Bawkbeak
  2. Exploud*
  3. Armound
Brainse Battle Tree
  1. Heracross
  2. Patterorn
  3. Scarfdon
  4. Sceptile*
  5. Wikno
  6. Skelair
Meaisin Battle Factory Random
Mhorbhealaigh Battle Highway
  1. Jolteon
  2. Ninjask
Solas Battle Stadium
  1. Solrock*
  2. Ryebla
Cine Battle Track
  1. Machamp*
  2. Aqualeggo
  3. Magnezone
  4. Gryucius
Caomhnoir Battle Fort
  1. Bisharp
  2. Baslisliops
  3. Aegislash
  4. Magmortar*
  5. Colokraigen
Ri Battle Kingdom
  1. Kingdra
  2. Kingdield
  3. Nidoking*
  4. Seaking
  5. Vespiquen
  6. Quetoxiub

Hoenn Pokedex

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TMs & HMs

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List of Mega Evolutions

As of Lambda Emerald there are 166 Pokemon capable of Mega Evolutions, all starters possess the ability to Mega Evolve as well as numerous Legendaries.

Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon
Venusaur Charizard Blastoise Butterfree
Beedrill Pidgeot Arbok Raichu
Sandslash Nidoqueen Nidoking Venomoth
Poliwrath Alakazam Machamp Golem
Slowbro Gengar Hitmonlee Hitmonchan
Weezing Kangaskhan Pinsir Gyarados
Lapras Aerodactyl Dragonite Mewtwo
Meganium Typhlosion Feraligatr Crobat
Xatu Ampharos Politoed Jumpluff
Slowking Steelix Scizor Heracross
Magcargo Octillery Houndoom Kingdra
Hitmontop Tyranitar Sceptile Blaziken
Swampert Ludicolo Shiftry Pelipper
Gardevoir Slaking Exploud Sableye
Mawile Aggron Medicham Manectric
Swalot Sharpedo Wailord Camerupt
Torkoal Grumpig Flygon Altaria
Lunatone Solrock Milotic Banette
Tropius Absol Glalie Walrein
Salamence Metagross Latias Latios
Rayquaza Torterra Infernape Empoleon
Staraptor Luxray Drifblim Lopunny
Bronzong Garchomp Lucario Drapion
Abomasnow Magnezone Rhyperior Electivire
Magmortar Porygon-Z Gallade Heatran
Arceus Serperior Emboar Samurott
Stoutland Musharna Zebstrika Gigalith
Swoobat Audino Leavanny Darmanitan
Gothitelle Reuniclus Vanilluxe Jellicent
Klinklang Hydreigon Chesnaught Delphox
Greninja Talonflame Florges Meowstic
Aegislash Malamar Dragalge Clawitzer
Goodra Trevenant Noivern Diancie
Gubarlal Kilruptane Bassuff Volcanuzz
Frostuzz Ulerosis Blizoak Streazerry
Chimrodon Jetuzz Boomound Tecrojebom
Dyrashine Swalipud Lozleorner Leoison
Dionyx Deddubabbla Mecharnaught Colokraigen
Feralolalax Dracoyphly Geetarod Lavatagma
Shinobell Igniperrel Blizzacoon Boomtune
Guarelfal Guarelepond Garelb Guearelemelk
Mew Deoxys


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  • This is the first Pokemon Game inspired by a previous main series Pokemon game but not a remake
  • This is the first game to feature Supreme evolution and Mega Primal Evolution
  • Team Astral has the most named members of any villainous team with 10
    • It also features a similar structure of command to Team Galactic having, Commanders, Lieutenant Commanders and Bosses.
    • There are also two Comanders who use Archie and Maxie's signature Pokemon; Sharpedo and Camerupt
      • However only Camerupt is the signature Pokemon of its respective Commander
    • Between all name d members of Team Astral, almost all of Steven's Pokemon are used with Skarmory being the only exception
    • Most Commanders and Lieutenant Commanders use a particular Type of Pokemon
      • Delta uses Rock types like Roxanne
      • Epsilon uses Psychic Types like Tate & Liza
      • Theta uses Poison Types
      • Zeta uses Fire Types like Flannery and Maxie
      • Phi uses Ground Types like Mosahn
      • Gamma uses Dark Types like Sidney
      • Beta uses Ghost Types like Phoebe
      • Lambda did Use Normal Types only in his first two battles like Norman although changes to a Non-Monotype
    • Team Astral has the most encounters of any Villanous Team with multiple encounters between each gym usually.
  • Roxanne, Tate, Liza and Juan are the only Pokemon League members not to use Pokemon from the seventh, eighth or ninth Generation.
    • It has been stated that Juan was done deliberately as he is an Emerald exclusive trainer and only uses Pokemon that could be found in Emerald.