Pokémon Jewel Adventures
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) Lucky Studios
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Pokemon
Media Included Optical Disk
Pokémon Jewel Adventures is Poisonshot's new game. It will have HD graphics.



The game starts at the night. A carbink-esque creature is seen, apparently searching Diancie. He ends up finding her, and the carbink grabs her. The game then cuts up to the day. Diancie is seen waking up...only to discover she's in a cage. The Carbink from before is then seen. He introduces himself as Mister Carbink. Mister Carbink proceeds to ask Diancie how to be perfect like her. Diancie refuses to say her "secret", making Mister Carbink angry.

Chapter 1: Discovering a Cavern

Dratini and Goomy are seen playing together in some grassy hills. Dratini accidentaly trips, through, falling inbetween to hills. Goomy asks her if she's okay. Dratini says she's ok, and asks Goomy to come where she felt. They discover a cavern. Goomy goes inside out of curiosity, but Dratini tells him it could be dangerous. Goomy doesn't listens through, causing Dratini to go inside too. The player playing the game can then play the game and explore what's in the cavern. After some exploring, they end up finding Golem or Gigalith, depending on what path they took. The boss encountered has lost a precious stone, and believes Goomy and Dratini stole it.

Chapter 2: Tyranny of a Carbink

The two friends end up finding the Diamond Ore Cavern inside the Cavern after beating either Golem or Gigalith. It is inhabited by Carbinks, who seem to be the slaves of an ugly Carbink prince. Various statues of the Carbink, that must be done with absolutely no flaws according to one of the Carbink workers, are in construction. The dragons think the prince has bad intentions, judging from the bad state of the Carbinks. They decide to stop the crazy carbink. The prince hears of this, through, and asks a group of Carbink soldiers to put them in the dungeon. At first, they refuse, but after the new prince tells them they will be sent in the dungeon too if the refuse, they "accept". Dratini and Goomy now have to pass through the cavern while hiding from the skilled soldiers. After a while, they bump into "General Jewel", one of the strongest Carbinks. The General seems hesitating about attacking Dratini and Goomy at first, but he ends up fighting them anyways.

Chapter 3: Glowing Mushrooms



Pokémon Jewel Adventures plays like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, but with a different camera angle and instead of randomly generated maze-like floors, there is different areas created by the developers that are simpler, but bigger.



- -

Dratini is young, but also serious. She believe there is nothing such as "good" or "evil", and that everyone has it's flaws and advantages. She's one of the two playable characters in the game.

Pro: She's faster then Goomy.

Con: She has low defense.

Base Stats

HP: 20

Attack: 10

Defense: 5

Speed: 20

Goomy is Dratini's best friend. Despite this, he is almost the opposite of her, beign very childlish and playful. He is, along with Dratini, one of the playable character.

Pro: He has good defense.

Con: He has not much HP.

Base Stats

HP: 10

Attack: 10

Defense: 20

Speed: 10

Diancie's the princess of the Diamond Ore Cavern. She is the result of a mutated Carbink, and was considered so beautiful that she was chosen as a princess. She was kidnapped by Mister Carbink, who believes her to be perfection.

Mister Carbink
Mister Carbink is the main antagonist of the game. He is uglier then other Carbinks, and is jealous of Diancie. He went as far as kidnapping her to know how she is so beautiful. The Carbink will, through, be stoped one day.

Other Pokémon

  • Roggenrola(2 HP): It is a very simple Pokémon, wandering around. Touching it will deal the player 1 damage, the lowest out of all possible damage.
  • Geodude(5 HP): Geodudes stay in place. They are kinda mean and will punch the playable characters if they get too close to it, dealing 5 damage.
  • Carbink Soldier(10 HP): One of the most powerful enemies in the game. Once they spot Dratini or Goomy, they chase it, dealing 20 points of damage on contact.
  • Solosis(20 HP): This Pokémon floats around. Touching it will not only deal 5 damage, but also slow down the player.
  • Paras(10 HP): Paras moves slowly, but it releases toxic spores if approached, that deal 2 damage per ten seconds..
  • Duosion(30 HP): A faster and stronger version of Solosis. It'll occasionally swoop down on the player, dealing 10 damage.
  • Parasect(15 HP): A much stronger version of Paras. Instead of releasing toxic spores, it releases seeds that not only hurt the player on contact(10 damage), but also heals Parasect by half the amount of damage it did.


  • Golem/Gigalith(100 HP): The first bosses. If the players choose the left path in Cave Entrance, he'll meet Golem, while if he/she takes the right path, he'll find Gigalith. The only difference between the two is that Golem has higher defense then Gigalith, while Gigalith has bigger attack. Golem deals 15 damage while Gigalith deals 20 damage.
  • General Jewel(75 HP): One of the strongest Carbink in the world. It has enormous attack(50 damage) and huge defense, but it is very slow and has kinda low HP.
  • Reuniclus(125 HP): The self-proclaimed king of Mushroom Forest. His strong psychic attack and his big defenses combined with his huge HP makes him a very strong oppenent, but it never moves. It can summon Solosis to help him.


  • Grassy Hills: The place seen at the start of the game. It is the only area where you can't play.
  • Cave Entrance: The first place where the player can move. Only Roggenrolas and Geodudes are seen in it.
  • Diamond Ore Road: The second world. Powerful Carbinks patrol the area. Dratini and Goomy have to be careful and hide from them if they don't want to get in trouble.
  • Mushroom Forest: An underground forest, with huge glowing mushroom instead of trees. It contains Solosis, Paras, Duosion and Parasect.

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