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Pokémon Jasper is a game in the Pokémon franchise. There is 140 new Pokémon species and 16 new mega-evolutions. It takes place in the region of Lotusia, a peninsula, and like in all Pokémon games you must collect eight gym badges and battle the people you meet on the way. These people, like usual, could be evil or good. The main antagonists in the storyline are Team Zircon, with there boss being Henri Zircon.


You, the main protagonist in the story, have left your mother and father in Hoenn to have your own life in Lotusia. You are first seen boarding a ferry at Slateport beach, where the captain: Arnold, is seen talking to you, asking you your location. For the first time in a Pokémon game you can choose where you begin your adventure, out of the two seaside towns of Plyton Town and Torquelle Town. The two towns are relatively close and sparsely populated and neither town has something that the other one does not. You then make your decision and head to that location. Either way you choose you will be greeted by Professor Rose and her daughter; Elise. She tells you about your journey and what is happening to the rare Pokémon that only inhabit Lotusia, saying that the economic boom has caused the expansion of many industrial estates, taking up the habitats that are home to some very rare Pokémon. After Rose leaves, you are left with Elise, who says she, and her friends, will be going on the same journey as you, and should meet up one day.

Your journey begins on Route 10, which connects the towns of Torquelle and Plyton. This route is a grassy moor and it is home to many bug and fairy type Pokémon, but also a laboratory, in the half way through the route. This is where Rose and her family lives. This is where you go and get given your starter Pokémon. You choose out of Kasai, a fire type, Mizu a water type and Shiso a plant type. After you have chosen you will acquire ten Pokéballs, ten potions and the TM Rock Smash. Once you leave you can head towards the town, which you have not chosen. The towns entrance will be guarded by a bodyguard. The bodyguard requests that you and him have a Trainer battle, otherwise you will not be allowed in to the town. If you beat him you will be allowed in. If you do not you will faint and end up at the laboratory. When you enter, a girl waves at you. She approaches you and asks you to follow her. You go to a bench where you see Rose and two twin boys sitting there. Rose introduces you to her friends; Jackson and Sebastian (the twins) and Zelda (the girl). After talking to them, you are told to go to Swanland City, where Professor Mason will meet you.

To the north of each town is a route (route 11 for Plyton, 12 for Torquelle). You take this route to Swanland City. When you reach Swanland City you are greeted by Prof. Mason and he gives you a mobile phone. It is found that Mason works for a company called Exim, an electronics department store in Penzant City, the capital city of Lotusia and this is it's newest model phone. There is also eNews and eWeather apps that can tell you what is happening in the upcoming days. Mason tells you to begin your life as a Pokémon trainer, you must go to the Swanland City gym; a dark type gym.

After defeating the gym leader, a girl with black hair approaches you. Her name is Genevieve and she explains to you what her occupation is and why she is talking to you. She goes on to explain she is a representative of Team Zircon, but tells you that Team Zircon wants the whole Lotusia region to become a huge thriving metropolis, where there is no Pokémon, saying that she thinks that nature is just an obstacle that Lotusia needs to destroy. After disagreeing with her, she gets agitated and challenges you to a Pokémon battle. After succeeding, you are told that you are now an enemy of Team Zircon and that they will be paying extra close attention to you. Genevieve runs towards route 13. You get a call from Rose, who tells you to head on to Exiterra Town, where you must defeat the gym leader there.

After you venture through route 14 and  you defeat the Exiterra gym leader you exit and meet a boy named Warwick, who tells you that you should not go to the next closest town, Agione Town, due to a large wild fire that is ravaging the area surrounding that area. He says that for years Agione town has survived with no electricity or water pump and is a huge tourist destination due to its forts and cathedrals, also, that he lived there but left after as soon as news spread about the wild fire. You go west to the coastal town of Shining Towers. Shining Towers is home to two tall towers that form part of a castle that used to stand there. After going through the Yarmott caves, and route 15 you reach a beach, with a boat wreck sitting in the sand. You can see through the windows of the boat that there are people in blue suits talking. Curiously, you walk in and find Team Zircon talking about there plans to destroy all natural forms. They are planning to set off a bomb, which will be placed under a hill and will be so large all nature in the 1000Pokémile radius of the bomb will be destroyed, and will release a substance which does not allow it to grow back.

The rest of the story is continued with many more Team Zircon encounters and Gym Badges.



The region in Pokémon is Lotusia; a region based of the Southeast of England. The capital is Penzant City, in the real life location of Penzance. Lotusia is home to a busy financial heart to the south, an unnamed city and many more places of interest including four islands to the south; Jackdaw Island and Wight Island. Many shipwrecks can be found just beyond the coast and a range of caves and tunnels to explore. The main route is the Trans-Lupin track, or route 20, which leads from Exiterra City to Lupin City.

The Pokémon inhabiting the areas depends on the route, as always, but as it is a 'free roaming' game, you can come off the routes and go to many of the surrounding meadows and jungles, as long as there is a way to get in there. The cities are inspired by cities in Southern England, and many of there names are just remakes of there name, which purposely contains part of there original name, e.g. London, England and Londor, Lotusia or Paignton, Devon and Paignville, Lotusia.

Cities and Towns

  • Agione City

A city with no electricity or water pumping system. Inspired by Alternun, another village sitting on the river Penpont Water, does have electricity and water in real life. Home to a dragon-type gym.

  • Aspen City:

Based of Abbotsham, a small village. Obviously expanded in Pokémon Jasper, this city is home to a Fairy-type gym.

  • Exiterra City:

Based of Exeter, the largest city in Devon. The city is home to a Electric-type gym.

  • Howloon Town:

A town that is a harbour for the nearby Dragoea region, the city owns a large amusement park for Pokémon.

  • Londor City:

Based of London, the capital of the UK. This city has a Psychic-type gym.

  • Lupin City:

A city reknowned for it's beautiful gardens, this city is based of Welwyn Garden City and has a Grass type gym.

  • Northgem Town:

A town based of North Brixham.

  • Paignville City:

Based of Paignton, home to a fire-type gym.

  • Penzant City:

The beating soul of the Lotusia region, this city is based of Penzance, with a modern, high rise district to the south, that is not in the real town. Has a water-type gym at the top of a hill.

  • Plyton Town:

The starter town. (V1)

  • Owari City:

Based on Weston-Super-Mare, home to a dark-type gym.

  • Torquelle Town:

The other starter town. (V1)

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