Pokémon Jade & Pokémon Jasper (Poket Monsters JadePoket Monsters Jasper, Pokettomonsutā Jeido & Pokettomonsutā Jasupā) are games for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. It Consists of over 150 new Pokémon and a whole new way to interact with Pokémon and their Trainers.


The game functions very similar to that of Black and White and also has similarities to Pokémon X and Y. The game will function just like Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum with differences such as the new "Number and Type Organizer" and "Scuba-diving". Seasons make a reappearance and this time really change when the seasons change. There's also a new feature where certain Pokémon will only appear in certain temperatures, times, dates, days and seasons too.

Type Organizer

An option that is able to be selected when editing PC settings in the PokéCenter. The Type Organizer organizes the Pokémon by Type, starting with Grass Types and ending with Cosmic Types, they will be in number order within their said Type Boxes.

Number Organizer

An option that is able to be selected when editing PC settings in the PokéCenter. The Number Organizer organizes the Pokémon by Number, starting with Bulbasar. If the player has more than one of the same Pokémon they will simply be organized in Level Order from the lowest to highest withing their number.


Scuba-Diving functions much like the move Dive, but it requires a Scuba-Diving Suit first. You can scuba-dive in deep blue water to find secret new areas and you can use it in the Marshland to find the secret Marsh House.


The Colosseum is a post-game area, located on a small island off of the mainland. The Colosseum has a specialist trainer for each type and they battle challangers, much like gym leaders. They give out a special ribbon if you beat them. Once you collect all 20 ribbons you can meet Arceus and are able to catch it.


Picture Name Sprite Description Overworld Sprite
JasperPaleArt2JasperMedArt2JasperDarkArt2 Jasper N/A The 'male' trainer option and one of the players rival if the 'girl' option is chosen. His name can be changed if chosen. N/A
JadePaleArt2JadeMedArt2JadeDarkArt2 Jade N/A The 'female' trainer option and one of the players rival if the 'boy' option is chosen. Her name can be changed if chosen. N/A
N/A Jet N/A One of the players rivals. He is friendly and a little socially awkward, he choses whatever Pokémon is weaker to the players. N/A


Professor Jasmine N/A She studies Pokémon Anatomy and Physiology. She gives the player and their friends their first Pokémon. N/A


Flora N/A Professor Jasmine's assistant. Flora is in charge of Indochi's PC system. She is an active gardener and loves Grass type Pokémon. N/A

Team Freeze

Picture Name Sprite Description Overworld Sprite
N/A Helga N/A Jealous of Indochi's tropical plants and weather, Helga hails from a norse region not too far from the Kalos region. N/A
N/A Braga N/A A skilled musician and poet. Braga is Helga's right hand man. He is the highest ranking admin at Team Freeze. N/A
N/A Manny N/A He is skilled in astrology and is able to chart the stars without a map. He is a very high ranking admin. N/A
N/A Vienna N/A The smartest scientist at Team Freeze. She works hard at making sure to transplant the loctations of the regions. N/A
N/A The Grunts N/A Team Freeze grunts are the lowest ranking officials at Team Freeze. They serve as pawns in Helga's plans. N/A

Gym Leaders

Picture Name Type Team Sprites
N/A Corina Watertype N/A N/A
N/A Brick Groundtype N/A N/A
N/A Diablo Darktype N/A N/A
N/A Belle Steeltype N/A N/A
N/A Oberon Fairytype N/A N/A
N/A Orville and Wilbur Flyingtype N/A N/A
N/A Willow Ghosttype N/A N/A
N/A Eva Cosmictype N/A N/A

Elite Four and Champion

Picture Name Type Team Badge
N/A Cindy Firetypeo N/A N/A
N/A Martin Bugtype N/A N/A
N/A Clementine Grasstype N/A N/A
N/A Bari Soundtype N/A N/A
N/A Gloria (Champion) Multi-Type N/A N/A


Picture Name Type Team Ribbon
N/A Joshua Grasstype N/A N/A
N/A Bernie Firetypeo N/A N/A
N/A Pearl Watertype N/A N/A
N/A Julie Electrictype N/A N/A
N/A Wendy Flyingtype N/A N/A
N/A Norma Normaltype N/A N/A
N/A Rocky Rocktype N/A N/A
N/A Chris Bugtype N/A N/A
N/A Sandra Groundtype N/A N/A
N/A Hemlock Poisontype N/A N/A
N/A Brooks Icetype N/A N/A
N/A Gara Dragontype N/A N/A
N/A Claire Psychictype N/A N/A
N/A Ms. Erry Ghosttype N/A N/A
N/A Hercules Fightingtype N/A N/A
N/A Keanu Steeltype N/A N/A
N/A Darcy Darktype N/A N/A
N/A Titania Fairytype N/A N/A
N/A Melody Soundtype N/A N/A
N/A Celeste Cosmictype N/A N/A



  • Jasper - An orangey red stone, and also a masculine name, it is popular in India.
  • Jade - A green stone, and also a femimine name, it is popular in India.
  • Jet - A deep black stone, a stone often associated with mourning, it was popular during Queen Victoria's reign of Britain.
  • Jasmine - A flower that is very popular because of its lovely scent, it grows all across the world.
  • Flora - Flora is a word used when refering to the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

Team Freeze

  • Helga - From Hel, Goddess of the Underworld in Norse Mythology, Helga is also a Norse name.
  • Barga - From Bragi, God of Poetry and Music in Norse Mythology.
  • Manny - From Máni, God of the Moon in Norse Mythology.
  • Vienna - From Vör, Goddess of Wisdom in Norse Mythology.

Gym Leaders

  • Corina - From coral, a colorful underwater structure.
  • Brick - A building material, usually made of clay that is found underground.
  • Diablo - Meaning "The Devil" or "Evil".
  • Belle - From "Bell" an instrument usually made of metal that gives off a tinging noise.
  • Oberon - King of the Fairies in Shakespeares "A Midsummer Nights Dream".
  • Orville and Wilbur - Names of the inventors of the Airoplane, a flying viecle.
  • Willow - From "Will-O'-The-Wisps", types of spirits known to guid people in the forests.
  • Eva - From "Eve" meaning night, the time when the stars become visible.

Elite Four and Champion

  • Cindy - From "Cinders" that are usually left behind when a fire is put out.
  • Martin - From the scientific name of the Caterpillar of the Bamboo Moth, Artona Martini.
  • Clementine - A type of citrus fruit similar to an Orange.
  • Bari - From Baritone, a type of classical male singing voice whose vocal range lies between the bass and the tenor voice types.
  • Gloria - From the word "Glorious" meaning worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration, it can also mean having a striking beauty or splendour..


  • Joshua - A type of desert tree.
  • Bernie - From "Burn", of a fire, flame or glow while consuming a material such as coal or wood.
  • Pearl - A precious stone found in clams that live in the Ocean.
  • Julie - Frome "Joules", a unit for messuring electricity.
  • Wendy -  A corruption of the word "Windy".
  • Norma - From "Normal".
  • Rocky - From "Rock".
  • Chris - From the "Chrys" in "Chrysalis".
  • Sandra - From "Sand".
  • Hemlock - A type of poisonous plant.
  • Brooks - The name of a mountain range in Alaska.
  • Gara - From the Hindi word for Dragon "Ajagara".
  • Claire - From Clairvoyant, a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.
  • Ms. Erry - A play on Misery, a feeling of sadness.
  • Hercules - Figure in Greek mythology, Hercules was the strongest man in Greece.
  • Keanu - Pronuced like "Key-aw-nu", keys are usually made from metal.
  • Darcy - A feminime name meaning "Dark One".
  • Titania - Queen of the fairies in Shakespears "A Midsummer Nights Dream".
  • Melody - A sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying.
  • Celeste - From "Celestial", something positioned in or relating to outer space as observed in astronomy.

New Abilities

Name Description
Featherweight Allows a Pokémon that can't usually learn Fly or other Flying type moves learn them.
Orchestra Sound type moves are twice as effective. Pokémon with the ability Orchestra are immune to Sound attacks.
Gravity The Pokémon is immune to Cosmic type moves. The trainer always finds an Item after the battle.
Clean Finish If the Pokémon faints while an entry hazzard is in use, the enrty hazzard shall no longer effect their team unless the move is used again. 
Decibals The Pokémon effects the foe's accuarcy, the power depends on the level of the user.
Stalactites Fly and Bounce cause damage to the user.
Stalagmites Fly and Bounce cause twice as much damage, but inflict damage to the user.
Friction Phsyical attacks may cause Burns to the opponent.
Starlight The Pokémon's HP is healed slightlyevery turn at night.
Silence Gives full immunity to Sound type moves.
Typhoon Flying type moves power increases by 50%. Gives full immunity to Fire type moves.
Satellite Cosmic type Pokémon become immune to Electric type moves and vice versa.
Pity Party No money is lost if the player loses a match if a Pokémon with this ability is the last to faint.
Tinder Fire type moves are twice as effective.
Ink Sac If the Pokémon faints, the foe's speed and accuracy gets cut by half.
Black Hole Cosmic type moves are twice as effective.

New Items

Picture Name Bag Pocket Effect Description Rarity
N/A Nova Stone Items Cab cause Eevee to evolve into Celesteon and Lunasea into Oceanova. A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It twinkles with the light of the stars. Rare
N/A Pixie Stone Items Can cause Eevee to evolve into Sylveon. Can cause Nyphairy to evolve into Pariwhisp. A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It shimmers with a pastel glow. Uncommon
N/A Cold Stone Items Can cause Eevee to evolve into Glaceon. Can cause Sprice to evolve into Flazzard. A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. The stone has a snowflake heart. Uncommon
N/A Vocal Stone Items Can cause Eevee to evolve into Sympheon and Vocalite to evolve into Baristone. A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. Sometimes it emits a melodic sound. Rare
N/A Opal Incense Items Increases accuracy by 40%. If held by Mismagius or Misdreavus while breeding, produces a Mismare Egg. An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense makes the holder's accuracy increase by 40%.

Special   (Jade)

N/A Dusty Incense Items Increases speed by 40%. If held by Honchkrow or Murkrow while breeding, produces a Darkrow Egg.  An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense makes the holder's speed increase by 40%. Special (Jasper)
N/A Motherly Incense Items Increases Special Defence by 30%. If held by Kangaskhan while breeding, it produces a Kangaskid Egg.  An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense makes the holder's speed increase by 40%. Special
N/A Arcuizer Items Causes Jynx to evolve into Arcueen when traded. A box packed with a tremendous amount of freezing energy. It's loved by a certain Pokémon. Special
N/A Traditional Sash Items Cause Meditite to evolve into Medisari when leveled up at night in the Forest Temple. A sash adorned with fancy patterns and exquisite jewels. It's loved by a certain Pokémon. Special
N/A Cinder Doll Items Causes Heirgiest to evolve into Boilty when leveled up at the Ancient Palace while holding it. A burnt ancient doll that was descoverd at the Ancient Palace. It is rumoured to have belonged to a Princess many years ago.   Special   (Jade)
N/A Icey Doll Items Causes Heirgiest to evolve into Princice when leveled up at the Ancient Palace while holding it. A frozen ancient doll that was descoverd at the Ancient Palace. It is rumoured to have belonged to a Princess many years ago. Special (Jasper)
N/A Vintage Outlet Items Causes Lampent to evolve into Voltrgeist when traded. An old fashioned outlet that was once part of a mansion. It is loved by a certain Pokémon. Special


Dex Number MS Sprite Name Type Description Abilities
001 001JJ Shrubush Grasstype Shrubush are dependent on their parents until they are able to walk. Once they can walk they grab on to a leaf and glide out of their nests.

Featherweight Keen Eye

002 002JJ Shruberry GrasstypeFlyingtype The berries that grow on it's tail are full of nutrients. There are so many nutrients in fact that they are considered dangerous for human consumption. Keen Eye Harvest
003 003JJ Shrubird GrasstypeFlyingtype Shrubird's tail's grow and expand when they want to find a mate. The more berries the male has on its tail, the more likely they are to find a mate. Keen Eye Harvest
004 004JJ Coala Firetypeo Coala eat their own body weight in coal everyday. The sleep often and for long periods of times.    Overcoat     Quick Feet
005 005JJ Cuboil FiretypeoRocktype To keep the fire in its stomach burning, Cuboil eat coal and sticks as food. The coal it ate as a Coala has since formed an armour on it's skin.    Overcoat     Quick Feet
006 006JJ Magursa FiretypeoRocktype Magursa's body is said to be able to withstand tempreatures as hot as the sun. It's body has grown it's own armour from the rocks it eats.    Overcoat     Quick Feet
007 N/A Bublunny Watertype They are often found underwater and around ponds. Bublunny produce a foamy liquid to help build their burrows. Water Body
008 N/A Burrodew WatertypeGroundtype Burrodew's ears are so sensitive, they are able to hear a pin drop in a construction site. They eat the mud to burrow underground.   Water Body   Rain Dish
009 N/A Hanami WatertypeGroundtype Hanami are said to have a connection to the moon. During the full moon they eat the dirt their homes are made of, prompting them to move on.   Water Body   Rain Dish
010 010JJ Caterpillow Bugtype Caterpillow produce a soft cotton like material. This is often used to stuff pillows and blankets and is very pricy. Insomnia
011 011JJ Crisleam Bugtype Crisleam's body turns to liquid under its blanket. The buds on its head will soon become antena. Insomnia
012 012JJ Flutterby BugtypeCosmictype In ancient times, it's wings where used to chart the stars. The design on it's wings depend on what stars are visable during it's evolution.   Insomnia   Gravity
013 N/A Sewrat NormaltypePoisontype Sewrat scurry through sewers and are often viewed as vermin, however Sewrat are actually very clean creatures. Stench
014 N/A Erodent NormaltypePoisontype They produce a bacteria that erodes away it's teeth and bones, due to its chemical formula, it is able to replace them within minutes.         Stench          Poison Touch
015 N/A Dovestruck FairytypeFlyingtype Dovestruck are seen as the Pokémon of love. They are said to grant eternal love for anyone who captures one. Fairy Aura
016 N/A Valenhawk FairytypeFlyingtype The heart shap of its feathers makes them very expensive and desireable. Valenhawk are often seen at weddings. Fairy Aura
017 N/A Xof DarktypeFlyingtype Xof swoop down from trees at night time to catch their prey. They are seen as a symbol of fear. Reckless
018 N/A Rhian FightingtypeWatertype They gain speed during the rainy season. Rhain travel in herds of up to 100 and can be dangerous if disturbed.     Reckless     Water Body
019 N/A Rainoceros FightingtypeWatertype They charge with the power of a wrecking ball and run twice as fast in the rain. Rainoceros' horns are said to be so heavy that the developed more bones in their necks to support their heads.     Reckless     Water Body
020 N/A Rainboa DragontypePsychictype Rainboa are extremely rare and are said to bring good fortune to those who capture them. They glisten with all the colors of the rainbow. Wonder Skin
021 N/A Booklet CosmictypeFlyingtype The page like feathers that make up its wings are enscribed with ancient writing. It is impossible to decode. Delta Stream Starlight
022 N/A Librird CosmictypeFlyingtype Its wings can create gusts up to 1000 mph, the writings enscribed in it's pages are said to contain the meaning of the universe. Delta Stream Starlight
023 N/A Ouroloop Dragontype Scientists have noted that it's body is never ending for it has conected its tail and fused it with its tongue during the egg. Contrary
024 N/A Infiboros Dragontype Infiboros' body is constant and looped. It has been known as the symbol of infinity. Contrary
025 N/A Nymphairy GhosttypeFiretypeo Nymphairy linger in forests, leading people deep into them. They have been known to lead people off of clifs and into pits. Fairy Aura
026 N/A Pariwhisp GhosttypeFiretypeo Pariwhisp's flames are fueled by insecurities. They often lead people astray in the night an  Fairy Aura
027 N/A Sprice IcetypeFlyingtype During winter months, Sprice fall from the sky and land all around the land. They are so feeble and weak that they are sometimes killed by wind. Ice Body
028 N/A Flazzard IcetypeFlyingtype When large groups of Flazzard gather, blizzards and storms rage. Flazzard are believed to have caused the Ice Age over 3000 years ago. Ice Body Typhoon
029 N/A Elecarf Electrictype Elecarf often run around playfully during lightning storms. They have been known to never forget anything. Lightning Rod
030 N/A Elecord Electrictype It's trunk appears to be made of strong wires, recent tests show that these are actually thick exposed arteries that carry electrical currents to its brain. Lightning Rod
031 N/A Solleo Firetypeo Its mane is made entirely of fire. It is able to control the temperature of its flames so they can be touched by human hands. Pure Power
032 N/A Tigrice Icetype It is so cold that it freezes the ground that it walks on. Touching it can cause severe frostbite. Pure Power
033 N/A Paanda GrasstypeNormaltype It spends its time eating four times its body weight in leaves. Once it has eaten it goes to a cave to sleep. Chlorophyll
034 N/A Coroseed GrasstypeGhosttype Coroseed produce a vile stench as they move. It's dangling roots produce a slimy mixture that can restore rotton food. Cursed Body Flower Viel
035 N/A Florot GrasstypeGhosttype The cracked shell it wears was part of its pre-evolution. The leaves and vines protruding from its scalp smell like rotting flesh. Cursed Body Flower Viel
036 N/A Wilter GrasstypeGhosttype Looking into its covered eye can cause instant death, however Wilter have shown signs of guilt and always keep it covered. Cursed Body Flower Viel
037 N/A Darkrow Darktype Darkrow eat dust from the ground. They have been known to clean up cities by eating the dust and ash created by factories. Prankster
038 N/A Mismare Ghosttype Mismare eat peoples bad dreams and nightmares. The stones on its head contain and absorb these fears and turn them into energy. Levitate
039 N/A Sporgre Poisontype It grows tiny mushrooms on its jagged back. The spores it release are known to cause severe problems. Poison Point Effect Spore
040 N/A Ogrespore PoisontypeGrasstype Ogrespore are very dangerous and powerful, very few of them have been able to be tamed. Anyone who is able to tame one is seen as a greatly powerful trainer. Poison Point Effect Spore
039 N/A Fairic Fairytype It creates a powdery dust that falls of its body. The powder has special healing properties able to reverse the effects of Sporgre and Ogrespore.   Cloud Nine    Cute Charm
040 N/A Faemous FairytypeFiretypeo Faemous are very popular among celebrities, they are said to bring publicity and good fortune to those who own them.   Cloud Nine    Cute Charm
041 N/A Medisari PsychictypeCosmictype Medisari dance an intricate dance during the full moon. The dance they do blesses them with their psychic abilities. Starlight
042 N/A Orkestra SoundtypeDragontype Orkestra make a very loud and melodic noise. They are used in parades to march an play music. Decibals
043 N/A Puggle Normaltype Puggle are very popular among women. They are very rare and are also very powerful. Cute Charm
044 N/A Magipug NormaltypePsychictype The hat like growth on its head is wear it stores its psychic energy. Cute Charm
045 N/A Pugtronus NormaltypePsychictype Pugtronus have been known as the cutest Pokémon on Earth. They uses their psychic powers to bring joy to people in dark times. Cute Charm
046 N/A Armo SteeltypeGroundtype Its back plates are positions to allow it to move freely. They roll up into balls and tumble down hillsides. Arena Trap
047 N/A Armourdilo SteeltypeGroundtype Armourdilo were used during the Pokémon Wars. They armour on its back provided shelter and protection for the soilders in the war. Arena Trap
048 N/A Cabeel Electrictype Cabeel's body is composed entirely of wires. The current running through its body is over 1000 volts. Lighning Rod
049 N/A Eelectric Electrictype Across its body flows a powerful current. The current is used to power cities across the world. Lightning Rod
050 N/A Heirgeist Ghosttype Heirgeist has been rumoured to be the ghost of a Princess who died many years ago. Cursed Body
051 N/A Boilty FiretypeoGhosttype Boilty's body is composed almost 100% of fire, however at the core of it's body is a chared lump of an undefiable materiel. Cursed Body
052 N/A Princice IcetypeGhosttype Its body is so cold that it is able to turn things to ice. Inside its core is a frozen lump of an undefiable materiel. Cursed Body
053 N/A Panzap Electrictype It eats peoples wires from under their homes to gain electricity. They used to be used to power small towns. Lightning Rod
054 N/A Simizap Electrictype The power in its body is so powerful that it can summon a lightning storm. Lightning Rod
055 N/A Lunasea WatertypeCosmictype They are rumoured to come from space. They sing a melodic song that is able to hypnotise people.     Illuminate      Swift Swim
056 N/A Oceanova WatertypeCosmictype Hoards of Oceanova can illuminate entired lakes. They are used to light the way for boats lost at sea.      Illuminate      Swift Swim
058 N/A Trebble RocktypeSoundtype The small holes in its body emit a melodic tune. They have been used as musical instruments for hundreds of years. Decibals
059 N/A Vocalite RocktypeSoundtype Beautiful sounds come from the funnel on its head. They are able to mimic any noise. Decibals Orchestra
060 N/A Baristone RocktypeSoundtype Despite its apearance, it is unable to fly, and is not actually a bird Pokémon. Its tail is made of intricate pipes that emit a wonderful sound. Decibals Orchestra
061 N/A Cabbunny Grasstype Its ears are leaf like an only decorative, they serve no perpose for hearing and it depends on vibrations to hear anything.     Harvest      Healer
062 N/A Cauliflop Grasstype Its tail, while not tasting the best, is full of nutrients and is extremely healthy.     Healer      Harvest
063 N/A Kangaskid Normaltype They attatch themselves to their parents. When they are dependent enough to look after themselves, they look after their parents themselves. Early Bird Scrappy
064 N/A Kangaskick NormaltypeFightingtype They are extremely protective over their families. They become especially agressive if their children are harmed. Early Bird Scrappy
065 N/A Avereon Normaltype It has a glossy smooth coat to provide warmth and protection for it and its family.   Run Away   Quick Feet
066 N/A Nimbeon Flyingtype The fur around its neck is made up of evaportated water, making a cloud like coat. It is capable of blowing winds of up to 780 mph.      Typhoon      Air Lock
067 N/A Oreon Rocktype The expensive crystals that grow on its body are very rare and colorful. Its fur is harder than rock and it has compound diamond eyes.        Friction         Rock Head
068 N/A Nucleon Poisontype It emits a deadly poison from its body when threatened. It is able to eat poisonous things without being effected by them. It radiates a greenish glow. Poison Touch Toxic Boost
069 N/A Clinkeon Steeltype It has its own armour set into its skin. The armour is so though that even bullets can't break through it. Sturdy Anticipation
071 N/A Scaleon Dragontype Its leg muscles are so strong it is able to jump the height of a ten story building. It emits a peaceful smelling auroma from the holes in its neck. Own Tempo Regenerator
072 N/A Jabeon Fightingtype It throws powerful punches, capable of breaking steal. Its back legs are designed so it can stand on them more often than other Eeveelutions.  Pure Power  Quick Feet
073 N/A Dusteon Groundtype When it runs it kicks up wild sand storms. The long fur on its body helps keep sand from getting in its eyes. Sand Rush Unburden
074 N/A Urneon Ghosttype It emits a powerful foul smelling oder from underneath its bandage-like skin. Cursed Body Synchronize
075 N/A Nesteon Bugtype Its compound eyes help it see clearly in many directions, helping it see anything that may want to harm it. Hyper Cutter Moxie
076 N/A Celesteon Cosmictype It floats across the ground with its own anti-gravity aura. Its mane pulls in things such as berries and stones.  Black Hole  Levitate
077 N/A Sympheon Soundtype It emits a beautiful sound. Sympheon's back has several strings stretched across that can be played to make music.  Orchestra   Clean Finish
078 N/A Cluckle Normaltype Cluckle are said to be the most useless Pokémon. It releys on its cuteness to get by and is quite popular in small children. Klutz
079 N/A Bnush FiretypeoGrasstype
080 N/A Treferno FiretypeoGrasstype
081 N/A Rokore RocktypeGroundtype
082 N/A Xenother Fairytype
083 N/A Gozu GhosttypeWatertype
084 N/A Forzu GhosttypeWatertype
085 N/A Teruain GhosttypeWatertype
086 N/A Kimonug BugtypePsychictype
087 N/A Samurant BugtypeFightingtype
088 N/A Cardino RocktypeFightingtype
089 N/A Kiccosaur RocktypeFightingtype
090 N/A Cobrain RocktypePsychictype
091 N/A Intelour RocktypePsychictype
092 N/A Pumair FlyingtypeDarktype
093 N/A Tulton Groundtype
094 N/A Gollpa Groundtype
095 N/A Tulpanerve Groundtype
096 N/A Snagpie DarktypeFlyingtype
097 N/A Iceburd Icetype
098 N/A Pengalanche Icetype
099 N/A Cuttline Watertype
100 N/A Krakink WatertypeDarktype
101 N/A Voltrgeist GhosttypeElectrictype
102 N/A
103 N/A
104 N/A
105 N/A
106 N/A
107 N/A
108 N/A
109 N/A
110 N/A
111 N/A
112 N/A
113 N/A
114 N/A
115 N/A
116 N/A
117 N/A
118 N/A
119 N/A
120 N/A
121 N/A
122 N/A
123 N/A
124 N/A
125 N/A
126 N/A
127 N/A
128 N/A
129 N/A
130 N/A
131 N/A
132 N/A
133 N/A
134 N/A
135 N/A
136 N/A
137 N/A
138 N/A
139 N/A
140 N/A
141 N/A
142 N/A
143 N/A
144 N/A
145 N/A
146 N/A
147 N/A
148 N/A


150 N/A
151 N/A
152 N/A
153 N/A




  • The Indochi region is based upon India.
  • Helga is based around the norse goddess of the underworld Hel.
  • 2 new types are itroduced known as the Sound type and the Cosmic type.
  • X exclusive Mega Stones are now exclusive to Jade and Y exclusive Mega Stones are exclusive to Jasper but still retain there X and Y names (e.g. Charizardite X)
  • Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon all get new methods of evolution, Umbreon can evolve in contact with a Moon Stone, Espeon with a Sun Stone, Leafeon with a Leaf Stone, Glaceon with a Cold Stone and Sylveon with a Shiny Stone all though this requires them to be in certain places across Indochi.
    • However the older methods from the prior generations still work too.
    • Flora is Ash's traveling partner in the Jade and Jasper Anime series and is one of the 3 of Ash's female partners not to be the playabe female character in the games, the others being Misty and Iris.
    • Eevee also now has an evolution for every type.

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